13 thoughts on “CNN’s Wolf Blitzer DESTROYS Trump’s Efforts to Block the SUBPOENA Against Corey Lewandowski

  1. He is growing more toxic rapidly. He should have been impeached within his first year he conned his way into the White House.
    There is no excuse for the extreme toxic corruption and shame he brought to our country and our democracy. He intended to be the racist and murderous dictator he is now. He is escalating more quickly every day. He is exponentially more dangerous and demented than ever.

  2. Actually Trump is right about the market crashing if he is not re elected.Biden and other have already promised to kill the tax cuts and raise the corporate rate.With no way to pay for the green new deal and medicare for all I see a 40 to 60 % correction. The bad part is the market will not recover, Not as long as you have a Democrat in the White House. Say bye bye to your 401k and retirement savings.

  3. I would rather be penniless with no bank accounts than to see this PRICK win again!!!!! He says the market will crash, more like soar when the nation comes out from under this wannabe dictators thumb !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Trump was raised to be a con man from birth. And now he's playing the biggest con of his life on America.
    And so are his kids. I personally don't see that silver tongue all I see is lies.

  5. These idiots are cheering him on and he is the reason there 401k is down the tube..Trump is on path to send the hole damn world into a recession insults his own supporters appearance and these fools are cheering him on wtf is wrong with white people this is unbelievable

  6. Lets hope a missille isn't fired by anyone in error,otherwise World War 3 will be all On!
    With Clowns like Trump Putin and Kim ruling their countries…

  7. So we're all just sit back and watch as dementia is displayed live on TV because he loves ratings and no one has the guts to stop this shit, we've got a sick puppy in the White House

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