2018 April 02 BBC One minute World News

this is BBC World News the headlines
China says it’s abandoned at Chung
hong-won space station has finally
reentered the Earth’s atmosphere over
the South Pacific experts say most of
the eight ton craft would have burned
top in its a rapid descent Rajon is
imposing import taxes on a range of u.s.
goods in retaliation to Donald Trump’s
duty increases on steel and aluminium
imports the Chinese tariffs affecting
some three billion dollars worth of
imports come into effect today percent
Trump has a ruled out a deal to legalize
the status of hundreds of thousands of
undocumented immigrants to the US known
as dreamers
he’s also tweeted that Mexico is doing
nothing to stop immigration and in Costa
Rica Carlos Alvarado has won a
surprise a landslide victory in the
presidential runoff election with 90
percent of the votes counted that he
took a more than 60 percent of the vote

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