100 thoughts on “Anthony Mackie Is The New Captain America And Stephen Is The New Falcon

  1. Love Stephen, but this was a bonus with Anthony, they actually made me giggle on my birthday! Dang, I needed that. Congrats Anthony!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his movies. He’s amazing! Btw, Anthony Mackie sounds like Will Smith when he speaks, & laughs.

  3. I don't know what's sadder; the fact that the police troubled the guy in that clip to prove he was the owner, or the fact that he had a copy of the lease ready to present. And not tucked away in a corner of his office like I would've done but on his person.

  4. @Anthony Mackie: I’m so glad you and your friends are bringing back short Shorts! I always hated the men’s Long Shorts, so lame-looking. Your right, back in the 60’s men wore SHORT SHORTS! 👍

  5. Oh hell yeah, Anthony Mackie can dig for worms in my yard any day. I'd see it as a badge of honor.

    I do respectfully disagree about using regular ol' line, though. A good 300-test mono with a spinner reel, 's what I prefer, but I tend to be a crappie and trout man when I'm fishin', not a bass man. Best bait I ever caught a bass with was chicken livers.

  6. Yes! Never ever forget leg day!!!! If you're looking to impress the ladies, it's not cool if your arms are as big as her thighs, but your thighs are as big as her arms…… Not cute.

  7. THERE HAS TO BE PROFIT IN THIS PANDEMIC…https://www.rawstory.com/2020/03/gop-blocking-coronavirus-bill-because-it-limits-how-much-drugmakers-can-charge-for-a-vaccine-report/

  8. Should make a movie where Black Panther is white, and tell black people that it's for whites only so please stay away. – See how that plays out.

  9. They should have made a Latino Captain America. I mean only like 12% are African American, but 16% are Latino and that number is supposed to grow by 30% in the next 20 years.

  10. 1960’s black men couldn’t own property
    2020 A black man still shouldn’t own property
    Except we’ve beat the odds. 💪🏿

  11. That scene reminds me of the great Chappelle joke, "Looks like this black guy broke in and hung up pictures of his family Johnson"

  12. Anthony Mackie is really very cool! Never saw him give an interview before. The Banker sounds like a very good movie. And can't wait to see him as the new Captain America.

  13. Worms? There's no reason to drown an innocent creature to catch a fish; real fishermen use home made lures, and barb-less hooks!

  14. he should not be Cap 2.0 the mantle should've been passed to Bucky Barnes who fought with Cap since WWII and you know…..actually has the super soldier serum. Falcon is a just a man with wings…….lame.

  15. Anthony Mackie: to all my guys out there, lets bring the short shorts back!
    Me, a guy: oh hell yeah
    Mackie: let the ladies see the legs
    Me, a gay guy: oh right, yes, for the ladies

  16. Love you Stephen! During these depressing times your humor helps a lot! Anthony Mackie was a good guest.

  17. LAAAAAAAAAME! He cannot be Captain America! He is not a super soldier! It takes more than just being a good guy to be the Cap. Are they gonna come up with Erskine's formula? Sam doesn't have super powers. Those weren't even real wings he had as Falcon!!!! Without his backpack wings he's a regular guy. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!! I hope they fix it in the movie, which I won't see, where Sam realizes he can't be Captain America and he hands the shield over to Winter soldier like he should. LAME!

  18. 😹 Be nicer to your tenants; I’d have been like, oh she’s moving. She doesn’t know it yet, but she is. lmao

  19. why dose it matter if captain america is black? i really hate why americans nowadays give everything to blacks

  20. Would be ironic if trump got corona then became that 1%😷 instead of his normal 1%😘

    It's 3.9 % by the way.👈

  21. Anthony Mackie is, by far, my favourite interviewee. Hope it isn't smokes and mirrors, because what an interesting character he is.

  22. I've been wearing short shorts since 1980 for comfort, no point when it's 105 F and sweating my a** off with "shorts" that go down to my shins.

  23. Fishing jargon must be different in the U.S. I come from an island in Canada which mostly subsists on fishing and like the only term I understood in the whole spiel was slip knot haha.

  24. …Er, Anyone else notice tht pic of Stephen as 'The Falcon', he was partnered with…a Bald Eagle?? …thts a serious Ooopsie! n the Comicbook Industry, man! 08:23
    ..yes, I am a Comicbook Geek…

  25. I really like Anthony Mackie but he will never be able to replace EVANS! There is only one CAP and that's Chris Evans!

  26. No kidding… he was in 'Hurt Locker', with Jeremy Remmer? Small SAG.

    Fun musing: The author the book "Hurt locker", claims in an interview that she coined the titular term, but somehow I remember Sly Stallone using that phrase as he's going underground to find Edgar Friendly in the movie "Demolition Man", years earlier. 🤔

  27. Captain America got injected with a super strength serum that they lost back in WW2, and the doctor died so they couldn't recreate any super soldiers. Captain America has super human strength. Falcon is a normal person. Remaking Captain America with this logic is fucking stupid.

  28. Anthony and I both can be found in your yard, digging for free bait. the stars are just like us… and we all like good dirt

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