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– I’m gonna give this
guy a hug real quick.
– Hey buddy.
– What’s up buddy?
– This is your life,
Chris Pratt, welcome back.
– [Chris] Yeah, I feel…
– [Josh] Is this bizarre? (chuckling)
– We’re sitting here?
Is this what we’re doing?
– This it it, this is it.
– Let’s go baby, let’s go.
– [Chris] Man, I used to work here, bro.
– [Josh] I know.
– Drink paddle.
Surfside Coronarita?
Have you had one of those?
– They didn’t serve Coronaritas when I was
at my Bubba.
– [Josh] They’ve upgraded.
– [Chris] Yeah.
– Welcome back to Bubba Gump.
– Thank you.
– [Josh] It’s good to see you, buddy.
– It’s so good to be back.
It’s good to see you too.
– Okay, the reason we’re here
aside from the fact that,
why not be at Bubba Gump?
– It’s the greatest American restaurant.
In the world.
– About 20 years ago,
almost exactly I feel like–
– Yeah, 20.
– You were discovered.
– Yes.
– In a Bubba Gump.
Which is not the typical
Hollywood success story.
You might be the only one. (chuckling)
– The only one discovered at a Bubba Gump?
– Maybe.
– That I know of, yeah.
Yeah, it was about 20 years ago,
which is coming on half of my life,
and I was like 19,
living in Maui,
literally living in a van,
and was waiting tables at Bubba
Gump maybe 20 hours a week,
enough to basically get my insurance,
and I didn’t have much overhead,
’cause I lived in a car. (chuckling)
– Right.
(speakers talking over each other)
And we’re just chillin’
as a teenager on the beach
and waited on a director
who gave me a start.
– Yeah.
– That’s, the rest is history.
– So you were happy.
I mean, you were living
kind of an odd kind of life.
– For sure.
– But you were young, it was–
– It was great.
– Maui.
I mean, what’s to complain about?
– It was amazing.
Literally the only thing
that could’ve taken me away
is if someone plucked me out
of the restaurant and said,
“Listen, you have to go to Hollywood.
“We got you a movie.”
– Right. (chuckling)
– That was the only thing.
It wasn’t gonna be anything else.
– I’ve already had six
pineapple margaritas.
What was your go-to drink here?
(exhaling audibly)
– Wow.
Well, I was 19.
– Oh, obviously so…
– At the time, so I didn’t even know that,
what alcohol was.
– Of course, I’m sorry.
– But should I had to have
made a choice at that point
it would have been the Delta Sunset.
– Got it.
And what’s in that?
– All sugar.
It’s 4000 grams of sugar.
And some tequila.
But what’s great is, you
serve it in the shaker glass.
– [Josh] Right.
That’s the (speakers
talking over each other).
– Right now they serve
the Surfside Coronarita.
And the Surfside Coronarita is essentially
the shaker drink cup with a Corona holder,
so you pour the margarita,
you dump a Corona in the top,
and the more you drink
out of the margarita,
the more the Corona get, drips in.
– I mean–
– It’s pretty sick.
– The team of scientists
that came up with that one.
– It’s true.
And it’s brilliant,
because after you leave the
fine dining establishment,
you walk through the merch shop,
you buy yourself a couple
Coronarita shake mixer cups
to take home, to be like,
“I was in Times Square,”
or, “I was in Maui, and I
took this home with me.”
And then you take it to your friends
and make them all jealous.
– I feel like you’re angling for a job.
You know you’re gainfully employed.
You don’t need to go back to Bubba Gump.
– I don’t know that
I’m gainfully employed.
I might never work again.
And if that’s the case,
I have a, thankfully,
a set of skills that would
allow me to be, step right in.
– [Josh] A man of a thousand talents.
– I was the Gumper of the year.
– I’ve heard this.
– Yeah.
I was like the cardboard
cutout Gumper character.
You wanted me.
But you wanna hear the funniest thing?
This is actually the funniest thing.
– Yeah.
– My (laughing) I don’t think
I’ve ever told anyone this.
My name, Christopher, I
wrote Christopher on my pin,
and the pher got rubbed off,
and so it said Christo, right?
So everyone at Bubba
Gump called me Christo.
Christo, Christo, Christo.
In fact, Josh, when I
was going to Hollywood,
there was a moment where I contemplated
going by just Christo.
– Wait, wait.
No last name, no Pratt?
– Yeah.
It’s so good.
– You’re such an idiot,
why didn’t you do that?
– I could have.
I blew it.
(exhales audibly)
My hair wasn’t flowy enough.
– Oh, I love it.
– Wouldn’t that have been sweet?
It would have been a different life.
You may know me from Celebrity Rehab.
– No.
So, okay, looking back, past Bubba Gump,
it seems like you’ve had
three kind of huge breaks,
to my eyes, in your life.
I mean, beyond even the Bubba Gump moment.
Parks and Rec, “Moneyball,” Guardians.
Which of those felt the
most kind of life altering
in the moment or in the months afterwards?
– Honestly, the most life
altering was “Everwood.”
– Okay, getting a series regular role.
– Because that’s when I
stopped being a waiter.
Because when I moved from Bubba
Gump’s into Beverly Hills,
I got paid $700 for that movie,
so it’s not like I was on the easy street.
– Right.
– Actually, the big game
changer was a movie called
“The Extreme Team,” which no one ever saw.
Shot in New Zealand.
It was a movie of the week for USA
back when they used to fund these like
15 million dollar budget
movies for movies of the week,
for TV movies, and I shot
it, and no one ever saw it,
it might have got shown in
like Australia or something,
but that paid me–
– Christo was huge in Australia
when that one came out.
– Yeah, Christo went, he went
straight to the top, mate.
Christo, they love Christo down there.
(speakers talking over each other)
I looked Australian.
In fact, I looked exactly
like Heath Ledger.
I remember looking at the billboards
I think from “Knight’s
Tale” and being like,
“Oh, well f*ck.”
“They already got one of me.”
– [Josh] He beat me to it.
– [Chris] He’s got my whole,
and he’s super good at acting.
I don’t even have that part yet.
So that was the game
changer, and then I came back
and I was just about out of money,
and I booked “Everwood,” and that,
that was four seasons of TV money,
like I was able to
buy a house, buy my mom a house,
like it changed my life and became,
I had a career at that point.
– And then jumping, way ahead I know.
– Way ahead, yeah.
– But like to–
– But of those three,
Parks, and “Moneyball,” and–
– And Guardians.
Well, I guess my question
is, for Guardians,
and we’ve talked about
this a little bit before,
but like Guardians clearly
is another kind of a leap.
Would you have been happy kind
of being the “lovable schlub”
for another ten years in your career?
– Completely, yeah.
– Yeah?
– Yeah, for sure.
Truly, the bar for me was set as,
do I have to go back to waiting tables.
– Right.
– If I don’t, then I was gonna be fine.
And like, the lovable schlub character,
it’s a working job in LA.
That’s like a hard thing to come by,
and I thought for a while
that that would be my niche,
I thought there’s no one
else really doing this,
all the vanity is taken out of it.
I kind of hope that there’s
a possibility that could be
the next step after these action roles,
is just kind of settling
into a real character
and doing some actual real comedy,
outside of voice stuff.
Who knows what that, what
the next one looks like,
but I think I’d have been happy.
I’d have been happy doin’ anything
as long as I wasn’t waiting tables.
– Prior to getting Star-Lord,
did any of the auditions
that didn’t pan out
really sting you?
The “Star Trek,” the “Avatar.”
Did any of those really
kind of stick with you?
– I think the one that stuck
with me the most was “Avatar.”
I think it was “Avatar.”
Yeah, it was “Avatar.”
It was either “Avatar” or “Star Trek.”
It was in this, I think
they cast in the same spot.
I remember in the description it was like,
this character has it.
We can’t put our finger on it,
but it’s the it factor.
And when I walked into that room,
I didn’t feel like I had that at all,
and neither did they.
I mean, they walked in, I
was like, “Hi, I’m Chris.”
They’re like, “Okay, hey.”
And they just like, the
cameras were rolling.
They never looked at me.
The camera saw me,
and I’m sure they probably
never gave that tape to anybody.
That stung a little bit.
– [Josh] Right, yeah.
We can laugh about those moments now,
because here we are with
your 16 different ginormous
franchises, including Lego.
– I played a game of Mafia with JJ Abrams
and I killed him first.
And he asked me why.
I told him.
– Now you know.
– Now you know.
– I auditioned for “Star Trek.”
You didn’t even give me a callback.
– Christo sends his regards.
– Christo sends (laughing).
Oh, he’s so amazing.
I’d love to work with him.
– Totally, totally.
We need to talk a little bit about
“Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,”
which I was telling
you when you walked in,
I adore these movies.
– Thanks dude.
– I truly do, and this one is,
any Lego movie that can include
both Ruth Bader Ginsburg
and an homage to “Mad Max.”
– You’re in?
– Is good by me.
– That’s all it takes.
That’s all it takes.
– I’m a simple man, Chris.
– Yeah, that’s right.
– Part of the pleasure of
this one is I know for you is
you get to play a couple different roles,
a new role for you.
– Yeah, yeah.
I get to voice two characters.
Emmet Brickowski, the
character from the first movie,
and then there’s this new
character, it’s called,
he’s (laughing in
character) Rex Dangervest.
– Which was your stripper name, too.
– That was my stripper name, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I just got down to just my vest.
I never took the vest off.
That was my signature move.
– Leave them wanting more,
that’s what I always say.
– I trademarked that, yeah.
– No, but Rex Dangervest,
which is kind of an amalgam of
all Chris Prattage in the last few years.
– Yeah, completely, yeah.
The first movie really
paralleled my life in a strange,
unintentional way, because
I was Emmet Brickowski,
or Emmet Brickowski
turns into the special,
he’s given the opportunity
to become a hero,
and in the middle of
voicing “The Lego Movie,”
that two-year process, I got cast in
“Guardians of the Galaxy”
and went through this body transformation
and this career transformation
and it all was very public,
so it was interesting to see
how this ordinary, optimistic,
lovable guy gets a chance to
do something really great,
and is accepted as a hero.
And I felt like that was
what happened in my life.
So this time around, when
we were talking about what
are we gonna do for a sequel,
I talked to them very early on
and I said, “Listen, you
may not have realized it,
“but I was your muse in the
first movie, so please–“
– So use me again.
– Use me again.
You mine from the zeitgeist constantly
for pop culture references
in a lot of the comedy that they do,
and this is a movie that has
like several laughs per minute,
it’s just loaded with,
I mean, I don’t remember
the last time I saw a comedy
that had this many jokes.
So they definitely did that.
He’s a raptor trainer,
cowboy, galaxy defending
social media influencer,
who loves to make furniture.
Okay, it’s perfect.
– I was gonna joke about
the different voices.
They are different distinct voices.
– Yeah.
– Like, it’s variations on a theme,
but Emmet is distinctly
different from Rex.
– Yes.
– Is distinctly different from
the Chris I’m seeing here.
– Right.
– Is that fun for you to kind
of like modulate a little bit,
it’s not going like Christian
Bale, but it is going like–
– Right, it’s going way past
what Christian Bale’s ever
done, let’s be serious.
– That’s what I meant.
– It’s fun.
It’s really fun.
Yeah, it was a challenge, and
I think especially because
Emmet is very this high
registered, optimistic guy,
and I kind of like loosely
based it on what Bill Hader did
in “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.”
I looked at him and I thought,
I tried to do my impression
of what he sounds like as Flint Lockwood,
like I really loved
what he did with that,
so I borrowed from one of the
greats, and Bill Hader on that
and then, so when I was
creating the character,
when I was creating the character…
Yeah, kick me in the
nuts, I just said that.
when I was working–
– When you’re jumping for
six months into Lego World
and the studying and you were–
– Don’t look at me.
When we were working on figuring out
what this Rex Dangervest
was gonna sound like,
we threw everything against the wall.
At one point I wanted
him to be Australian.
It was like painful
trying to figure it out.
But also, what made this
specifically complicated is,
Will Arnett does Batman in this movie.
– [Josh] Right.
– So if you’re trying to
do a character who’s macho,
who’s a little tougher, my
initial instinct was to do this
voice, but I was like, oh wait,
he’s doing that for Batman.
So I had to find a way to
make it distinct from Emmet,
but also not stepping on the
territory of what Will does
with Batman in this.
– [Josh] Totally.
– So we found this new way to do it.
– Little Kurt Russell in there too, maybe.
– That’s what I keep hearing, yeah.
And there’s a little bit of that.
A little John Wayne, maybe.
It’s like very Americana,
and I think what this character does,
it’s not dissimilar to what
Kurt Russell does sometimes,
is there’s a lot of fun
and laughter in his voice.
– [Josh] Totally.
– And so Rex will (laughing in character).
Laugh into a word.
– Speaking of Batman,
I just noticed the bookmakers
in Ireland have you
as a 16 to 1 odds to take
over the Batman character.
– Really?
– They’re looking for a new Batman.
Should I place that bet, Chris?
– Wow.
I didn’t know that.
You can bet on this stuff?
– Apparently, I mean, Ireland
I think you can bet on
everything, apparently.
– Wow.
We should bet enough to budget the movie.
And then just do a boondoggle Batman
that just gets zero
percent on Rotten Tomatoes.
Will you be Joker?
– I think we found the
one way to make this flop.
– I would love to.
That’d be awesome.
– Now Armie Hammer and Jake Gyllenhaal
currently have better odds.
I don’t want to, I just want
to put this in perspective.
– I could see that.
I don’t know what you do
now, because it’s like,
there’s been so many iterations of it.
– Right.
– Would you go even lower?
And do my voice even more gravelly.
(gravelly growling) Batman.
Oh, wow.
“Sling Blade.”
– You could break glass.
I just saw our mutual buddy,
Jeff Goldblum in Sundance.
– Come on.
– I mean, the greatest.
– Did he charm your pants off?
– Yeah.
– Dude is so amazing.
– I just want to be around him
– He’s a magician.
– all the time.
– Yes.
He’s always singing.
He knows a lot about movies.
– He teased that hopefully
we’re gonna get to see
Ian Malcolm actually leave
a boardroom/courtroom
in the next Jurassic.
I mean, Colin has talked
about bringing full circle.
– Right.
– These other characters in.
Have you seen a script?
How much do you know about the–
– I know the whole thing.
– Okay, go ahead.
– Okay, cool, so…
– Open.
– Yeah.
Okay, you remember?
You know like in “The Flintstones?”
How they have the dinosaurs
that work as cranes?
– Right.
– And they have cavemen who
operate cars with their feet?
– Yeah, we’re doing none of that.
I can’t say anything, but I can tell you,
when I heard the pitch,
I was blown away, and I,
I mean I can’t believe that
we’re gonna make that movie,
and I can’t believe they found a way
to deliver on the promise
of the end of the second,
of Fallen Kingdom, the end of
“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”
you’re like, wait what?
The island is blown up.
The animals are out?
We can’t put them back in the box.
What are we gonna do?
How is not only these
dinosaurs but this technology
moving forward going to affect the planet,
and we jump forward, it’s like, oh.
Oh, right.
Oh, damn.
Like, ho…
So he’s been working his butt off on it
and it’s gonna be pretty epic.
– I just wanna see you with a little
Ian Malcolm and Sattler and Grant.
– I just saw Laura too, the other day,
and we discussed a little
bit, some of the stuff,
and I mean,
you will not be disappointed.
– Okay, I believe it.
Another thing you can’t talk about at all,
“Avengers: Endgame.”
Did you at least know the
title before the world did?
At all?
– No, no.
I found that out…
In fact, someone was like,
“What do you think of the
title ‘Avengers: Endgame?'”
I was like, “I don’t know
that that’s really the title
“and I’m not gonna say anything about it,
“because what if it’s not?”
And then they’re gonna be like.
– Then they show you the poster.
– Chris spoils it.
No, I didn’t know the title.
– But it sounds like you were
among the privileged few,
it sounds like you read a script,
like you know what happens in this one.
– Yeah, I know everything that happens,
mm-hmm (affirmative).
– I also ran into another
mutual friend of ours,
Kevin Feige, recently.
– You did?
– Who said that Guardians is happening.
It’s not if, it’s when.
– Yeah, for sure.
– Are there mixed emotions
about this right now?
Obviously James was so
important to your career.
He’s a friend, and presumably
he’s not gonna be directing
the third installment.
– Right.
– How are you feeling about
completing this trilogy
without James as the director?
– Well, I love James.
I’m loyal to James and I love him so much.
And I just..
We’re gonna deliver the movie.
We’re gonna give the
fans what they deserve,
and I think it’s in the nature of
The Guardians of the Galaxy
to come together and get the job done,
and that’s what we’ll do.
– Yeah.
Are you working off of
James’ script, presumably?
It sounds like you guys are.
– Yeah.
– [Josh] And you’ve read that script?
– Yeah, I have.
It’s off the chain.
It’s so good.
– [Josh] Yeah.
– It’s so good.
– It’s so good.
Life is so good.
I can’t believe it.
I can’t believe I have all the knowledge
of three highly anticipated
movies inside my brain,
and you’re asking me,
and I could straight up
spoil all of them right now.
– Get this man a margarita.
Get this man 17 margaritas.
– Get him a Coronarita.
– Exactly.
– All right, so there I was.
Yeah, and I can’t even, I’m
not even sure which one,
they’re all so good.
– Yeah, not to mention, congratulations.
You’re getting, you’re engaged now.
– Oh yeah.
– Very happy for you buddy.
– Thanks buddy.
– Does this bring you closer to an
Arnold Schwarzenegger “Twins” reboot?
You guys?
Is that what this is all about?
– Yeah, that’s the long game.
It’s when I proposed, I said,
“Is there any way I could get
my ‘Predator’ box set signed?”
– I mean, I guess.
– That’s what, it’s been a really, yeah,
she was like, “You could’ve just asked.”
I was like, “No, this
was way more elaborate.”
– Does this mean you have to
retire an Arnold impression,
because I feel like we all
have Arnold impressions.
– I don’t, I’ve never had one.
– [Josh] Really?
– I’ve never had, that’s right.
– I’m gonna dig through the archives.
I’m sure there’s something somewhere.
– What’s funny is, when I
won the MTV action star award,
the first person I thanked
was Arnold Schwarzenegger,
and I was like, “Arnold,”
and then I went through a
whole list of action stars,
iconic action stars who had
an influence on me as a kid,
and after the news broke that
Katherine and I were engaged
someone sent me that and I was like,
oh my gosh, I had forgotten about that,
but I was really glad
that I listed him first.
– Now we just need to find
out how Jean-Claude Van Damme
is gonna work his way into your life.
– Oh, yeah, right?
Be like, he just, like,
he’s the ring bearer.
He’s like, “Kiya!”
Kicks the ring up like
an inch from my face,
holds it perfectly still.
Aw, dream wedding.
Life is good.
In a Bubba Gump’s.
Is my life a computer simulation?
If I wake up in my van,
and I have a half a joint in my hand,
I’m gonna be like,
“You’re not even gonna
believe what just happened.
“How long was I out?”
Oh, god, I’d wake up 20 years
ago, you know what I’d do?
I’d start writing “The Avengers.”
And Guardian, Jurassic.
I would start, I would do all that stuff.
Oh yeah, I’d invent Facebook.

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