CNN – Keeping Off the Pounds for the Holidays with Mark Macdonald

Randi Kaye: Welcome back.
Holiday season is here, and extra pounds
are right behind those endless parties, meals
If you’re looking to enjoy all the great food
and sweet treats without busting
your gut, well, celebrity food
fitness and nutrition expert
Mark MacDonald is here to tell us how.
Thanks goodness we have you,
because I’ll tell you
the season is killing me already.
A lot of people look at the holiday season
and they say “it’s ok to overeat, it’s the
holidays.” How do we get around that?
Mark MacDonald:
We have to shift our mindsets.
The holiday is only about five days.
Rather than saying “I’m just going to
gain my holiday 15”, you can
still eat the foods that you love
and have fun on the holidays.
You just have to make sure
you’re eating consistently
throughout so that you
don’t gain the weight,
you enjoy your food,
and you keep your metabolism humming.
Randi: You can’t just enjoy from Halloween
when the chocolate starts coming
all the way through New Years?
Mark: You can, but you’ll
gain fifteen pounds.
If we want to kick off the new year without
having to lose the fifteen pounds, it’s critical
that we’re really focusing on eating in threes.
Every three hours you need a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
Divide your plate into three,
one third of each.
When you go to Thanksgiving,
and you want to enjoy the day
intead of gorging yourself on one huge
meal and falling asleep on the couch,
the trick is to enjoy a small meal,
and then four hours later,
eat your second helping.
Randi: So you can’t go back twice.
Mark: I love Thanksgiving!
Randi: Me too, you just shouldn’t do it in
one serving. You wait a few hours. Which is
when you’re probably hungry again anyway.
Mark: When you overeat, you’ve
spiked your blood sugar
you store fat, and it makes
your metabolism slow down
and it makes you want to crash.
Let’s make it enjoyable.
Just divide it into two different meals.
You still get those calories. You don’t feel deprived. You’re having fun,
and you’re keeping your
metabolism humming.
Her: What about water? Should you have
one or two glasses of water
before the Thanksgiving meal?
Mark: You should be drinking water
throughout the day.
It keeps your metabolism humming.
I would definitely drink water
with the meal, before the meal, and throughout the day.
A lot of times we think we’re hungry
when we’re actually thirsty
Women should drink
about two to three litres,
which is eight to twelve cups.
Men should drink twelve to sixteen cups
throughout the day.
Randi: As you look at the Thanksgiving table,
what don’t you like? What should we avoid?
Please don’t say pumpkin pie!
Mark: I love pumpkin pie.
My take on Thanksgiving
is that it is just one day.
Enjoy it! If you want to have some turkey,
go head. It’s protein!
Have some turkey, some stuffing, end with
a little pumpkin pie and some ice cream.
Instead of doing it all at once,
have a mini-meal,
and then four hours later do it again.
I don’t think you should deprive yourself at
Thanksgiving. Just get back on plan
right after. Don’t wait
forty-five days to get back to it.
Enjoy your day, then get right back to
eating balanced meals every three hours.
Then you can enjoy your holiday food,
keep your metabolism running,
win through the holidays,
and not gain the holiday fifteen.
Randi: That’s what the leftover turkey is for, to eat every three hours.
Mark: Exactly. Thanks Randi.
Randi: This is fun.

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