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[Music] welcome to insane throttle biker angle don’t forget that subscribe button if you new to that channel and like the video you can watch biker angle Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m. and get your daily dose on what’s happening in the biker scene if you like the content please consider contributing to the show the ways you can contribute to the show are in the description box and right now we have a big alert in Springfield bikers say a car has been intentionally running them off the road this in Springfield Missouri and the article goes on to say bikers in Springfield have been reporting a go car that has been seen running motorcycles off the road multiple times the most recent report was this past Friday night on Kearny John Pearson says that on Friday night around 10:30 he and another rider were driving westbound on Kearny almost to the Kansas expressway when a gold Chevy Impala clipped John’s back tire and set him flying and John goes to say it came over and clipped me just over the center line spun me out I went over the handlebars and slid about 200 feet down the road luckily he was wearing a helmet and protective clothing so he only suffered minor injuries witnesses say the car is a 2000s model gold chevy impala and when johnson posted about the crash other bikers began commenting this has been an ongoing thing with this car throughout the biker community we have all talked about it shared it he destroyed my bike he has run several other bikes off the road and he does it in spots where he can take off again this according to Pearson you got to get the word out on this one I’ve heard from my facebook over there has been over 12 bikes ran off the road holy cow I couldn’t believe it I just skipped it clipped anything with this exact same description of the car said Stephan Pearson now this is John’s son it needs to come to a stop they are father’s they are grandpa’s it is attempted murder and he is damn right I cannot believe this but Springfield Police and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office say they have not had any reports called in which I find that hard to believe we all should be filing police reports but in my experience it has never done any good Pearson explained stuff like this happens to the biker all the time and nobody really cares you got that right man Jean is hoping that somebody will know where to find the person responsible for these crashes he goes on to say hopefully they can get a tag number and Springfield PD will get involved and do something without a good tag number and a good description it’s pretty as much a stalemate John explained so people you need to get involved if you see this car let somebody know and you’re right John before it’s too late people do need to get involved and he goes on to say I was thinking about getting a bike and start riding soon now actually this is the Sun but I don’t want to until this gets done stuff and said if it does if he doesn’t get caught somebody is going to end up dying John he’s correct on net you know getting ran off and getting oh yeah that’s gonna hurt somebody if you are a motorcyclist that has had a run-in with this gold chevy impala springfield police ask that you file a police report about what happened so they can get the details and hopefully find out who is doing this again people if you’re in that area you see this car get involved Plainville Central Cafe has been ordered to close indefinitely if the police say a fight broke out between two biker gangs yeah there’s the word resulted in motorcyclists fleeing the scene in an unsafe manner Plainville police chief Matthew Catina reported that two similar accidents incidents I’m sorry have a curve at the bar recently and stated that quote it is not likely that we have seen the last of this type of behavior at this location end quote and now this according to a letter to restaurant permittee Shirley Popolo from consumer protection commissioner Michele Siegel goes on quote based upon the foregoing DCP finds that public health safety and welfare we requires emergency action and orders your cafe liquor permit suspended immediately and premises closed Segal wrote in the letter Pam hello did not immediately respond to email requests for comment pretty bad they go after dog bar owner the incident cattle dog Katina referred to occurred on May 16th 2019 when police responded to a fight at Central Cafe 54 West Main Street the letter says up to 20 motorcyclists were observed fleeing the premises at high of speed and driving over lawns driving down the wrong side of the road and driving around other vehicles in an unsafe manner all while disobey an officer’s signal whose police noted that some of the individuals were seen wearing leather jackets and vests indicating membership in the dueling motorcycle groups GaN Diablos and The Outlaws so they take her permit away because all that went down so we’re seeing why no color signs are going up but I won’t even hit that subject today next Canadian law enforcement and public safety partners launched anti outlaw motorcycle gang campaign Ottawa May 21st 2019 cnw starting today and continuing over the ride season police and public safety partners are taken to social media to remind Canadians that outlaw motorcycle clubs remain a criminal threat to our communities while the vast majority of motorcycle riders are law-abiding citizens extensive criminal networks within the outlaw biker community continue to profit from illicit activities like drug trafficking fraud counterfeiting money laundering contraband smuggling extortion violence and illegal gaming basically what your local friendly cops do to anyway outlaw motorcycle clubs often take part in legitimate charitable events and other public relations efforts to portray themselves as good nature free spirits [Laughter] popular television shows and recent years have unfortunately glamma ties the gangster lifestyle and likely helped organized crime groups attract recruits and supporters I doubt that – very very very very much anyway under the auspicious of CI ROC the Canadian integrated response to organized crime participate in agencies will feature anti-gang messages across a variety of social media platforms and point two sources of more information online they’re taken at the Simone show Media Group oh here we go we encourage social media followers to share the messages and information in order to help educate the public about outlaw motorcycle clubs and raise awareness of their negative impacts it goes on to say you want to know what CI ROC means it coordinates a national effort to disrupt organized crime through information sharing between law enforcement agencies its partners include municipal and provisional police agencies Royal Canadian Mounted Police you know those guys that are all and read all the time and got the big ol that guy’s criminal intelligence service Canada Canadian border service agencies yeah thanks you guys I can’t even get into Canada that sucks financial transactions and report analysts centre of Canada and other federal government departments hmm now there’s some very interesting quotes that they put out here some of them how long motorcycle gangs have extensive illicit distribution networks that consist of their chapters and support clubs it is believed these networks connect to over a half of all organized crime groups in Canada criminal intelligence service Canada director-general Chief Superintendent Rob Jill Christ’s Menace at a big-name man he quoted that was one of his another one I want motorcycle gangs suppose a major threat across our country Canadian law enforcement stands United in investigating charging and convicting these criminals who threaten Public Safety’s this from Ontario prohibition ‘el Police Deputy Commissioner and CI ROC co-chair Rick Barnum let’s get another one in here one of the most serious threats that can of faces is a transnational organized crime these groups commit all crimes using new technologies and often have links overseas we need domestic and international partners to work together to combat this our CMP federal policing Department deputy commissioner and CI ROC co-chair gilles matured nice last name there buddy and we go on law enforcement in Canada is committed in working together to put an end to criminal gangs and organized crime yeah I can’t even pronounce your name dude a Quebec assistant director Criminal Investigations Beloit Dubai and this source of this article was Royal Canadian Mounted Police yeah do they got the propaganda go and thick last story of today we got Michigan launches a campaign to reduce the number of motorcyclist killed by drivers it’s about time and I know a mate of Michigan was working on this Grand Rapids Michigan in each of the past four years more than 130 people have died in motorcycle crashes in Michigan state officials hope the reduced a number of bikers killed by reminding drivers they share the roadway with motorcyclists well we all have a responsibility to ensure our roads are safe and whether you drive a motorcycle or not we have responsibility to ensure safety of all our motorcyclists bravo Bravo Michigan’s Secretary of State John Benson on Tuesday May 21st and to Gerald our report Presidential Museum and Grand Rapids Medicine unveiled her office’s motorcycle awareness hat campaign titled motorcyclists are not to say look twice save a life rather than turning bikers the campaign focuses on drivers and tips they can use to avoid crashes with motorcyclists yeah get off your phone such as look at twice before turning an ad in a net intersection it’s much more than a slogan it’s aged safe driving practice that must become some second nature for all of our drivers here in Michigan she said according to Benson about 50% of all motorcycle crashes involved another vehicle and almost all of those crashes occur on streets not highways most crashes occur when the driver of a car is attempting to turn left the state has other separate campaigns targeting bikers such as right sober and the shadow rider project which aims to get more bikers state certified in their basic writing skills good programs there’s good programs the campaign kicked off this past Tuesday and will feature motorcycle awareness ads on radio social media buses televisions the monitors at the gas stations and billboards on high-risk roadways throughout the summer all Secretary of State’s offices will have campaign literature and advertising the campaign extends into drivers education classes which is a awesome right there where motorcycle awareness is being included into the course for new drivers Espenson said this has to happen nationwide that is cool stuff right there the campaign is entirely funded through the motorcycle safety and education fund lawmakers created the fund in 2017 and they created it to increase the and the legislators increase the cost to obtain a motorcycle endorsement by 250 and renewals by to earmark in those revenues to finance the fund it raises about three hundred thousand dollars annually state official says with the creation of the fun a la mandated the Secretary of State to launch a look twice save a lot in life campaign with those dollars that is freaking awesome guys are killing it in Michigan Michael all linger a member of Americans bikers aimed toward education of Michigan said his group spearheaded the 2017 legislation and that he is happy that the state is taken on the mantle of breaching biker awareness rock on awesome stuff right there awesome stuff but with that I’ll see you guys tomorrow Monday through Friday at 7:00 a.m. your local biker news [Music] [Music] [Music]

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