CNN Christian Silva

The Colombian who makes super heroes to children with limb disabilities
My name is Christian Silva
I am Project Director of the company Fabrilab
We are a non profit company
We develop 3D printed prosthesis to children with families with low resources
There is not common prosthesis
Those prosthesis are from superheroes, princess and football soccer teams
Fabrilab, the company of Silva donates them to children with limited resources
With it they make many children pretty happy
When they gave it to me I felt that
I had a hand but it grew with me
like magic
Look what her parents said
I felt so happy, it was like a dream
And It was much more as well as it is helping with daily activities
It is secure and lightweight it allows her for instance
Drink a juice
Shaio is a 6 years old girl who was born without an arm and she wanted a 3D printed prosthesis like Wonder Woman
The designer Wilmer Garcia is who makes reality their dreams
The most requested designs are for boys
ironman and for girls those of Frozen and , it is like the most popular
The impact is great
because children feel pretty comfortable with
his prostheses and they are using it more than they can use when they have a commercial prosthesis
They felt so identified with their prosthesis
To the children who arrive by their prosthesis are taken the 3D scanner and the molds of the stump
Based on these measurements, the prosthesis is designed and printed
Then it is assembled, painted and then it started the rehabilitation process with the child
Through the give me five program fabrilab has donated more than 250 prostheses to the date
Prosthesis that have been changing the life to many children
Like Nayelis
Nayelis is a girl who
unfortunately he suffers from a fever
combined with a bacterium, she lost her
two little hands and two legs, for me this was
it was very difficult to get to the clinic and
see her, because the doctors called me
and they told me good what I could do
for her in terms of prosthetics and therefore
We took the measurements, the
3d scanner and she was asked about what she wanted
for her prostheses, she said that
she wanted it like the Little Mermaid, I developed her prosthesis
The prostheses were delivered to her, she was pretty happy as it was
her birthday
To make each prosthesis it is needed between 240 USD to 490 USD, a lot less than a conventional prosthesis
to finance the project we make campaigns through social networks and we look for people with a good heart
that would like to be identified with our great cause and support the project with a donation
Donation that is going to help many children
What is to be grateful is to Christian, because
He comes from the heaven and he brought a hand to me

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