Blue Planet II : The Prequel

Blue Planet II : The Prequel

The Ocean … the largest habitat on Earth. A generation ago, the series ‘The Blue Planet’
took us beneath the waves. but now we know so much more Take a deep breath New science… and new technology…. allow
us to voyage further … and deeper … than ever before. From the restless shores of our coastline… where dolphins spit to trick their prey To enchanted undersea forests… where fairy-tale creatures dwell. Across vibrant coral cities… bustling with ingenious inhabitants To the vastness of the big blue… home to fearless ocean wanderers And down into uncharted depths, where some
of Earth’s best kept secrets hide… …newly-discovered dancing yeti crabs and landscapes never seen before. Coming soon… …untold stories from magical worlds This is Blue Planet II

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100 thoughts on “Blue Planet II : The Prequel

  1. Asdds i watched this video…blue planet…im already 50…i havent seen all the beauty of my mother planet..the vast oceans..vast mountains…world wide forest…i realize that i was really living in an Amazing planet…planet that we called EARTH…

  2. ✨🌎“The Earth Is A Beautiful
    Blue – Planet, & The Oceans“!!!!
    „Very Beautiful – Video, & ✨
    🐬So Beautiful These✨🐋
    ✨“B E A U T I F U L“✨❤️✨!!
    „Thank – You“✨😉✨🍃🌹!!!

  3. How Mighty is our God and how beautiful everything He makes! Thank You Father for creating such an astonishing beautiful planet for us; thank you for every species, plant, water body and stone. Thank for every tiny detail that exists in our planet making it right and unique. We humans don't appreciate it as we should, I'm sorry for it. Please forgive us and teach us to love our home and appreciate every leaf you created. In Jesus' name. Amen

  4. A new earth and a new heaven to come! The second will be better than the first. God thank you for the blessing of the earth!

  5. When I first watched this I was amazed on the footage, music and David Attenborough! I am still watching clips of this two years later. I absolutely love the effort that was put into making this series. The BBC makes the best nature programs no doubt.

  6. Can anyone tell me anything about the anemone at 4:08? My student keeps asking me what it's called and really wants to learn more about it, but I can't figure out what kind of anemone it is!

  7. this is beautiful but people don't understand how important it is to keep these creatures alive. We must protect all animals from plastic and make sure that they stay away from plastic and hope they survive.
    this is gorgeous and i would love to experience this and in the jungles as well.

  8. how and why are we letting the rich destroy this unbelievable jewel of our corner of the universe?? Why are we not just raging at the machine!!

  9. Amazing photography, horrible singer & song. Please tell me they don't constantly play that song through the whole series…

  10. Yorumun bu kadarına şapka çıkartılır , ve tabî izleyenlere de.Türkçe yorum olmamasına üzüldüm ilki benden gelsin.Muhteşemm !!!❤

  11. Haalf the humansit's time we stop being murders And save all the animals without extinction coming
    Like what happen to the other animals that are now extinct

  12. Radiohead + Hans Zimmer.
    And of course, enchanting images with David Attenborough‘s timeless voice.

    A trailer for the ages.

  13. HANS ZIMMER brought me here….! The trailer is Amazing.. Great jobs to all those guys who made this video for us to enjoy and aware so many things that we have missed… 🙂

  14. Earth Question’s:

    When asking Earth, I usually talk out loud,
    and see where the response might come from. Sometime’s it might come from the
    air, through my mind, or vibration’s through my body. She usually like’s to
    talk through section’s of the body, and will direct you where to listen next.Here are some of the answer’s I got when
    questioning Earth:

    What are some of the human/Earth relative
    relationship’s that you have found difficult in conquering as a challenge?
    Yes, the difference between light and dark
    when their properties are settled.

    What’s your opinion on Religion and God?
    God is not available these day’s. Don’t
    believe in anything because it equals nothing. There is no afterlife.

    What do you think about the Pleiadian’s?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pleiadian’s are a beautifully interwoven race
    that feel like dying because they are old. They are destructive these day’s so
    don’t adhere to them.

    What’s your favorite move, change, knowing,
    that you know that may be different then other’s way?
    Yes. The way she moves Angelically.

    What’s the biggest secret or knowing that you
    may know, that hold’s longevity in life?
    Listening, hibernating.

    What’s one thing that human being’s can need
    or use as this moment, that would/will benefit their lives?
    Quickening of mind

    What we can do to help:

    Earth: Don’t associate with Annunaki. Say to yourself, “unload everything I
    am”, and affirm out loud “infinately, unload Earth”, “and go away Annunaki”, if
    you wan’t to assist. Thank’s.
    Earth is a sentient being, that is well
    experienced in living. Get to know Earth, while you are here, as she is your
    best teacher. Please respect and love her, as she deserves the best.

  15. Do they see nothing in the government of the heavens and the earth and all that Allah hath created? (Do they not see) that it may well be that their terms is nigh drawing to an end? In what message after this will they then believe?

    alquran , surat al'aeraf alayat 185


  16. My dad always said earth isn’t earth without the sea and I always thought It was a stupid saying but now that he’s gone I know what it means

    Like if u agree

  17. Why we put trillion dollars seeking for another life if our planet's life is threatened ? Earth is the only blue planet we can live…. No where we can life except in this remarkably beautiful blue planet…

  18. Shud i add something here?
    In 5min we almost have seen all the species that belong to Blue Ocean,
    Thats called Creations, …….easy right?
    How about the one who is continuously creating all these unique creatures, & its beyond our apprehensions,…..Simple,
    There is a creator God Almighty,
    If we keep wasting time into finding his creations then surely, We will have less time to, find the Creator, The one & Only purpose of life is , to worship God, by praising his greatness & praying to him only👍

  19. When i saw this video i started to think "why human exist and destroy the most bautiful planet" we live here, that means we must take care of it, not destroy it

  20. I love the way they filmed this Video and the Music is awesome and the Narrator Sir David Attenborough did a great job.

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