Green Smoothies are excellent for a fit breakfast, though, if you ever get bored of consuming the same elements more than one time in your green smoothie, then you have to do something new. What if you could, under no circumstances, come to an end of excellent tasting recipes of green smoothie and use additional ingredients that will support you have additional energy and ideal health for the whole long day? Following are 10 of the most preferred superfoods to use them to green smoothies that will act just that:

  1. Nut butter for an extra boost- almond butter, peanut butter and sun butter (prepared from seeds of sunflower) are mostly preferred. One small spoonful can be added to the smoothie. The addition of nut butter provides the green smoothies an additional boost, adds in a bit extra fat and assist you in keeping you full for longer time. And above it tastes delicious.
  2. Seeds of Chia- these wonderful however small seeds add fiber and assist you in feeling full for longer period of time. Make certain to just add a little amount or otherwise you will become full very quickly.
  3. Flax seeds for women- these are great for serving with fiber and to stabilize your hormones. Flax is frequently used to assist women who require help harmonizing their flow of estrogen.
  4. Kelp for thyroid problems- this is a superb way to introduce sea vegetables to your diet, and naturally, sea vegetables are jam-packed with iodine. This is particularly significant if you have thyroid problems.
  5. Powder of Raw cocoa – everyone loves chocolate. Raw cocoa is a fine way to have your chocolate dose without all the additional fat or sugar, and it tastes like chocolate.
  6. Essential oils are beneficial- Ginger, Lemon, Cinnamon and Lime Orange, are some best ones. Be cautious. However, one drop is sufficient for a smoothie just because a small amount goes a long way. Similarly, you require making certain that you are consuming a healing quality that is harmless for internal use.
  7. Hemp seeds for fiber- Just similar to flax and chia you can likewise add hemp seeds to assist you in feeling full quicker and have more fiber.
  8. Quinoa for protein intake- In fact, just be certain you cook it first and that you add. Just add a small number of tablespoons. This benefits to enhance your intake of protein and can provide you a lift just similar with carbs even still quinoa is originally poor in carbs.
  9. Wheatgrass with water- this is best only with water in a glass of shot, but it too is fine in smoothies and can even be added with fruits and with the lack of any other greens.
  10. Coconut oil- this provides fat that can aid to keep you full, provides with flavor and is healthy for you. It is particularly fine in smoothies that have a greater quantity of fruit and a lesser amount of greens.