China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

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100 thoughts on “China, Russia and Iran begin joint naval drills amid tensions with the US

  1. China is the greatest threat , they’ve been busy for the last 20 years building their economy and military while gaining influence around the world to replace the US position as a leader

  2. USA conducts drills. Nobody is worried, war starts soon-after. Russia, China and Iran (Surrounded by NATO, USA and warmongers) conducts drill to defend itself, the world is about to end

  3. I could only imagine the world without the government's that have betrayed the people of our Nations and it's a constant threat every day another threat threats everyday all built up by government c******* motherfukers

  4. The Daniel prophecy..
    America is no longer a super power and they are showing you that you are not sad but true😞
    I recently had a dream that New York was attacked👁
    Hummmm wondering🤔

  5. Lol Trump begging the SAA & RU not to finish off their Jihadist proxies in Idlib. US is losing ground in Syria, trying to sell the rest of stolen oil to Turkey.

  6. Russians Love everything American its Democrat stupidity and greed that has created the rivalry with RUSSIA. Russia can easily be made into a great ally, ensuring decades of dominance over Iran and China . We have allot incommond with Russia unlike IRAN or CHINA where we are 98% incompatible. Pushing Russia into the Arms of our enemies is remarkably stupid . Only a Democrat would be so ignorant

  7. I dony think u r worried about human right and lives of people, because your government made Isis and suported them give them money in syria

  8. Meanwhile nobody even the conservative Outlets are talking about the gun grab in Virginia and the governor threatening to use the UN against our own people if they do not comply and all of you are distracted by impeachment s***

  9. Dont forget that north of sirya is sirya.not turkey of us.
    Assad is the president of sirya and russia is been asked from sirian people to intervine not from daesh

  10. Persians are pretty smart. Iran is a sophisticated country with highly smart people and a big military.

    Their history speak for itself. Stop underestimating them you ridiculous fol, they aren't even bad in my view.

  11. Had Hillary won in 2016 the U.S would have had three years of war our economy would have been destroyed and America would have been in shambles. At lest with Trump we have the best economy in 50+ years the strongest military in history and more people working than ever! Democrats aka Demon Rats can eat cake..

  12. Trump and Patriots will make the world great again,why do you think he just put all that money in the military?trust the plan! Trump2020!!!

  13. Wait too long, and the US will be able to do nothing in that part of the world… should have done something long ago, but thanks to Obozo, we did not.

  14. And the US with its allies will invariably do the same.
    But,thanks to Trump-the appearance of Iran is unprecedented.

  15. Trump doesn't care if he gets people here in the US killed, he has a bunker to hide in to stay alive! Hopefully some foreign power will take out Trump before he gets all of us killed! He is too unstable to be president of the United States!

  16. Iran ain't got any navy, even Chinese have only one fleet bought from Ukraine and repaired and still isn't near any 🇺🇸 navy ships functionally.

  17. Why are the USA so worried as they are the ones who think they are superior than RUSSIA and
    CHINA when in fact it’s the USA That’s the evil in this world so deal with that
    I don’t know why all of you are so surprise!!

  18. All the corruption peoples of this country invaded or world police to other countries around the world for their own wealth or power and now this generation and next-generation peoples of this country will have to pay for it! The sad things are that those corruption peoples are protected by their own parties peoples from both sides cuz parties is more important to them than the country!

  19. Imagine the US going to war with Russia and China, what a disaster that would be. Russia alone has better weapons than the rest of the world currently, combined with china would be a hell of a story. At this time the best thing to do is get someone like Donald Trump and forge a better relationship with Russia but democrats won't like that idea. They just want war with Russia so why not give them one. Probably its time to go to war with Russia and China so the Democrats will be happy. Either way God wants trump to make peace

  20. How is turkey working hard to stop the carnage while they are the same people targeting Idlib. Who is the united states protecting in Syria, are we protecting terrorists or fighting against terrorists. You guys are confusing us daily. Seems to me like there is no clear strategy in Syria and we don't even know who the real enemies are. Is that ISIS, SDF or what?

  21. Go Iran, Russia, China. Thank you Puti… err I mean Trump for helping make them great again. The slow downfall of the west is great to behold.

  22. Why are Republicans okay with trump violating the law? Trump violated the law atleast twice regarding the Aid to Ukraine.

    1st in not notifying congress of the hold which he is required to do. He didnt leading to one of the main reasons for the investigations by the house.

    2nd even if he had notified congress he further broke the law by witholding the aid for 53 days. The act allows for the president to withhold funds approved by congress for only 45 days before the funds MUST be released unless the president can get legislation passed to recall the funds. But that would require notifying congress of the hold to begin with.

  23. If your thinking the majority of America is gonna drink orange bs koolaid your highly mistaken… Lets talk about crooks.. Which trump is gonna run on… Who's more of a f**kin dirtbag right him and his family or joe Biden and his… Ok lets look a little closer…

    Hunter biden 93k a month 3 mill a year for a job his daddy got him because his daddy was VP.. Bottomline..

    Ivonka trump put in charge of 100 million dollars the saudis gave her for her "womens project" last charity fund she was apart of was found to be a f**kin fraud a
    "family piggy bank" where is that money espeically after Pensacola???? and why was she put in charge of it she has no qualifications..

    kushner who has gotten at least 50 million dollars if not more in foreign loans since his father n law has been President… "My wifes father runs america goes a long way when asking for f**kin money"

    Ivonka Jerrod 150 million at least in question compared to hunter bidens 3 mill..

    Trump is gonna run on who's more of a slimeball he's gonna lose 10 times out of f**kin 10

  24. What do they not understand? The United States IS NOT Crimea, or Hong Hong we will not Idly stand by while impoverished nations attempt to threaten our sovereignty. We fear none! We have the greatest military on planet earth.

  25. If I were the president I would send 3 Carriers to the region to break their stones for them. And also show our true naval power!!!

  26. I know this is just the media making it worse than what it is but at the same time we could annihilate them ez… just sayin

  27. The Christians need to move over there while this is going on.. teach them American delusion and fantasy.. see if it sticks over there..?

  28. How dare Russia, China and Iran do war games! That's SO aggressive!!! Only US and her allies are allowed to do war games, cuz it's for peaceful purposes. ONLY USA!!!! MERICA!!!

  29. pure sensationalism we dont need or want this. The neocons and dems want this to crack off.

    They didnt anticipate TRUMP … a reason why those from the disloyal crowd, globalist banking cartel crowd, etc are trying hard via the media

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