News Now Stream 4/10/2019 (FNN)

nowe got two more hours of nonstop news coverage from around the country. And right now looks like the president is going to greet some of those a supportershat ited a aot a lon timehis morning as they normally do when ey wt f the predentnd their he’sn Antonio for just a little bit. That […]

KSI is Cancelled 📰 PEW NEWS📰

EVERYONE DID AN OOPSIEGood evening everyone I’mMARY HAM*intro plays*Ham NewsMy name is Mary Ham and I like hamOur first story comes from Gloria BorgerGloria Borger has passed awayNow I’m not supposed to give my opinionbut this is so sadPoppy Gloria was found deadin her apartmentWe don’t know yet who’s responsiblebut we do know that I […]

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