Boris Johnson: supreme court ruling has made getting Brexit deal harder

I have to say, I strongly disagree
with what the justices have found.
I don’t think that it’s right
but we will go ahead and,
of course, parliament will come back.
I do think there’s a good case
for getting on with a queen’s speech
anyway and we’ll do that.
But I think the most important thing
is we get on and deliver Brexit on 31 October.
Clearly, the claimants in this case
are determined to try to frustrate that
and to stop that.
I think it would be very unfortunate
if parliament made that objective,
which the people want delivered,
more difficult.
But we’ll get on.
There are a lot of people who basically
want to stop this country
coming out of the EU and we have
a parliament that is unable to
be prorogued, is unable to …
Doesn’t want to have an election.
And I think it’s time we took
things forward.
As the law currently stands,
the UK leaves the EU on 31 October,
come what may, but the interesting thing,
or the exciting thing for us now
is to get a good deal
and that’s what we’re working on.
Look, I’ll be honest with you, John,
it’s not made much easier
by this kind of stuff in parliament
or in the courts.
– You say as the law stands we
leave on 31 October.
– That’s not true, is it?
– As the law stands we cannot leave
with no deal on 31 October
– without the permission
of parliament.
As the law stands we leave on 31 October
and I’m very hopeful that we will get a deal.

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