China’s Plan, Lego Partners and a 1980’s Discovery – World News With Cats – Ep. 8

Welcome to World News With Cats, I’m Tim—
Woah mate, I told you! I can’t use names tonight
I need to erase all traces of…
Are we… are we recording? Are we live?
Oh mate! Why can’t…?
I mean, um… good!
My name is… er, Samurai
That’s not plausible, wait…
My name is… uh, Goku
Damn it!
China’s one child policy has been broken so often
that the country is compensating
with a one President policy
Current leader and creator of the new policy, Xi Jing Ping, has stated he
that he will fight overpopulation
by remaining in power until the end of time
Hey, what’s this cassette tape? Is this you?
What? Me? Why would I…? No!
Why would you even get that from the bin?
Today marks the release of the “Closing The Gap” report
which explores ways to help European Australians keep up with Asians
The report recommends eliminating
drama class
Phys Ed.
and trying to be friends with your kids
Join a Meet Up Group
Is this your headband?
Oh, come on!
Stop going in there!
Television audiences have been wowed by TV show, “Married at First Sight”
or as it’s known in India
And now a word from our sponsor
Human Product Intro
Can’t afford a real relationship?
Why not try
Hey, are you going to eat all those?
Let me
Do you love me?
I kind of feel like
We should really take things to the next level in our relationship
What do you think?
Oh baby…
I’m a Sassy Cat
I believe all the races
are equal
Good God!

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