Acting DNI director testifies on whistleblower complaint involving Trump: Special Report | ABC News

Acting DNI director testifies on whistleblower complaint involving Trump: Special Report | ABC News


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100 thoughts on “Acting DNI director testifies on whistleblower complaint involving Trump: Special Report | ABC News

  1. Bill Clinton had oral sex in the oval office, was convicted of obstruction, and lied under oath in federal court and he wasn't impeached! LMAO do people seriously think that Trump will? Mark my words, Trump will be OUR President after this is all said and done.

  2. Disclaimer first… I'm of the mind that he should have been removed from office years ago. However, in this case, if he has dirt on an opponent (or anyone for that matter) and can't prove it, isn't it his duty as leader to try to get proof to prevent someone being elected who is corrupt? (I'd say more corrupt than him, but that seems to be an impossibility)

  3. Did you discuss the whistler blower complaint with the president?

    I talk to the president about all sorts of things. (YES, YES I DID! I TOLD HIM ALL ABOUT IT!)

  4. Bless the pathetic Republicans hearts- they evidently failed 4 th grade reading @ analytical reasoning – & Who the F… gives a whistleblower complaint to the subjects of said complaint- ( forget about the subjects idiots failed- as well as the fact Trump greedy sycophants also, cannot tell the truth…) They are officially down in their overflowing sewer-

  5. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 203:
    Everybody knows he can't quit Obama
    Everybody knows he's wise in his own eyes
    Everybody knows he's up on the podium
    His New York presser was a torrent of lies
    Everybody knows he's the GOP savior
    Who asked Zelensky for a favor
    That's how shakedowns go
    Everybody knows

  6. It is UNREAL the AUDACITY of Nunez giving instructions to the DNI before questioning him. Such a DIRTY man, why is he still in the government, why is he still support him? I have the answer, it is only mind blowing the worst period of the USA we are witnessing.

  7. The ‘Twist’ these news sources are using to confuse you is the term ‘political’. The President wasn’t asking for info for his 2020 campaign, he was trying to reveal the corruption and attacks on him during and after the 2016 election.His opponents, (our corrupt government agencies at the behest of Hillary and the Obama administration), wrongly attacked and tried to destroy him, and us. A ‘Coup’ to overthrow the Presidency!
    May of 2018 these ‘GOVERNMENT AGENCIES’ requested any information from the Ukrainian government which could be used to damage Trump. So , is that illegal or not? Or is it just okay if only one party can do it?
    Like it or not, the President will not be impeached. During the first 24 hrs. following Pelosi’s impeachment announcement, 5 MILLION DOLLARS MORE was raised for Trump’s 2020 re election! His ‘base’ is GROWING!

  8. Just get the head of FBI to make it all better just like he did with Hillery. I have no faith in our clown system anymore. Psssshhhhh!


  10. When will they ever learn that it just doesn't pay to report this crap prior to having ALL the information. There is nothing here….but nice try! Now you should try and find out who in the WH is spying and informing someone on the outside this information. Isn't that a crime? I thought NOBODY WAS ABOVE THE LAW????

  11. Unbelievable this lifelong "patriot " the DNI immediately begins deflecting truths with the 1st question. Disappointing to say the least.

  12. Europe is paying over twice as much to the Ukrainian government for military support as the US – the DNI exposes himself in support of Illicit-45's lies. 2:44:05.

  13. I don't care how patriotic someone says they are, this guy (the DNI) has been bought & paid for by the traitor. His career beyond today, & this administration…is over.

  14. How dare the president ask another country for help against a Political opponent.
    Next thing you know, Trump will be making up a fake dossier and framing Biden. Oh wait, that's what Obama did to Trump last election. Ok, forget it.

  15. Would Californian republicans take back your political hack Devin Nunez to california. He does not belong on the national stage.

  16. When traitor trump is interviewing for any position in his White House cabinet the 1st question the traitor should ask is…are you a good liar? This guy is not.

  17. Whack !!!? So …wasn't Rússia behind ALL American elections : but were Biden Family, Kurt Volker, John Macain and Petro Poroshenko Family's hands behind ALL hackings and meddlings ???!

  18. Traitor Republicans have not a leg to stand on. NUNES told him to watch what he says. Unbelievable! The only questions are asking for truth.

  19. More fake news. Couldn't get him with Russian collusion so they plant a stool to fake new charges about Ukraine. Where Biden extorted the Ukraine government to free his son from charges he was facing there. He even had the prosicutor fired. But it's the President's fault. What liars. Anything to win this election.

  20. Wonder if the severe lack of adequate funding for schools- is a part of Republican strategy- keep them uneducated & stupid- fill bodies & brains w/ junk & boom- blind supporters of con man

  21. And oh so sure, a president of a country DESPERATE FOR AID TO FIGHT PUTIN, would admit Don the CON would coerce, extort etc. DUH

  22. These Republican men are not men! If trump got caught in bed with one of their wives they'll still call it fake news! Smdh!!! Joe Biden didn't have a conversation on tape trump does…these republicans are moved by a man who has a lot of debt! You are not solving problems!!!

  23. Republicans are angry 😤

    Not because trump committed another CRIME but how dare the democrat point it out and hold him accountable.

  24. Here’s something to think about With Biden AND Trump. Take it how you will, but I suggest you go to Jimmy Dore and listen.
    The U.S. of A has NO time to waste with Trump AND Biden. We need integrity in the office and this country. We need Bernie.

  25. And people elected Adam Schiff. God dam what a fucking moron. Pelosi, Waters, AOC, Green, Schiff, Schumer. Complete fucking disgrace. I am willing to bet Adam Schiff spends his weekend nights being the bottom, pillowbiting while dressed in drag and ball gag, leather,

    and taking it from a strap on weilding Dominatrix.

  26. Schiff, you are a lying son of abitch piece of shit. Republicans, you are a gutless wonder to stand by and not fight this. Im sorry for my language but I cant take it anymore. The Demorat party is the enemy of this Republic. Its coming folks…And any of you braindead leftist America haters, be advised, Trump wins big in 2020 and I will laugh my ass off at you. Losers, all of you

  27. Executive privilege is the power of the president of the United States and other members of the executive branch of the United States Government to resist certain subpoenas and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of government in pursuit of information or personnel relating to confidential communications that would impair governmental functions. The power of Congress or the federal courts to obtain such information is not mentioned explicitly in the United States Constitution, nor is there any explicit mention in the Constitution of an executive privilege to resist such requests from Congress or courts.[1] The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled this privilege may qualify as an element of the separation of powers doctrine, derived from the supremacy of the executive branch in its own area of Constitutional activity.

  28. This is almost beyond belief. So many traitors in the White House and GOP. Nunez is a disgrace. The whole world is watching this circus and seeing that Trump and all his sycophant supporters are a disgrace to a Country which claims to be a Democracy. I'm here in Europe and we are staggered at the treasonous behaviour of Trump and the entire US Administration. How dare Trump accuse us of not giving aid to Ukraine when we are giving more than the US. Shame on everybody who is supporting the traitor Trump.

  29. The reason why Adam shiffty gets away with misrepresenting the true facts of what's going on here is because he knows that no one is going to hold him accountable, and, he knows that most people who identify as liberal Democrats approve of what he's doing.

  30. We the people live in a world where the truth is something that is used to evaluate the credibility of evidence used in a courtroom. The truth to a liberal Democrat is based on misguided emotions and feelings and
    is used to form opinions inside of a Trump hating faculty lounge. You perverts can try as hard as you want, but you are not going to make a lie come true as long as this President is in office. We guarantee that.

  31. Just the latest democratic sponsored media attack to take down trump. The media has worse approval than congress. Just scum bags.

  32. Nunes truly is a plank. I mean we all know he is an idiot..see suing a cow & twitter. The repubs were nothing if not an utter disgrace.

  33. 1) ABC’s source is not an adviser to the Ukrainian president. Oopsies.
    2) The source did not tell ABC that discussing Biden was a precondition of the call. Oopsies. In other words… The story is a fake, a fraud, doo doo, caca, dung, excrement, feces, garbage, fake news, a hoax, a con, a grift, a forgery, a scam, a sham, and did I properly welcome you to Russian Collusion 2: Even More Fake Newsier! ABC was finally forced to add this teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy, microscopic, hardly-even-matters correction:
    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly described Serhiy Leshchenko as a current advisor to Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Leshchenko advised Zelenskiy’s transition team following his election in April but has since been distanced by the administration. He is no longer advising Zelenskiy.

  34. I took the time to read the report and the whistle blowers account as well. I also watched the entire hearing. Clearly no wrong doing at all on Trumps part. DIMs have declared War on our President!!!!

  35. Will the Democratic Party do this to every Republican President from now on? If they do this now they can do this to everyone we elect to the Presidency… We essentially lose our voice forever…. Dems make us like California…. This is the end of us or the beginning of the end for them… Political Retaliation in some form is called for…. Never Forget This Presidential Term…

  36. ABC News is Lying 24/7
    These idiots have no imagination, no self-awareness, and they are so exhausted by their own bullshit, so demoralized by loss after loss after loss, they can’t even come up with some fresh ideas or a new way to scream THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON THE ORANGE BAD MAN!

  37. He wanted another week to warn Trump and company about what is coming up to give him time to destroy evidence
    The national intelligence ( stupidity / idiocy) director is also involved .
    He too deserves to give head to King Trump

  38. Anyone Remember a Secret Society and an insurance policy mention by Peter Strzok? And the 5 months of text messages Dept wide at the FBI lost to a "glitch". I think that's interesting too…

  39. Plain speaking: Maguire is a Trump toady and a traitor to the country. He put Trump's and his own interests above his sworn responsibilitues to the nation he claims — falsely — to serve.

  40. trumps inquiry dates back to what happened in 2014, before his election…. media making it out to be about taking biden down today… has anyone watched old joe in public lately? he's taking himself out of the election and handing the nomination to warren…. lol… corporate owned media cannot be believed anymore, much like most members of congress..
    trump is finishing what mueller should have done when he was investigating, but muellers hands are too dirty to get hilary's server back from ukraine… i'm not distracted, abc corporate… lol… i'm paying attention to all your distraction techniques 🙂

  41. So Nunes prefer treasonous talk to remain secret and any investigation into it to be done in secret and investigated by people that work for Trump, okay mr. Nunes.

  42. The "whistleblower" is the old tried and true Leftist tactic. Same tactic the leftist media, like ABC here, uses. "We have an anonymous 'source' who tells us…" [wink wink]

  43. So Schiff doesn’t have to read the truth to the hearing committee? He can say anything even if it’s not true? What he just read aloud was not the report or the transcripts I read. Not even close to what was written in those documents. I am confused as to how this is ok!

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