Coronavirus Questions, Answered: What If A Household Member Gets Sick? | TODAY

Coronavirus Questions, Answered: What If A Household Member Gets Sick? | TODAY

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51 thoughts on “Coronavirus Questions, Answered: What If A Household Member Gets Sick? | TODAY

  1. How about you just not go on vacation? How about you stay home, eat some edibles, and watch National Geographic?

  2. Not true about airplanes. If someone sneezes or coughs around you it won't matter how good the filters are on the plane. Also, before you board, while boarding and at disembarking people stand in such a close proximity that a sick person doesn't have to cough, It's enough to breathe right next to you.

  3. As a flight attendant, I say …DON'T TRAVEL, IF YOU DONT NEED TO!!!

  4. Please direct all reporters and nations to ask the Taiwanese Government on their successful virus fighting tactics and experiences in the past two months. It will control the spread and buy time before vaccine is available.

  5. Specialist hospitals have to set up three areas, namely contamination area, buffer area, and cleaning area, in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading out of the treatment ward to the rest of the hospital …how can any infected mild patient be able to achieve this level of 'air-tightness' at home?? This experts have no idea what they are dealing with, and are simply 'speculating' about the right way to contain the outbreak. Please admit it's an extremely contagious virus, and to use mass-isolation facilities to accommodate anyone infected is the only possible way to slow down the contagion, otherwise all those sharer under the safe roof with the mild patients will flood the hospitals in a month time. If the government opt for the 'lazy' and 'cheap' way of letting mild patients stay home, they will cost the whole society much more lives and money to get top of the outbreak in the end.
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  6. We need more virtual drs, schools, tutors, live stream church services, any type studies. We have few virtual now. I believe more will be coming…

  7. Quarantine is for people with an INFECTIOUS disease.

    Mandatory or self imposed ISOLATION is for people who are suspected to have contracted something highly infectious.


    This is the kind of misinformation that could be avoided if people weren't so quick to be be centre of attention.

  8. Its not fear. It's RESPECT for how viral COVID19 is. This is Smart. Too bad our officials are not getting ahead of this thing. We will all pay for this.

  9. At this point I think that boosting the immune system in people who aren't sick in conjunction with some of these other measures makes more sense… that way if you or someone else contracts the disease their chances of getting real sick will be greatly reduced. Also it will cut down on having to go to the doctor since the hospitals are being overwhelmed, and last look at the economic impact that this is having, you will recover quicker and not miss as much time at work!

  10. millions of americans are not going to be visiting hospitals because of the overpriced bills! We are finally going to realize healthcare for all is not a bad idea # go bernie

  11. Chlorine dioxide (MMS) is the biggest virus and bacterial killer that mankind knows!

    Since its own global used to disinfect drinking water. Thanks to Jim Humble, proprietary treatment of diseases with the pharmaceutically unseen MMS and its actual active ingredient, chlorine dioxide, is on the rise. MMS is very broad-band and has no antibiotic resistance. Consciously, heard in the mass media, MMS belongs to "poisonous chlorine bleach" and warning means to use it. If global companies have to make use of the health effects of this active ingredient and even the US Army successfully uses chlorine dioxide in the fight against Ebola and other valuable pathogens, private services will become massively known. Please inform yourself.

  12. If household member is sick then send them to a hospital immediately or shut them inside their room and call 911

  13. In Korea, people who got better from corona infection were self quarantine, have died in 24 to 48 hours after they got sick again. Two cases so far. If you have the virus don't stay home.

  14. Why not have decontamination showers in multiple points in town at stores and use hazmat to protect against biological weapons It will protect against corona also until we have a good cure, you create a system to prevent infection like a for real system and then it contains and it stops spread and then the cure comes and then it's all good but nobody is repurposing factories into making the hazmat we use against bio weapons to distribute to the public cause that would stop respiratory spreading. IMAGINE PUBLIC like that everybody doing there part to be healthy and safe and then there is not so much of a weight to become on the health system. Does that not make sense? 🤔

  15. They say, this one has it, spreadn' to the family and driver….. ain't it funny? No names mentioned? Hmmm…..i understand, privacy reasons/rights. Yet……I can't help but wonder, they're saying that…. 'this person spread it to that person…this one may have to that one…'
    Really? We're 'supposed' to believe that, bc of who is bringing us the news???
    Lets think…if we are only told the bare minimum, how much truth is there?
    See what I mean? They say this person caught it and possibly spread it to the others…. but, how credible is that?

  16. Use 80% spirit. When your skin doesnt like it add a tablespoon glycerol and and a tablespoon 3% H2O2 to a liter. Or just use after arrival at home some moisture cream.

  17. they announced it in the economist

    All this has been planned.

    They want to break the world economy.

    Evil hands behind this.

  18. My wife went to the supermarket today and the cashier told her that a lot of people are buying cartloads of food lately. She also told my wife that her sister works at a hospital in Iowa City, Iowa and that they got a bulletin today informing the hospital that there are now 16 strains of the Coronavirus. This may be your last week to get prepared for medical martial law. God bless! Today is Thursday 3/5/20

  19. This is so confusing and driving me crazy….my 20 yr old son has a sore throat,head cold and now a cough.We did not isolate him we were careful with everything else like hand washing but honestly I am a nervous wreck!!

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