CATV47 (K47MU-D) Cheyenne and Arapaho Television

CATV47 (K47MU-D) Cheyenne and Arapaho Television

♪[ MUSIC ]♪ Announcer: “All right. Friday
night contest … Junior Categpry 7 to 12. There will be a
contest in cloth.” “We’re at the Barefoot Powwow.” My name is Morning Star
Hoffman. I am 15. I am Cheyenne and Arapaho
and I dance Teen’s Jingle. [Gourd dancing in progress] Morning Star: “I like to go to
powwows, so I can dance for the people,
have fun and enjoy myself.” Announcer: “Come on, it’s your
song … come and dance with us.” Cheyenne Tiny Tot
Princess: “You dance.” Darren Brown: Like how? Cheyenne Tiny Tot Princess:
“Like this.” Joe Bointy: “This year, Dwight
White Buffalo, the Barefoot Powwow Chairman,
asked me to be the head dancer for this year’s powwow. He and I have been friends,
oh, for 20-plus, maybe going on 30 years. He calls me his brother. And he is my little brother and
I’m his older brother. So, when he asked me
to do this favor, I gladly accepted it.” ♪[ MUSIC ]♪ Joe Bointi: “War dancing is hard
work, by the way. It’s almost, ahh, I kind of
look at it like athletics. You know, you kind of have to
be in shape to War Dance. It’s always fun.” Joe Bointi:”My grandpa, Woogie,
Woogie Watchetaker, in my opinion is probably the
greatest Fancy Dancer ever.” And he said, “Grandson, just get
out there and participate. You don’t have to look anything
special or anything.” He said, “The main thing is
just get out there and dance, take part and enjoy youself.” Joe Bointi: “You know. So, I
always think about that.” ♪ [ MUSIC ] ♪

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