25 thoughts on “A BBC Anchor Couldn’t Pretend To Care About Dog Surfing

  1. Jesus. Don't they have any actual news to report? More than 7 billion people on earth, institutions falling to pieces in the West, and these journalists look at surfing dogs?

  2. And here I was, thinking that the Harry Potter 5 scenario about a water-skiing budgie on the news was a vast exaggeration. What's wrong with you BBC!?

  3. Can't stand the BBC nowadays (any of their channels or programmes). Smug, scare-mongering, over-dramatic, over-paid presenters wagging the finger and shaking their heads at the British public like we're naughty children who must be told at all times what's good (or bad) for us! Stopped watching their propaganda years ago. Funny enough, I've felt much happier since! I'd like to say it's because 'ignorance is bliss' but it's actually because if you switch off all the white noise & rubbish that comes out of the BBC you can actually think straight, form your own opinion and seek more accurate & relevant information from elsewhere 😉 🙂

  4. This American comedy has made me lose my will to live. I will be needing a nice hot cup of tea to recover from this. And a scone. With jam. And whipped cream. In fact, I just want an afternoon tea TBH.

  5. A Dalmatian learning to ride a tricycle is brilliant. It must have taken a lot of effort to teach the animal to do that.

  6. It pisses me off how any mistake the BBC makes is instantly made fun of and will always be used in arguments, but Fox news, cnn and cbs has one sided arguments, reports on celebrity news daily, classic extreme capitalism, argues over kids movies and how it may affect the billionaires (seriously look up fix news on the lego movie)

  7. From the genius that is Simon McCoy. The guy is a goldmine for this stuff on BBC – plenty of YouTube videos of him.

  8. there has been a new kind of parrot developed in the last decade, its called the Mindless Lubturd Parrot and it can only repeat the group think of the loony left. Its brain capacity is to small for original thinking. The BBC is its handler and trainer. An even dumber strained is developing, its called the Stephen Colbert Parrot

  9. … so I slogged and crammed, and my parents paid through the nose for my university education, only to be crapped on, and insulted by my moronic bosses, and told to actually read this load of old codswallop.

    … and then you expect me to be jubilant ?

  10. Wow… I originally thought the video must be unfunny enough that I'll just view it and then..

    But boy.. Forget about the iconic BBC®'s newscast theme, sloppy graphics and visual presentation!

    The language itself gave it away! (And no, I'm not talking'bout Murican English like “network”.) No real BBC® presenter (yeah, that's Brit!) would be let off easily after saying stuff like “bloody hell” knowing fully well that PCR is uplinking! Let alone drinking "whiskey" as if it's a lifestyle/tourism show.
    But boy..: Was it funny AF?

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