A History Lesson On Lynching | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

A History Lesson On Lynching | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “A History Lesson On Lynching | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. History is there for us to discover. We do not need to be taught except to read. Seek and you shall find. It only takes the desire to learn. I was steeped in history at an early age by my father. He thought it was important. I remember hearing Joseph McCarthy on the radio as a young child. I remember Truman. I remember hearing the Hungarian uprising on the radio and learning what a Molotov cocktail was. My father shared these moments with me and many more because he thought they were important. The lens through which I see the world is history. My father who fought in WWII thought my knowing history was important. As I grew older he introduced me to books. I don't suppose you can guess my major in college. History is important. The knowledge of it makes us better human beings.

  2. See you guys still grab the bait and not the real issue………………… Bill Taylor, DUH. It's over for Trump start pushing hie demise.

  3. Lynching happened to whites long before any other race. Italians were lynched far earlier than blacks. Stop whining Democrats. Makes you look beta. Cheers from Toronto

  4. Thank you MSNBC for sharing this small segment on the African-American experience with the viewers. What trump said was disgusting, racially insensitive, and every African-American should be equally outraged.

  5. Why not talk about the 1000’s of slaves in Africa and the middle-east?
    What is this, the anti-America channel now?
    When’s the last time you heard of someone in your area getting lynched for the color of their skin?
    It just doesn’t happen.

  6. America stood by and let Trump question Obamas place of birth. He got away with it and kept going because he knew he could. You have to stand up for something or fall for everything.

  7. As I am your Greatest President ever here we go the Corrupt Fake News Media which is leading the Lynching mentality against my Presidency and your President pretending to teach us about lynching

    Corrupt Fake News Media is an Enemy within armed with Weapons Of Mass Destruction

  8. if you decry every stupid ill-conceived word that comes out of Trump's mouth or off his Twitter feed you'll play right into the hands of the 'snowflake' brigade. please keep the pearl clutching to a minimum and focus on his crimes and his incompetence…

  9. Amen Ali…trump is a racist coward and those that enable him and agree with his vile words like Lindsey Graham are every bit as bad.

  10. Thank you for this great article, Emperor Trump and his republican minions are a shame to US, and have turn US to be lower than a 3rd World Nation.


  12. The slavery period in America and in Brazil seems very distinct from each other.

    For exemple, black womens usually were "dama de compania", a person chosen to be…i don't know…paid friends?

  13. At least now people can feel me, that African American history degree I got isn’t for not anymore. People are starting to look at the history

  14. Politically, the Democrats are trying to lynch him. Just as Clearance Thomas said during his confirmation hearings. This is a "high tech lynching." The medias involvement is undeniable! It started day one and the analogy is perfect. The rhetoric and anger has been nothing but over the top. Dems are acting as a blood thirsty mob out to get a President they don't want. The rhetoric has been unmistakable. They intend to take him out one way or the other. This is in fact an attempted modern day political lynching and most blacks see that too! It is as obvious as the meridian sun!

  15. Just wondering….. what does a woman 300 years ago hanging by her feet, have to do with our President? Is that impeachable?

  16. Donald Trump is the worst excuse of a human being. He's the phlegm of society, and yet somehow he's in charge of the free world.

  17. Good job, everyone in the media, for spending the day hyperventilating over Trump’s use of “lynching” to describe impeachment.

    A tiny bit of research would have led to this – Joe Biden saying the exact same thing on Clinton impeachment.

    Nice work, all.

  18. Distraction from the fact Putin's Russian soldiers are now sitting in US / Kurdish positions which were abandoned by Trump… Putin's reaction was almost as quick as Turkey's. Trump is not a victim. Criminal president is criminal. c r i m i n a l. no exoneration. Would you be so blind if he gave up Montana, or California up to Canada or Mexico? And within the next week, having Putin's Russian Army sitting in American Bases along our border? That's what he did in Syria… Montana is no different to him. California either. Get real. criminal president will sell you out to our enemies if it profits him. c r i m i n a l. no exoneration.

  19. Meanwhile

    Erdogan and Putin announced a joint plan to evict Kurdish YPG fighters from northeast Syria — displeasing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

  20. Thank you for that. It was heartbreaking to hear. But trump needs a reality check. He’s not persecuted. He is throwing a fit because he has never been held accountable for his actions. Well. It’s time.

  21. Trump is a sorry and pathetic excuse of a human being. He’s pure vermin along with his supporters. His father would have been better off jerking off and wasting his sperm that way.

  22. I blame all his repuke enablers and the fifty million profoundly blind and misguided sheeple for continuing to prop him up

  23. How anyone can stand behind this president and make excuses for or overlook the horrific things he says is beyond me. If they don’t condemn him and hold him accountable for his messaging, they are complicit. What is it going to take? What does this man need to do or say to get their attention?

  24. It sounds like people who lynched other people were either Demonically possessed or pure evil. That’s a Horrific story. Worse than most horror stories I’ve watched. Trump is just pandering to his base for sympathy. He’s a lying 🤥 SOB. Just impeach him already.

  25. America has never owned up to what it did. We're not talking about some war or government action; these were ordinary people who did this.

  26. People give Trump to much credit, he is to stupid and ignorant to understand the significance of the term. Lyndsey Graham does though, everyone who reads this from his state needs to start marching NOW.

  27. Only an illiterate, uneducated, insensitive moron would compare the investigation of his own crimes, to the worst, inhumane treatment of African Americans.

  28. Lol they lynched 4000 people over 100 years for politcal stability. They were too studious and industrious for the white minority to succeed. Lets just face it.

  29. History what about the west they lynched people for everything back then ….. What about the colonial times ? Same thing So don't act like only black people got lynched.

  30. That Will Be Happening Cuz Trudeau Won Again They Work Together,, They Have Workers Out There Him And P;utin And Trump-,,,

  31. Why isn't msnbc's Ruhle telling us about these devastating facts?
    Are they not FAR WORSE, and MORE Relevant to African Americans?
    Public Discourse- The Journal of the Witherspoon Institute

    Abortion’s Devastating Impact Upon Black Americans FEBRUARY 11, 2019


  32. The KKK who began the lynchings was a group of white Democrats and their leader was Albert Pike! December 6th 1865 was the first lynching! But MSNBC won't tell you that right? My great-grandfather really was lynched. By democrats in Florida July 3rd 1918!

  33. msnbc is not Concerned with Black Americans.
    They are more concerned about causing Racial Division
    to add to the chaos, and fuel the ongoing coup against Trump.

  34. in 1998 Jim McDermott democrat compared Bill Clinton’s impeachment to a lynching. The people did not respond with anger at the statement either.

    The party of hypocrisy.

  35. There is the added issue of men women and children attending these lynchings as though they were a sports event. Domestic terrorism indeed and very few if any individuals were ever punished for these heinous crimes.

  36. I guess you should reverse time before politicians called things lynching during the Clinton impeachment. Youve never not seen an opportunity to make crap racist huh

  37. Thank you for showing the strength of explaining the case of Mary Turner, and defining the meaning of "lynching". Propaganda dissemination is a textbook strategy long implemented by the dark ones (Hitler, Putin, Xi, Trump, ect.) Let's hope that truth and justice will triumph over lying, cheating, corruption, and deception. The timeless battle between the Light and the darkness continues on!

  38. We Americans are SUFFERING from Delusions of Grandeur. Our History is full of MORAL BANKRUPTCY, TERRORISM and mindblowing BIGOTRY, inflicted on others, by the IMMORAL WHITE FAKE X-TIAN CUNTSERVATIVE BIGOTS.

  39. I feel it is time to break the news to the Democrats, the same Democratic party that actually lynched black people, the same party that was the KKK in the south, the same party of Senator Robert Byrd who was a grand dragon of the KKK, the same Senator Robert Byrd that Hillary Clinton praised. When is the facist racist nazi democrats going to finally come out and say they are sorry for all the shame they have brought to the Democratic party.

  40. Democrats playing the race card again and going way out of left field to do it .Democrats love to insult black folks intelligence , by trying to always tell us how "racist " the other guy is

  41. Donald Trump is not a racist.
    CNN are not journalists, they're teleprompter readers working for establishment globalist.

  42. Ok, the Art of the Deal. We'll let an apprentice negotiate the deal. In exchange for the injustice of those 4000 citizens the American people will even up by lynching Trump. CASE CLOSED. CASE CLOSED. I think that is only fair.

  43. Trump is lynching the Kurds! One Kurdish father had all three of his children killed. He begged those around him to take his life.

  44. Wait, but isn't Georgia one of the states who considers abortion murder? That story must be made up, no citizen of that fine State would do such a thing to a human fetus. (To a black woman, okay, that is another story, of course.)

  45. It's too much. This Charlottesville Nazi is literally referencing lynching in relation to being investigated for his crimes. Only a narcissist or a psychopath would say something like this.

  46. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/10/22/flashback-jerry-nadler-in-1998-accused-republicans-of-running-a-lynch-mob-against-bill-clinton/ Perfectly fine when Nadler says "Lynching" but oh no, if Trump says it, it is the end of the world, lets impeach him, he is evil, he is so racist, …….hate, hate hate. Same old brain washing here.

  47. Next it will be a crucifixion and Sewer pipe Donnie will be passing himself off as God's only son.

  48. What a bunch of crock. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for being ignorant. Lynching means convicted and tried without due process. Besides lynching didnnt only happened to africans. It happened to all other races you bunch of imbeciles. Yall make me sad for humanity. Pick up a book and read once and a while, dont believe everything you see on tv. So sad

  49. The way President Trump is being treated by House Dems is why the ability to pardon was given to governors and the President of the United States. The process isn't being faithfully executed.

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