2019 July 17 BBC One minute World News

2019 July 17 BBC One minute World News

this is BBC World News the headlines the
US House of Representatives has condemned as racist recent comments by
Donald Trump in which he criticized a group of non-white Democratic Party
congresswoman he urged the women to go back to where they came from members of
the European Parliament have narrowly elected Ursula Von der Leyen as the first
woman to lead the European Commission she’s pledged to work for a united and
strong Europe and will take office in November a senior Iranian official at
the UN has said that his country’s missiles are absolutely non-negotiable
he was responding to suggestions from the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
that Iran is prepared to discuss its ballistic missile program a dutch prime
minister will join hundreds of relatives that an event in the netherlands today
to mark the fifth anniversary of the mh17 air disaster which killed 298

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