Anna McMorrin MP – BBC News Interview – 14/05/2019

Anna McMorrin MP – BBC News Interview – 14/05/2019

So what’s the mood on the Labour back-benches? Well I’m joined by the Labour MP
Anna McMorrin, who’s a supporter of
another referendum. Surely Mr. Corbyn has
no option but to possibly do a deal
because he wants to bring about Brexit
as he said in his Manifesto, as the Party
Conference said and as the NEC said.
Well look, I think these talks are a complete waste
of time with the government. We know that
Theresa May’s deal has failed three times
in Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn has actually
voted for a public vote three times as
well in Parliament. We heard Kier
Starmer say, we heard Tom Watson say, that
is firmly my view, that any deal, any deal
needs to go back to the people for a
final say. That is the only way we are
going to be able to bring the country
back together after this these deep
divisions. All of us are fed up with
Brexit at the moment. I know my
constituents are fed up with it,
businesses are fed up with it, we need to
move on. There is nothing happening in
this place behind me. It is like the Mary
Celeste, it’s like the end of days. We
need something that we need to come
together now, put this to the people,
whatever deal that is, put it to the
people for that confirmatory vote. Do we
want that, or do we want to remain and reform?
But aren’t all the signs that Mr.
Corbyn is not going to end the talks,
he’s been going on for five six weeks, so
he clearly thinks there’s something in them.
I can’t speak for Jeremy’s reasons
as to why he’s
going on with the talks so long. My view
is that they’re a complete and utter
waste of time,
they’re only helping to Theresa May and
the Tories when we’ve got elections
coming up, we’ve got by-elections coming
up. We need to be focusing on what we’re
saying as an opposition party.
Challenging Theresa May’s government which
is failing drastically to whatever deal
they come up with, whether it’s a hard
Brexit, a soft Brexit and to put that
back to the people for a final say.
But isn’t the problem Mr Corbyn’s got a
fairly straightforward one. He fears that
were he to bring down the talks, many
Labour supporters in leave voting seats
would think, well, he’s not really serious
about dealing with Brexit, about
delivering on it and that therefore he
would hemorrhage support in those
northern seats.
Look it’s for us as politicians, as the Labour Party to be leading as what’s best for our
communities. Those communities in the
north, my community in Cardiff
North. What is best for those communities is to be a part of the EU.
That’s what we need to be fighting for.
We had a referendum, so we need to look
at what’s next. That’s why things have
moved on in the last three years we need
to put that back to the people. We know that Farage is right-wing,
extremist, populist party, with no
policies apart from Brexit and leaving
with no deal. The biggest damage that
that will do to our country. We’ve got to
take him on, but also outline the
benefits of staying in the EU. The huge
benefits that that will mean for our
economy, for our communities, for our
public services and do you know, we need
to move on with those important matters
because at the moment everything, as you rightly say, is being all consumed by Brexit.
Okay thanks very much for
your time, well we’ll find out from
Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet today whether the talks are going to continue. Both
sides say they’re taking stock, but at
the moment at least, there’s no sign of
either side pulling the plug.

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