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finance news breaking news the US dollar
shrugs off a Treasury announcement just
recently deferring currency intervention
Steve minuchin who’s the Treasury of
Secretary recently announced that there
are no plans to intervene on the United
States dollars also President Donald
Trump has made it very clear that he has
distaste for stronger greenbacks and
despite the trade Wars predictions by
the Fed and other economic predictions
u.s. dollars actually outperforming its
counterparts and doing well despite the
trade wars and everything else going on
this is interesting as the Great Britain
the gdp-bound is going down due to
problems of brexit and other problems
that may need to old No Deal brexit
scenario as of now the Treasury
secretary Steve minuchin is looking into
and a hundred year bonds and 30-year
bond climb a yield so this remains to be
seen will direct currency intervention
help the world’s most liquid currency or
will it harm this is your breaking news
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