Bob Losure – Veteran CNN Headline News Anchor

Bob Losure – Veteran CNN Headline News Anchor

oh I got an inspired group out here well
good morning to everyone throughout the United States and Canada and welcome to
the 2014 refresh leadership live simulcast refresh leadership is coming
to you from the beautiful city of Thousand Oaks California well let’s go we have got thank you I got everybody
fired or no they fired themselves up out there I think we’ve got a great program
for all of you today the lineup of speakers is literally fantastic Whole
Foods Co CEO John Mackey the incomparable broadcaster dick fight al
an author and humorous Christine Cashen let me ask you a few questions are you
tired of whiners we have an affirmative on that are you the whiner occasionally
well do you wish you had more time and energy yes could you stand to have a few
new ideas for having less stress and more fun in your life well now if you
answered yes to any of those questions you’re in the right place if you did not
answer yes to any of those questions you may be in serious denial over the past
18 years our speaker is presented throughout the US Canada South Africa
and Australia she is a certified speaking professional which is an earned
designation held by fewer than 7% of the speakers on the planet it’s not six
that’s not eight that’s seven percent keep that in mind in her past life she
has worked as a university admissions officer a corporate trainer and a radio
personality now she’s a professional runner she runs her own business runs
two speaking engagements and runs around the house after her husband her 8 year
old daughter her 10 year old son and her chocolate lab / chewing machine
Murphy her book the good stuff was named motivational book of the Year by the
next generation indie book awards our presenter may look familiar to you you
may have seen her in fact on The Ellen Show she was in the fifth row of the
audience on the left hand side so to help us stop global wining I hope you’ll
join me in welcoming from Dallas Texas speaker author and average golfer
christine cash welcome back are you ready for more well I’m very
happy to say I have had the pleasure of hearing our next presenters speak before
and you talk about energy you talk about enthusiasm this man has got it going on
you know him from over two decades of calling the shots make that three
decades on ABC and ESPN take a look at this
Thank You partner I know you’re thinking of Lacey right now you’ll think of her
tonight your bet I’m gonna have you hold that you know how to hold one of these
things I know that yes and you deserve it dick my towel
ladies and gentlemen as dick would say in his furred a cuter that was awesome
baby and I know least you’ll be thinking of us in heaven and just know we
appreciate that story we’ve got one more treat for this audience by the way we’re
gonna kind of turn it around to the old mood of we’re gonna do something good
with dick right here he signed this basketball and we’re going to give it
away right now to one of you one lucky refreshed leadership simulcast attendee
so here’s how this works we’ve assigned a number to every person
who registered I have all the numbers right here on funk and Wagnalls poured
since noon today right here in this little binder the winner could be anyone
in this room right now or anyone watching out there on the simulcast so
let’s get the number generator going here dick we’ll take a look up here with
me and we’ll see what kind of number it comes up with I think we’re gonna look
at that screen over there dick yeah 51 84 that in your number is a dick okay
cuz you’ve probably got a few of those basketballs I’ve got thousands of names
here let me see what I got well I’m up to 4900 see if you can turn
to 51 84 with that Hey I can read you can turn we’re there
51 84 I think it’s one more yeah all these pages are kind of together we’ll
make a note of that for next year you know it is you got it really it read out
that name is Barbara big dog well Barbara may actually be in our simulcast
audience out there so that’s the good thing barber you the winner yes and he’s
gonna win Barbara he’s gonna there we go ladies and gentlemen turtle turtle man huh what do you think
is that a demonstration or what Barbara incidentally is Buckeye fire equipment
company in Charlotte North Carolina today watching us on the simulcast
actually she’ll be watching tomorrow and we want to make sure that she knows that
we’re thinking about her dicks gonna hand-deliver this backstage already
autograph congratulations to our winner and please yeah thank you dick yeah hang
on right here I’m gonna get you off stage in good shape here you can’t just
run off stage please be sure to check with your Express office to confirm your
delivery address and once again ladies and gentlemen let’s give a really big
hand to this man right here dick my towel you

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