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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hello I’m Tim Wilcox with BBC World News our top stories the team returns the bodies of the footballers killed in a plane crash in Colombia arrived back in Brazil for a public service Donald Trump angers China by speaking directly to Taiwan’s leader a break with decades of us Chinese diplomacy another huge protest in South Korea calling on the President to resign ahead of an impeachment vote next week [Music] [Music] hello and welcome to BBC World News let’s take you live to tens of thousands of people are protesting in the South Korean capital again against the country’s embattled president it comes as several opposition parties filed an impeachment motion against president Park geun-hye they accuse her of colluding with a close friend who’s now facing embezzlement charges are responsive Evans’s in seoul huge numbers again there Steven this what the sixth week in a row it is it’s almost like a ritual every Saturday now hundreds of thousands certainly you can’t actually emphasize Tim at the numbers exactly I’m on a balcony holding the phone myself I should add overlooking the Main Avenue up to the presidential compound and it’s been a file now people going up to the compound and registering a protest with candles and then coming back for the last three hours certainly so there’s no sign of the thing diminishing at all this is a big week in that at the end of the week the Parliament it moves from the streets to the Parliament and MPs will try to get president Park removed she’s resisting but there will be a motion of impeachment put which may well get the numbers and that would be the first time a sitting president of this country will have been impeached she’s repeatedly apologized hasn’t she but denied any criminal wrongdoing is there another leader emerging who’s leading this call for her to be impeached there’s no son that’s one of the difficulties the opposition of God it’s very hard to know who would succeed her and she says there are difficulties of this country and the difficulties are obvious they are about a hundred miles that way it’s called North Korea and there is a new president coming in the United States who’s thrown doubt on the relationship you say she’s apologized she’s kind of apologized she’s apologized that the Korean people have been so upset and she’s apologized for trusting the people around her too much her her failing in her own eyes is too much trust in her friend her long-standing friend and the people who advised her she’s not actually admitted any criminal offense herself Oh see that insert in Seoul thank you very much indeed

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