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Welcome to FEBC Christian World News. Here are today’s top stories from around
the world. New partnership leads to gospel
opportunities in Rwanda. Attacks in Kenya put Christians in
danger. Unrest in Ukraine leads to church unity. Pakistani Christian sentenced to death
for blasphemy. Upcoming India election stirs fear and calls for prayer. The partnership between Living Water
International and Sweet Sense has given sixty thousand Rwandans consistently
clean water. 200 water pumps will be installed,
resulting in more efficient repair work, and more
opportunities to share the Gospel. The Sweet Scent sensors will make sure
that the previously installed pumps are working correctly. An alert will be sent via cell phone if
the sensors stop working. This new system cuts down on repair time,
allowing more opportunities to share the gospel with
Rwandan people. It also allows the Living Water team in Rwanda more time to dig wells in new communities. More than 650 arrests have been made after half a dozen attacks in Kenya, recently. The Kenyan government, however, is concerned that the increase in small-scale bomb
and gunfire attacks could be a sign of a possible future
terrorist attack. After shooting occurred in Mombasa,
Christians in Kenya are on edge. Some churches recently found bombs
on their properties, putting all Christians and churches on high alert this Easter season. No
threats have been made in regards to what might happen Easter Sunday, but church leaders are taking the steps
to increase security. In Ukraine, tensions are rising again
after an announcement was made early this month that the sniper
killings in Kiev in February were ordered by then President Viktor
Yanukovich. During that time over one hundred protesters were shot and killed by riot police. Now somewhere
between 30,000 and 80,000 Russian troops are at
locations along the Ukrainian border. Since the build-up of Russian troops,
residents in Kiev are on high alert. The future of Ukraine is uncertain, but
Christians are holding fast to the fact that God will continue to show His grace
and mercy. In addition, the church is rallying together because of the unrest, despite denominational differences. A
recent prayer meeting between leaders broke denominational barriers, uniting the church. A Pakistani Christian
was recently sentenced to death for blasphemy. 27-year-old Sawan Masih, a Christian
sanitation worker, was accused of blasphemy last year and
was convicted of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a conversation with a Muslim friend in March of last
year. A judge decided that Masih should be sentenced to death, saying he must be fined and hanged. The
sentencing includes a 200,000 rupee fine. The sentence, however, is not
expected to be carried out anytime soon because of the de facto moratorium on the
death penalty in Pakistan. Human rights groups are stepping up to
protest the sentencing. Blasphemy laws in Pakistani Penal Code
are often used to target religious minorities, to allow Islamist extremists to justify
killings. Believers in the West are using the India elections as a month-long call to prayer. From April 7 to May 12, over eight hundred fourteen million people will vote for a new prime minister and cabinet. One of the candidates, Narendra Modi,
represents a Hinduvata group. Hinduvata defines culture in terms
of Hindu values. In other words, to be Indian is to be
Hindu. Religious minorities see Modi and his Hinduvata group as a
significant threat, after Christians were attacked in their homes and watched their
churches burn to the ground in 2008. Christians in
India are using the month-long election to pray for the Lord’s guidance and
protection over them Thank you for watching Christian world
news: brought to you by FEBC.

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