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Thousands of reinjure refugees continued to cross into Bangladesh fleeing violence in Myanmar
We’ve investigated one particularly brutal attack on one village on one day in August our
World the massacre at Tula tone Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 p.m.. On the BBC News Channel
Today at five Britain’s economic prospects make for grim reading according to a leading policy group
But despite the predictions of a prolonged squeeze on living standards the Prime Minister says yesterday’s budget puts Britain on the right path
The Chancellor did a very good job yesterday
What the Chancellor was doing was setting out and how we will ensure we have an economy fit for the future
What’s remarkable is it looks like?
We’ve got at least another five years to go before we get anywhere near to having earnings back where they were in
2008 that is wholly unprecedented and we’ll be asking a leading German politician why
Productivity there is so much higher than here in the UK the other main stories on BBC News at five
An Army sergeant is to face a retrial on charges of attempting to murder his wife by tampering with a parachute
after the jury failed to reach verdicts
An underwater explosion is detected near the area
Where an Argentine submarine disappeared in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members on board?
more than 70 people have been rescued after flooding hits part of northern England and Wales the
Right blend
Drinking three to four cups of coffee every day may have some health benefits
according to new research and
Will be talking to the u.s.. Astronaut scott kelly about his extraordinary experience of spending almost one year in space
Is five o’clock our main story is the state of the economy and the prospects for the five years ahead
Amid predictions that average earnings in 2022 could still be less than they were in
2008 the Institute for Fiscal Studies said today that the forecasts published with yesterday’s budget made for pretty grim reading and
That since 2014 growth in earnings had been choked off which meant that Britain was in danger of losing not just one
But maybe two decades of earnings growth
But the Chancellor said that clarity around the brexit process would in fact increase consumer confidence and lead to stronger
economic growth our political correspondent ellen Agana has more details
The government’s own fortunes might not have been completely rebuilt
But the Chancellor’s difficult day passed off better than many had hoped and at a building collagen leads both be in the prime minister
Spells out their plans for the future a chance of a very good job yesterday
What the Chancellor was doing was setting out and how we will ensure we have an economy fit for the future
But both the Chancellor, and I agree that what the budget was about was about jobs for people up and down the country
It’s about ensuring people are in work with that income for their family
It’s about building the homes that they need he might have safeguarded his own job
But the downgrade in economic growth is the big problem on the Chancellor’s hands. That’s why we’re investing in infrastructure
That’s why we’re investing in skills. That’s why we’ve taken big steps to encourage high-growth businesses
In like the tech sector, which tend to be higher productivity and help to lift the performance of the economy overall
Inside the Chancellor’s read budget Fox help for first-time buyers
Plus more money for the NHS and cash to address concern over universal credit
And he appeased some of his harshest critics
conservative brexit ears with three billion pounds to prepare for leaving the EU
But labour said ordinary people had been that down and accused the Chancellor of failing to sort out the country’s
Finances if you don’t invest in this economy if you don’t invest in your infrastructure if you don’t invest in schools
You will have problems with productivity all the chickens have now come home to roost seven years of this government failing to invest in our
infrastructure and property in our skills
We’ve now got a Productivity crisis
And now a research group that aims to tackle inequality
Says the gloomy economic news on top of the government’s own policies will end up punishing poorer communities
This grim economic picture is affecting all families and is leading to lower incomes and lower earnings growth right across the income spectrum
But it is the tax and benefit policies of the government that are disproportionately taking away from poorer families
He had very little room for manoeuvre both politically and financially
– yet the Chancellor seemed to carefully pick off the pressure points the government had been facing
But there is no getting around the huge difficulties the UK economy could be storing up for the future
The budget wasn’t the radical reboot many Tories had been hoping for but equally it wasn’t the disaster many had feared
For now the Chancellor’s silenced his critics, but the future certainly remains challenging Ellen
Agana BBC news Westminster
As I mentioned the Institute for Fiscal Studies has been analyzing the data?
Published with yesterday’s budget and is calculated that average UK earnings in 2022 could still be less than they were in
2008 so let’s talk about that a little more with our economics correspondent
Andy Verity and tell us a little more about the analysis and really what they’re trying to underline well here is we’ve been talking
It’s all about productivity if we don’t produce a little bit more each year as we used to then it’s not so easy for our
employers to pay us a little bit more than inflation each year and
therefore living standards don’t improve in fact being flat as you know since before the crisis and the
Prediction is you just mentioned is that they may stay that way and there may be no improvement in living standards for about 17 years
you have to go right back to the
Napoleonic era to find another time when that happened is the director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies Paul Johnson told me
The squeeze on living standards over the decades so far is historically unprecedented
What’s remarkable is it looks like?
We’ve got at least another five years to go before we get anywhere near to having earnings back where they were
In 2008 that is wholly unprecedented
certainly the worst since the mid 19th century
And possibly worse since even before then I was Paul Johnson and the point being by the Chancellor today
And which is interesting Andy about clarity around brexit?
Increasing confidence, which will then feed into economic growth how much wishful thinking as within that context. Well, I suppose
He’s got to hope doesn’t he but it was interesting because the official predict is the Office for Budget Responsibility
Made a very clear note about this
They wanted to know more about the government’s policies on brexit
And the government just pointed them to the speech made influenced by the prime minister
And not much else so they’re making their predictions in the dark
And we have to remember everything we’re talking about about living standards everything else depends on a the government
implementing their policies and B the forecast being right
And if you look at the record over the last five or ten years neither of those conditions
Has obtained what we do know is that we need to improve productivity?
if we’re going to improve our wages now the Chancellor has said he’s doing something to that end he’s
Investing in measures like the national productivity fund he wants to improve skills
He wants to have more people taking maths a-level and all those things should help in the long run
But we need this to happen soon, and there’s no sign of that as yet Andy many
Thanks once again Andy Verity there our economics correspondent
Now one of the factors, which Andy’s mentioned there
Which drew attention to the stats yesterday in the budget was the disappointing level of British?
And that’s one of the big themes the average German worker is 30 percent more productive
Than the average British worker so joining us from Berlin is hans olav Henkel who’s MEP for the?
liberal conservative reformers in Germany former head of the Federal of
German industries, thank you very much for joining us sir mr.. Hinkle, and what is the secret of higher German productivity do you think?
Well, it’s not really a secret, but I can point to three different factors. One is
Germany has always
Continued their industrial tradition, which of course you have in Great Britain as well
But we didn’t have this tremendous drive to replace
Production or factories with financial services and banks, and I think that is one factor the other second factor
and I think that came out from the acceleration of the government of the day is we always have an educational system called the
dual education system which basically means that hundreds and thousands of young German
Germans are making an apprenticeship in German factories, and they worked there for four days in one day
They go to school and after three day three years or two and a half years
They would be they get an examination and there are very young age used to
Industrial techniques and the third element is we have a very strong
small and medium-sized group of companies
Contrary to the image every medium may have throughout the word
The relative importance of large companies is of Germany pretty small
the point about
Apprenticeships serviced angle is very very important isn’t it because there’s been more of an emphasis on that in this country in recent years
But in the past there’s been a very big drive to get more and more young people into
Universities in you’re saying that in Germany the distinction is a perfectly natural one, but is done on a more what realistic level
Today is 33 or 35 percent, but we should maintain a high share
I think that is one of the secrets of
Success by the way when I was president of the Drummond industry. I went to jail with Chancellor
Kool-aid our Chancellor schröder to our other countries, and we we tried to exploit that one
unfortunately few countries competed, and I think it is worthwhile looking at
What was the resistance that’s interesting isn’t it? What was the resistance to adopting the model?
Well, I don’t really know and there was no sort of official resistance
But it is a pretty complex infrastructure, which you have to build up when you have to make sure you have
curricula for these Prentis ships
You must make sure that you have the right teachers in the school zone of course you have to have the schools
In Germany this whole thing has been given to the chambers of commerce so the German
chalice of Commerce are those who for instance
provide for the examinations
And they are powerless dear and he is perhaps one opportunity for the British
Then they are there British armors of commerce take ownership of the system together with a local business
Community and start devising this kind of curricula and then jointly
Start this approach. It is a long-term approach
And you know how politicians are if they don’t want to have a success today?
maybe in a year definitely before the next elections such a thing needs decades of
implementation and temmie
Do you know a politician who thinks?
Final point of Stangl just on the brexit theme because for lots of those supporting the brexit process here
It does promise more opportunity more
economic freedom and trade opportunity which in itself they say will feed into the performance of industries and possibly
Productivity – is that how you would say it
Representatives from science we have formed an initiative and announced it this Monday and
This initiative is called a new a new deal for Britain and the objective is to ask
Brussels to make Great Britain a new offer
which should entail those things which David Cameron always wanted for instance more autonomy for
immigration and things like this so
Reception you offer we hope
We still hope to keep Britain in the European Union because for us, it’s so obvious
I don’t know one but not really one German who?
likes brexit and
They are certainly not a single German businessman
Who expects it and I know that the British business community hates it too at least most of them
So this is a lose-lose situation
and I see really two trains going with high speed on the same track running against each other and
the objective of our
Initiative is to stop these trains hitting each other. I have written to on behalf of this group today
228 heads of state and government of the European Union including Theresa May
Asking them to look at this initiative and change the policy
it is ridiculous to start to talk only about soft brexit or hard brexit both practices are bad I
Think we should
Recognize that the situation in Europe on the issue of immigration is totally changed
what David Cameron wanted and didn’t give it didn’t get when the
referendum took place
I’m sure most of the European governments would love to give them in order to make it to make Britain stay so my
Opinion is we should recognize both London and process made mistakes. They should recognise
They made mistakes and my our appeal is to Brussels process should offer a new route to use for Britain wished also
It becomes a new deal for Britain and the EU at the same time
Stangl very interesting to talk to you well, thank you so much for joining us today yo
That was Hansel of Hankel they’re talking to us from Berlin the MEP for the liberal conservative reformers in
Germany the time is 14 minutes past 5:00 the Argentine Navy says its detected a sound which it
Suspects was an explosion which was heard around the time contact was lost with a submarine in the South Atlantic
the San Juan which had 44 crew members on board disappeared last Wednesday
More than a dozen nations including the United States Britain and Russia have sent assistance Riley Carlson has more details
More than a week after the San Juan went missing a clue to what might have happened a sound searchers call
Abnormal was detected in the South Atlantic around the same time the submarine disappeared
Congre demente
Sergio información que una Vento we received information that it was an abnormal singular
violent and non-nuclear event consistent with an explosion
The concern now is the crew could be using up the last of its seven-day oxygen supply
the Argentine Navy calls this a critical phase
So far there’s been no sign of the missing vessel the Reuters news agency says a u.s.
Navy plane detected an object near the area where the sub sent its last signal, but it couldn’t be identified
More than a dozen countries are looking for it now including Brazil
Commander Leonardo Braga Martine says they can’t know for certain. What conditions are like on the submarine
You know we can also think that in order to preserve oxygen
They’ve reduced the crews work rhythm which could increase autonomy up to two weeks
It’s impossible right now to confirm that the submarines oxygen has run out
He says the focus now is still on trying to re-establish
communication something an international fleet has been trying to do for a week if
Support vessels do locate the sub getting the crew to safety will be a delicate operation
The search boat will send an underwater robot to search for the submarine the robots use sonar to create images of the seafloor
Then once the sub is found a submarine rescue chamber will be deployed from the search vessel
The rescue chamber will attach to the top of the submarine which will allow crew members to evacuate to safety
But that is the best-case scenario, and it’s the one these people gathered at the naval base dear ma, del Plata, Argentina
Continue to pray for Riley, Carlson BBC News
One of the killers of the Liverpool toddler James Bulger is back in prison while police investigate the discovery of
suspected child abuse images on a computer
Jon Venables who was 10 when he committed to the murder with Robert Thompson back in 1993 was freed on licence in
Now Zimbabwe has been told to take urgent measures to rescue its economy by accessing
International financial aid that’s the message delivered by the International Monetary Fund on the eve of the installation of Emerson
Managua as the country’s new president the IMF says that government spending and government debt are too high in Zimbabwe mr.
Managua has promised to grow the economy by creating far more jobs
My colleague Ben Brown is in the capital Harare to look ahead to tomorrow with the latest for us
Yeah, that’s right Hugh. He’s gonna be sworn in tomorrow, and it’s two days now since Robert Mugabe resigned
Extraordinary euphoria and Selam since hit in Harare now one of the people. We spoke to just a few moments after that dramatic
Resignation is here with me now Finn. Bye. She was far Borya and when she spoke to me two days ago
Just a couple of minutes after Mr. Mugabe resigned she was
Wonderfully emotional and euphoric. I’m going to talk to her again in a minute
But let’s just have a listen to what she had to say then
We were tired of this man. We are so glad he’s gone. We don’t want him anymore and yes
Today, it’s victory. It’s victory now heart. It’s victory for our children and
Now that interview went completely viral around the world is that kind of typifying the emotional joy here in
Zimbabwe but now looking ahead vim by e2 tomorrow. We have the inauguration of the new president
What are your thoughts how important is it going to be that he gets off to a good start?
Well the most important thing really that is gonna push him off to a great start is what he mentioned jobs
jobs jobs
for us that is the most important thing because as
Young people as youth a so many educated people that are out there and do not have jobs so for us
That’s the ultimate right now, but I know that you need economic improvements dramatically
But you also need freedom and democracy. That’s what people on the streets have been saying
We’ve got elections next year. Are you confidence? He will stick to those elections and that they will be free and fair?
hopeful that
He’s going to be at least he’s going to he’s going to make sure that the elections are free and free
But one thing I can say to the Zimbabweans is that we have got opportunity before elections to see whether he’s eligible
Enough for us to even vote for him for the in the next elections
So I think that that puts us in a great platform as Zimbabwe
And just very briefly do you think he’s gonna be better than Robert Mugabe?
Do you believe that well I’m hopeful that he is
But we are certainly not going to allow anybody to be like Robert Mugabe
Because we allowed that for a very long time and as Zimbabwe knows
We are not going to do that and ever again. Okay great to talk to you again Finn by a sheet was February
Thank you so much for being with once again here on BBC News Hugh back to you
Ben thank you very much
Thanks to your guests as well for a another memorable contribution to the events there in Harare
The time is twenty past five an army sergeant is to face a retrial on
Charges of attempting to murder his wife by tampering with the parachute after the jury failed to reach verdicts
emile sylia’s of the royal army physical train core who has been on trial for seven weeks at
Wichita Crown Court had denied two charges of attempted murder victorious
Aaliyah suffered serious injuries after her main and reserve parachutes failed she took part in a jump back in 2015
Let’s talk to our correspondent Helena Lee who’s at Winchester Crown Court for us to tell us more about today’s events there Helena
Well Hugh Emil silly as the Army sergeant left court here a couple of hours ago
He left two waiting cameras here after this 7 week trial now. It was around half past 2:00 this afternoon
That the jury filed back into court here at the court at Winchester
Crown Court, and they confirmed that there was no realistic prospect. They said of them reaching a unanimous or majority
verdict on any of the charges
The jury was then thanked by the judge in this case for their hard work in this trial
They had deliberated
For around 30 hours or so yesterday two of the jurors had to be discharged because they were unwell so it left
tenderers, but they confirmed to the court today that they could not reach a majority or
Unanimous verdicts now a mill Silius was facing three separate charges two charges of attempting to murder his wife
Victoria sylia’s in
2015 one of them he was accused of tampering with her parachute on the Easter weekend in
2015 the prosecution had said he had hoped that she would fall to her death she didn’t she fell
4,000 feet she survived that fall, but suffered from multiple injuries and the second attempted murder charge
He was accused of tampering with a gas fixture at the family home in
2015 so the jury here tonight after a seven week trial
failed to reach verdicts on those three charges
And me’ll sylia’s has left the court and we know now from the Crown Prosecution Service
Hue that there will be a retrial at some stage we expect at some point next year hello many
Thanks once again for the latest there for us at Winchester Crown Court
Now brexit as we know is the biggest political and diplomatic challenge facing government right now
but a leaked Irish government document has been highly critical of Britain’s approach to brexit calling it chaotic and
Unimpressive there are many issues to negotiate one of the most important is the issue of
Security cooperation so with that in mind we’re going to talk now to the EU
Security Commissioner Sir Julian King is that the Oxford Union this evening where he’s speaking there, so Julian
Thank you so much for joining us
And I’m just wondering at this point even for those people who remember that article
50 letter which was sent earlier this year with lots of talk of
Security cooperation in it should people be concerned about the prospects for that in the in the months and years ahead
Well I don’t think so because what’s happened since is that both sides both
HMG and the
Representatives of the rest of the EU the 27 have said that in this area
Cooperation should be unconditional now
We’ll have to see exactly what that means
But I take that to mean that both sides understand that they have a self interest
Have two shared self interest in finding ways of cooperating really effectively in this area
But as Britain extracts itself from the institutions of the European Union how in your view?
Will we see evidence if there is evidence of security cooperation maybe not being at optimal levels
Well I don’t think that’s what we’re that’s not what we’re looking to achieve we are looking to find ways through so that
Whatever happens in the rest of the brexit process in this area tackling terrorism
Tackling the growing challenge of cyber security and tackling serious and organised crime we find ways of maintaining the level of cooperation
But in order to do that do you need to then create new bodies create new agencies create new frameworks or mechanisms
How does that work?
Well you may need to create some new things, but there are some very good building blocks in place and the challenge
I think will be to find ways after
the UK as
Exited for for cooperation to continue for the UK to lock back into those bodies and those platforms that have been established over recent years
There are some precedents for that
When we look at the levels of digital and cyberattacks right now
What would you say to viewers about your thoughts on the trend in that area and how concerned people should be?
Well they should be concerned we’ve seen some really big attacks which of which have affected everybody
Wanna cry not picture which were which were interfering with with hospitals and transport systems and energy grids
So this this threat from cyber security isn’t just you know about phones and computers it spills over into the real world
It has been growing very fast, which is why we in in Brussels. Have said that we want to
Strengthen cooperation to tackle cyber security to build our resilience to deter people from attacking us and to boost international cooperation
Because notable wasn’t it that jean-claude Juncker said earlier this year
I think Europe is still not well equipped
when it comes to cyber attacks does that tell people that it’s been rather slow to realize the extent of it I
Think there has been
Late waking up on the parts of lots of people to the scale of this challenge and partly that was with those big attacks
I think it’s been with some of the sensitive political attacks the alleged interference in democratic processes or attacks against
Democratic institutions, it’s not too late with that new awareness
We now have to take practical measures to make ourselves more secure in cyberspace
When it comes to precise measures on improving cybersecurity?
What would you share with viewers in terms of practical examples of the way that cyber security is being tackled in a more effective way?
Well we’re doing things to
Reinforce our that the systems that we have to reinforce cooperation between
The different countries so that if there’s an attack a big attack like
the one a Kray attack earlier earlier on there’s really rapid communication and
People know what’s going on as you’ll remember in in that particular attack someone it happened to be a Brit
Discovered a way of disarming it and through the networks that we’re setting in place and reinforcing that
Information was shared very very fast and the attack was mitigated
And spread was stopped
That’s the sort of thing we need to reinforce we need to exercise it we need to work with the big
Platforms and big companies because this is something that can be done
Only could be done successfully if the public sector and the private sector are working together in your view have all the claims and allegations
Levelled at Russia been overdone or have they in fact been underdone
Well in Brussels the Commission went we’re not an intelligence agency so we have to be a bit cautious
about questions of attribution saying who is responsible
But we listen to what the member states say and the member states have have underlined how concerned they are about Russian activities indeed
Eight foreign ministers wrote to us a couple of weeks ago
Saying that they thought that was there was
Warfare going on in their countries so we have to take account of that and that’s another reason why we have to take this challenge
of cyber security so seriously and while you’re under lining for us once again the importance of
international cooperation
To return to that brexit theme
Is there a risk in that process notwithstanding all the reassurances that you’ve just offered is there a risk that?
Cooperation if the brexit process doesn’t turn out as planned could in fact be less effective in future than it is now
Well look the threats aren’t going to change
The threats that we face today from terrorism from cyber from serious and organized crime
again a state stay that way for the next 18 months and
Will still be threats after Britain has exited?
Britain understands that the other partners across Europe understand that doesn’t matter how good you are at tackling these threats?
You are stronger if you work together
And that’s why I think there’s a shared interest in finding a way forward on these issues whatever else happens in the wider brexit discussions
So Julian enjoy the evening that the Oxford Union, and thank you very much for joining us. Thank you
Thanks to Julian King that could have him to join us the ears Security Commissioner talking to us from Oxford
It’s 29 minutes past five headlines coming up for you in just a moment
We’d have an update on the day’s support as well, but a look at the weather Thomas’s with me today. Hi there
Hi there in a word cold, and it’s already cold across many parts of the UK
Temperatures have been dropping through the course of the afternoon rather than rising as cold air arrives from the north
Where it normally comes from?
An even see this is what it looks like around seven o’clock this evening temperatures barely above freezing across
Scotland single figures down to the south coast almost Plymouth around about 10 now
We are going to have a little bit of
Some of that mild air if you can call it mild left over tonight in the far south and some rain, too
So here I think it’ll probably dip down to maybe six degrees by the early hours of Friday morning
But for many parts of the country, there’s a frost on the way her first thing on Friday certainly Scotland
Northern Ireland the whole of northern England possibly the Midlands as well
But the good news is that we’ve cold weather
We often get clear crisp cold air and that’s exactly what’s on the way for tomorrow
but there will be some showers around as well some wintry there across Scotland and
Northwestern are the northwestern parts of the UK and just to quickly summarize the weekend frosty nights chilly wind
But there’ll be plenty of sunshine with occasional showers as well. That’s it for me
Time is 5:30 here on BBC news and these are the headlines for you this evening
Prime minister says the budget puts Britain on the right path despite a leading policy group saying the country’s economic prospects make for grim reading
An army sergeant has to face a retrial on charges of attempting to murder his wife by tampering with her parachute
after the jury failed to reach verdicts an
Underwater explosion is detected near the area. Where an Argentine submarine disappeared in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members on board
Wales’s First Minister Carwyn Jones has referred himself to an independent investigation to look at allegations of bullying in the Welsh Government dating back to
More than 70 people have been rescued after flooding a said part of northern England and Wales
So at 5:31, let’s take a look up the day’s sports news and we’ll join Jessica today at the BBC Sports Centre hi there
Thank You Hugh good afternoon England’s cricketers have made a solid start to the ashes series
They ended day one of the first tests on
196 for four as they begin the defence of the urn at correspondent Andy Swiss was watching in Brisbane
It is almost a national hobby
Beating England is what Australia have done so often here and there fans flocked to the gabber with a confidence to match the visitors
Without Ben Stokes England’s low-key lineup began as the ashes underdogs and after opting to bat
It didn’t take long to see why mitchell stark snaring alistair cooke for just to the script seemed worryingly familiar
Australia’s paceman pounding in the verbal bounces flying
but instead of a collapse a comeback not many expected James Vince to be picked for this – but he set about showing why as
Australia’s passion was dampened a rain delay helping England feel even more at home as Vince and Mark Stoneman put on a century stand
The hosts much-hyped attacks looking toothless until this
Stoneman emphatically bowled by Pat Cummings 453 before a moment of brilliance in the field from Nathan Lyon
after his pre ashes fighting
Talk some way to back it up Vince run out 483 and suddenly the pendulum had veered Australia’s way
Joe roots surviving an lbw decision but not for long the review showed he was out the skipper gone for 15
Before a few morale-boosting blows from maui nollie helped guide england through to the clothes for the fans
Then a first day of fluctuating fortunes England’s impressive start followed by Australia’s late resurgence the early signs
Suggest this could be a competitive series
I guess if the minute is reasonably even I think the first hour tomorrow will dictate
you know how we look back on day one a
Good hour in the morning with the guys. We’ve got left to come Inc and score quickly so
Yeah getting through that new ball early in the morning
and then hopefully building up towards 300 350 400 if we play well an
Absorbing start to the ashes then but England no the hard work
has only just begun Andy Swiss BBC news Brisbane the
Football Association
Has announced that the study into the links between heading of football and brain damage will begin in?
January it will be titled football’s influence on lifelong health and dementia risk
Former England captain Alan Shearer says it’s an issue, which needs to be looked at
safety has to has to come first on the and the health of
sportsmen and sportswomen
And this is the start as we said it should have been started a long time ago, but it’s a big deal
We can now look to the future and support the guys, and hope that they’re given time to do the necessary research
I think this is a huge deal for for football as I said, it’s been a long time coming
Delighted that that the PFA and the FA
Have now backed it, and we can now get the answers that and that football means
England’s rugby union captain Dylan Hartley has been left out of the starting lineup for the first time under head coach Eddie Jones
That’s for Saturday’s autumn international against Samoa
Hartley drops to the bench as hooker Jamie George gets his first start Chris Rock shot and George Ford are named co-captains
Exeter number 8 Sam Simmons makes a starting debut for the match at Twickenham partly says though that he doesn’t mind being on the bench
the last 22 games of asked a squad to contribute and
Whatever role you’ve got within that with your squad player start or finish
You got to give something to the team and those guys that train on a Monday Tuesday
Go home have that disappointment have not been involved
kind of supporting the the Stein team so
It’s my turn to support the theme
And that’s all the sport for now you can find more on all those stories as always on the BBC Sport website. That’s
Thanks very much, we’ll see later on
Time is 5:30 6:00 for the past three weeks
200 of the most powerful and wealthy people in Saudi Arabia have been held under arrest at the ritz-carlton hotel in Riyadh
follows an unprecedented anti-corruption drive by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
little information has been emerging from inside that hotel, but the BBC’s chief international correspondent
Listo set has gained exclusive access, and she sent us this report
We drive in under police escort just past midnight
No one enters here now without official permission the world’s most talked-about Hotel
Riyadh’s most palatial most prestigious now a gilded prison
I’m taken in by Saudi officials told don’t film faces. Don’t record conversations
Here in the early hours of the morning
There’s still people in the lobby drinking coffee as you’d find in any of the 5-star hotels here in the capital
Most of the people who have now been forced to stay here are keeping to themselves
Trying to limit any further damage to their reputation their mobile phones have been taken away from them, but there is a hotline
That’s available to them they can call their lawyers family members even
Leading members of the companies they’re still trying to keep running
The world’s most pampered prisoners have every comfort except freedom the state is picking up this bill
As far as detention centers. Go this one is beyond compare luxury swimming pool the restaurants the gym
Everything is good here here
There’s even a bowling alley, but most prisoners just stay in their rooms
I’m taken to meet one suspect
He doesn’t give me his name says he spends his time with his lawyer focusing on his case
I’m told not to ask about it
But I get a briefing senior officials conducting this crackdown say it’s not a formal investigation yet
They call it a friendly process, but it’s clearly fraught
We’re being told that when people were brought here around midnight on November the 4th
They were understandably angry some of them
Thought this would just be a show and it wouldn’t last and then when they realized they were here to stay they were furious
Almost everyone here 95%. I was told are willing to make a deal to give back
What are said to be substantial sums of money in order to get out of here the crown prince?
32 years old is taking on fellow Prince’s senior ministers some of the biggest billionaires tackling corruption
concentrating power
Weeks on many are still asking questions about why this purge happened here and now
Outside this guild in prison it certainly has gone down well many Saudis welcome and into the rampant corruption in the kingdom
there are risks to the ambitious Crown Prince risks creating enemies and
Uncertainty which could endanger the very stability and reforms, you know his kingdom so badly needs
The Crown Prince hopes everyone will be checking out by the end of this year the longer this ordeal drags on the more
Questions will be asked here and abroad about what’s going on inside
Least you said BBC News the ritz-carlton Riyadh
Now Downing Street says the government disagrees with the European Commission’s decision not to allow British cities to compete to be the European
Capital of Culture in
dundee nottingham bleeds not Kings Belfast and Londonderry had all
submitted an individual bid but the European Commission said the decision was one of the many concrete consequences of
Brexit well Liverpool was the UK’s last European Capital of Culture back in 2008 and joining us now his Clare, McColgan
director of culture for the city of offal Claire, thanks very much for coming in were you surprised by this decision I
Think it’s a real shame
It’s a real shame that city’s not going to have the opportunity that we had in
2008 to to really showcase it south on a world stage, but
Given the brexit process again. I mean do you think that that is a credible reason for the Commission to put forward?
Well, not really because we were when we were European capital culture in 2008 Stavanger in Norway was the other non EU
European Capital of Culture and really it’s not about being part of the EU
You know the reason why you European Capital of Culture is to be a part of Europe and to showcase what you have a city
to Europe in the world
It’s interesting for lots of people watching maybe if you underline for us what Liverpool gained from being City a Capital of Culture
And it’s a huge game for Liverpool for anyone that knows this city the last 10 years have been completely
Transformation and European couple of culture was just the start of that
But in the year we had 800 million pounds worth of economic benefit coming from visitors
But I think more than that well it did for Liverpool was it really accelerated the whole regeneration so the city now is
Completely transformed and its carried on that growth after a couple of cultures
So it’s not just about the year itself where you get a chance to tell your story on a world stage
It’s absolutely about what happens post that as well
in terms of things like
Infrastructure you know transport and the vital things that are really that kind of lifeblood of the city’s economy did those things change
Of course they did and culture is the lifeblood of Liverpool’s economy, you know it’s what we’re known for around the world
It’s a huge attractor for visitors to come to us
but it’s also makes it a place where you want to live it as a person as a
Community or a person who lives here, it’s been hugely transformational for the city
But we used it to do the whole infrastructure build so the whole city kind of changed we had the big dig into that in
2007 which changed the whole infrastructure
But since then you know we’ve completely developed our infrastructure post you know being of really successful European Capital of Culture
Just bear with me a secular because there’s a statement from Downing Street
Which I want to share with?
viewers if I can and Prime Minister spokesman said that the government disagrees with the decision and then he goes on to say this
Government is particularly
Disappointed that the five cities were informed after their bids went in and then said ministers were working closely with them to help them
Realize their cultural ambitions we remain in urgent discussions with the Commission on the matter
I’m just wondering being in urgent discussions with the Commission whether that’s a hint that they think that you know the decision may be
Revisited but may be a more relevant question to you would be
How can they realize their culture ambitions if they’re not in this scheme what what would your suggestions be?
Well, we’ve done it since 2008 so culture is absolutely the heart of everything we do and I think you know cities are changing
It’s a really competitive world so to find your unique story, and how you tell that story to the world?
It’s really important as we move forward. We move the move forward post brexit
So I think what will there have been a huge amount of energy put into these bids people who’ve done
It will understand and it’s about galvanizing that energy both of the communities the businesses the arts community
That have put into that bid and realising some of those big ideas because we aren’t going to be in a hugely competitive environment
Internationally and cities need to be able to tell their story
Very good to talk to you Claire. Thank you very much for coming in
Thanks a lot Claire Cogan their director of culture for the city of Liverpool
Now dozens of people had to be rescued from their homes in parts of Cumbria and Lancashire last night after
Heavy rainfall caused flooding more than 70 people were held to safety after the emergency services received hundreds of calls a number of flood
Warnings are still in place our correspondent danny savage has the latest
After hours of heavy rain the river in goal gate near Lancaster
Finally burst its banks last night causing chaos and misery
People have realized flooding was imminent and tried to get their belongings to safety it just came in
Faster and faster and faster and there came a point where we were bucketing it out bailing it out
We had pumps going came a point where
it was a
Bucket versus river and the river one in it’s now like this so I lifted as much as I can from the ground floor
But there’s bikes down there
but cookers gone the boiler my washing machine my dishwasher everything this morning the water had receded and left a familiar scene of salvage and
Disposal the water wasn’t in for long
But it doesn’t have to be a few minutes is enough to destroy and ruin
No warning, and the warning was the people on the street going
we need some help and
The road was just coming up and water was gushing everywhere
further north in Cumbria the rain caused more problems in a County familiar with flooding
They had prepared for the worst here with emergency services sent to help
There was trouble for travelers to the West Coast Main Line was flooded north of pressed and leading to long delays and that dreaded
alternative the rail replacement bus service
North Wales was hit as well many roads and Anglesey were flooded leaving people unable to get to where they wanted to
Pretty bad bulimia the river was flowing down this side that all he said done with the river is
I’ve never seen anything like the 70 years. I’ve been living like every. It’s just unbelievable
I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, and I’ve been brought up here and
It’s it was just
Shocking once again the vulnerability of parts of Northwest England and Wales to heavy rain has been highlighted is
This the start of another long wet winter
Danny Savage BBC news Lancashire
The time is a quarter to 6:00 here on BBC news and these are the headlines for you this evening
Prime minister says the budget puts Britain on the right path despite the leading policy group saying that the country’s
prospects make for grim reading
An Army sergeant is to face a retrial on charges of attempting to murder his wife by tampering with her parachute
after the jury failed to reach verdicts
An underwater explosion is detected near the area. Where an Argentine submarine disappeared in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members on board
Quick update on the financial markets for you now
This is how London and Frankfurt ended the day in negative territory and in the u.s.
The Dow and Nasdaq still trading and but those are the latest figures there from
Coming up the next few minutes
I’ll be talking to the US astronauts from Kelley about his extraordinary experience of spending almost a year in space that’s coming up
Some reassuring news for coffee drinkers today because research published in the British Medical Journal
Suggests that drinking three to four mugs of coffee a day
Compared to drinking none is more likely to benefit your health than to cause harm
researchers say it’s linked to a lower likelihood of developing heart problems our correspondent Helen Briggs has more details a
Daily caffeine fix for many of us, it’s an essential part of the day, but it’s long been debated
Whether that cup of coffee is good or bad for you. I think any more than two cups of coffee kind of
Accelerates the stress a little bit more so I draw the line at two
Most things of wood in moderation, and if you drink good coffee
Then it should be good for your house can sometimes drink. Maybe about six cups
and then I can’t sleep at night, so it’s
Learning what that values is
To try to find the answer doctors at the University of Southampton
Analyzed 200 studies looking at how coffee affects the body
They say the benefits of drinking three to four cups a day
outweigh the risks for most people
Pregnant women are still advised to limit consumption
Coffee drinking was linked with a lower risk of heart disease and some cancers
But the researchers could not prove coffee was the cause
Dr. Paul Roderick who carried out the research says on balanced coffee in moderation?
Is likely to be beneficial?
most of the studies have been on
caffeinated coffee
There is some studies less evidence on decaffeinated, but where we’ve looked at those they seem to find some of the benefits that they’re with
Caffeinated studies suggesting it’s more than just caffeine that coffee has a lot of active substances that might be good for our
for our long-term health and
Experts say further studies are needed before drinking coffee to prevent disease can be recommended
Not least because it’s often accompanied by cream sugary syrup or cake Helen Briggs BBC news
Now the american astronaut scott Kelly is a veteran of four space flights
He retired last year after spending almost a year on the International Space Station that is the highest number of?
Consecutive days spent as spent in space by a u.s. Astronaut and during his time on board
He orbited earth more than 5,000 times was part of a study with his identical twin and fellow astronaut Mark Kelly
Examining the genetic effects of spaceflight. He’s just published a memoir called
Endurance which I’m going to show you in a year in space lifetime of discovery and there it is fear. There’s the curve
There’s the book endurance is a very fine volume, and I’m delighted to say that
Scott is here to talk all about it and welcome to you. Thanks very much coming in um
It’s a remarkable story of endurance because you know you refer to that the cover
I’m just wondering what kind of endurance are we talking about in terms of mental physical the combination?
How would you describe it to viewers? So yeah the title actually has several meanings for me. One is the endurance of?
Staying in space for nearly a year and what that means physically mentally the other part of the story
Which you know? You don’t really get from the title is. It’s a story about a kid that couldn’t pay attention in school
It’s a very poor student
Eventually I went on to college
Still a poor student
discovered a book which was
the right stuff by Tom Wolfe and read it and it made me believe in myself and believe that I can do something that I
Thought was not possible, and I read that book at eighteen fast forward eighteen years later, and I flew my first flight in space
So it’s that kind of endurance opportunities to fail along the way taking risk not giving up and also
It’s a in honor of one of my heroes which is Ernest Shackleton mm-hmm and the crew of endurance of course
they’re very rich themes and
Given that you’ve already
Explained to us that you know you were not exactly a great performer early on in school
How did the transformation come about and why did that book you read change things?
What was it about the book that changed things?
You know I think part of it was the way Tom Wolfe wrote in this
Creative nonfiction for a person like me that wasn’t a big reader it really caught my eye got my attention
And then you know I recognize things about these guys that became the original
Astronauts the fighter pilots of test pilots that I felt like I had in myself
You know risk-taking always kind of living on the edge, whatever that may be
with one exception I
Couldn’t study or pay attention and do my homework. You know. I thought if I could solve that problem
You know maybe I could be like them did it on my own. You know brute force method it. It wasn’t easy but
You know hopefully it’s an example for other people that may be struggling
Lesson for people I mean what if I said to you okay?
It may not be relevant to lots of other people because actually you still meeting
motivation and drive on levels of self-belief to achieve that
Absolutely, and you also you know I risk-taking is important, and I don’t
necessarily mean like
Excuse me physical risk-taking. I mean the risk of failure
you know there was I’ve had so many opportunities in my life to do something and
just barely be able to accomplish it and
But then get better you know how good we are in the beginning we do something
It’s really no reflection on how good we can become with some endurance
How did you approach the prospect of spending so long in space actually initially? I wasn’t interested
I kind of I had just gotten off a six-month flight
Which is a really long time to be in space and it you know it’s an incredible experience
It’s a privilege, but there’s hardship that goes with it, and I said no
Thank you, but I knew I wanted to fly in space again, and as I got further away from that flight
I thought you know another
spaceflight with new challenges because it was going to be more than twice as long is something that eventually I
warmed up to the at that idea, I’m
Preparing yourself for that involved what?
Well, it’s training in many different time zones around the world and you know technical briefings simulations
Evh raining robotics medical training on the space station we have to do every job
so you know not only are you the scientist and the
astronaut maybe the commander of the mission, but you’re also the plumber the electrician
The IT guy the sense of isolation is what how would you describe it? You know? There’s some? You’re you’re
Physically isolated from from earth, but you still feel connected
You know we have a lot of electronic means of communication you can look out at the planet, which is incredibly beautiful
And the space station is pretty big so I never got the feeling I was like climbing the walls or just itching to get out
of there or needed more space
But you know when we go to Mars someday, that’ll be a whole different experience
We’ve come to that in a sec
And I’m just because you described right to the start of the interview some of the effects of spending so long in space physical mental
How would you sum them I mean?
Do you still have physical effects today?
Or has there been a physical impact of that time in space well certainly come when I came back
After spending almost a year there the the physical effects were different than my previous flight which was 159 days
You know bone
And/or joint and muscle pain swelling in my legs rashes that you know my skin and not touched anything for so long
You know those effects were you know some of my didn’t even have after six months, but right now
There’s nothing that I can feel from the experience
I do know that I have structural changes in my eyes still it doesn’t affect my visual acuity
And then the one big unknown is the effects of radiation of course you know and if I do have any
Health effects from that long-term. Hopefully. I’ll never find out
Mentally just thinking about how you cope with that
Arrival back on earth after such a long time away. Okay. There’s been connection and communication in the meantime we accept that
But again how did that transition affect you how how easy or how difficult was it you know earth?
provides us with just about everything right it has so much to offer and
You know I jumped in with you know both feet right away, which may not necessarily have been a great idea
Yeah, great idea after being in space for a year, so yeah, you know there’s some adjustment
I think the harder thing for me though has been adjusting to not working at NASA any more than it was adjusted
To life back on earth yeah the transition into a different way of life in different ways. Yeah exactly. You know
You know I used to work with this very large talented group of people still work with talented people, but at SAS much much smaller
Group and we don’t you know I don’t do the technical stuff that has
Serious serious consequences anymore yeah, you mentioned Maz well the prospects
they are whatever we want them to be really I think you know we could go there if if we choose to I
Was asked the question when I was in space about Mars and the reporter asked me now that nASA has found liquid water on Mars
Is that going to help us get it there any sooner?
And I was like I don’t know maybe now if we found money on Mars. I think we could get there really fast
That’s all we need I think we buy that yeah Scott. It’s great to talk to you
Thank you very nice to see you. Thank you. I’m done. Good luck with the book. Thank you very much
It’s a great read. Thank you very much very good Scott Kelly there with his book endurance
I’m very nice to him to come in to talk to us 2 1 BBC News at 5:00. It’s for minister sex
I’ll be here at 10:00 with the latest news and of course we have BBC News at 6:00 coming up in just a few minutes
But let’s join Thomas once again for the weather
Gotta be cold over the next few days. Let me show you something so this is the view from space
Look at these cold ripples. This cold air rippling around the globe and we’re in this sort of dip in the jet stream here
That’s where the cold air is coming from and this is gonna be over us for quite some time for the next few days
So we really are gonna feel a chill in the air as this jet stream drags colder air all the way
From the Arctic region so turning colder for all of us
I think it’s not desperately cold in a far south of the UK just at the moment
But that colder air in the north will be reaching southern counties as well over the next
18 hours or so I’d guess
So let’s start the forecast this evening and let’s have a look at Scotland because here it’s been chilly already look at the temperatures around
a couple of degrees above freezing
7:00 o’clock four degrees there in Belfast
There’s some showers around there some of them will be winter across the hills across many parts of England and Wales
It’s a dry evening where there is a bit of rain on the way this lump of rain down here
That’s going to be sort of skirting along the south coast
During the course of the ceiling so for folks in Plymouth central southern England there possibly into London as well for a time
This evening and overnight there will be some rain, but by the end of the the night that rain is out of the way
So most of us will have a dry start to the day with a lot of frost
I think across Northern England Northern Ireland and Scotland not necessary in the south
Just yet so here’s a look at Friday then and it’s looking pretty
Sunny and crisp for many of us apart from many northern and northwestern areas of the UK here
There’ll be some showers around some of them again wintry across the hills and look at those temperatures
Chilly two degrees there across northern Scotland a little bit warmer still in the south and come the weekend
I think frosty nights for all of us right down to the South Dakota
To chilly wind blowing out of the North or the northwest and there’ll be showers more showers
I think around on Saturday again a lot of them will be around the Northwest here and basically the further east and
South you are the the dry and brighter the weather is going to be and looking look at the temperatures again 5 degrees there in
Yorkshire just that little bit warmer or less cold
I should say in the south
And I think a drier brighter day on the way on
Sunday after 8 frosty start with temperatures getting up to around about 8 degrees in
London at best and only 5 degrees and north and the current indication is that it looks like it’s going to stay
Relatively cold for the foreseeable future, which is at least the next week or so so wrap up warmly. It’s going to turn
Bleak outlook for the economy amid warnings that the UK is facing an unprecedented squeeze on living standards
Feeling the pinch an independent economic think tank says the continuing pressure on wages in Britain is truly astonishing
It looks like we’ve got at least another
Five years to go before we get anywhere near to having earnings back where they were
In 2008 that is wholly unprecedented
certainly the worse since the midnight

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