100 thoughts on “Cory Booker calls out GOP members ‘contorting’ themselves for Trump

  1. In a stunning reverse of events Joe Biden is using his own crimes(Giuliani investigation into Hunter & Joe Biden Crimes on Burisma board) to impeach a duly elected president and simultaneously improve his chances of winning 2020 ELECTION. So who is really attempting to meddle in the 2020 elections? Joe BIDEN

  2. What a scamming, attention seeking, money scabbing idiot..
    I would be surprised if he could run a fast food shop……….

  3. Is this the guy who admitted to being a bisexual and having an affair with a young man in a public toilet some 20 years ago? He is well qualified and a Spartacus also. He has my vote.

  4. Cory, Cory, Cory…

    The Wealth Tax has failed in which countries? Also, an audited statement of net worth from a recognized accounting firm, such as Deloite, should be sufficient to answer anybody's questions.

  5. As usual THE FAKE,LYING,NON-NEWS puts on another incompetent,lying democrat to spew his insane,idiotic ideas about the "GOP",when will it end?Booker along with every other WORTHLESS DEMOCRAT running has no clue about THE TRUTH!!! JUST LIKE THE CORRUPT,COVER-UP MEDIA who doesn't understand or just IGNORES the Truth about LYING,CORRUPT Joe Biden's "QUID PRO QUO"!!!! NOTHING HAS BEEN "DEBUNKED",THE MEDIA IS JUST AS CORRUPT AS DEMOCRAT BIDEN,SCHIFF,PELOSI AND THE REST OF THEM!!Problem with the Media,THEY ARE COVERING UP THE ENTIRE TRUTH ABOUT HUNTER BIDEN,JOE BIDEN and LYING SCHIFF!!! THE MOST CORRUPT LIAR IN UNITED STATES HISTORY,ADAM SCHIFF!!!

  6. Thank you again to CNN for helping convince me to vote TRUMP 2020! This DeepFriedState MSM Divide Destroy America Garbage is SICKENING!!! This from a 20+ year long voting Democrat who will now be voting TRUM 2020!!!

  7. The witnesses are heroic because hundreds of thousands of public servants are watching, trying to learn if one should yield to corrupt power or hold on to some of our dearest values. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have taught a lesson of civic duty and patriotism to thousands of employees and not less youth and children of America.

  8. But you took money from Big Pharma, and that makes you suspect. I want a candidate with 100% grassroots support.

    Bernie Sanders 2020!!!

  9. Who is stupid enough to vote for a rich racist privileged snob like Booger? We're watching the fall of the Coup Clutz Clan. 2020, Make Liberals Cry Again!

  10. Taxes in this country are out of control. The simple fact if Amazon paid zero in taxes, that's the problem. Billion dollar company tax is rife with BS. ITS just plain and simple people rich dont pay, the middle class working poor do. That's lopsided and until it's fixed the system will continue as business as usual.

  11. good job GOP and 45 Putin your plan is now in motion.there is no longer WE THE PEOPLE.all it took was an imbecile . and get rich quick party.

  12. First the Dems threw Russian dossier at the president and it
    didn't work. Now, they cooked up another hoax called Ukrainian quid pro quo and
    that also failed. What is next? Dems promised health care and impeachment to
    the American people but failed on both. Not only that they have blocked
    important bills that are waiting in line to be passed by congress.

  13. The GOP is contorting to keep President Pelosi from happening. Nancy Pelosi has a great chance of becoming the first woman president.

  14. This independent voter will NOT be voting for our local Democratic congressman again in 2020!!! He/Dems are wasting time with this impeachment crap – and have done nothing for millions of middleclass families like mine!!!
    I'm no Trump fan.
    But this whole thing is so obvious…the Democrats are just trying to get rid of Trump – or damage him going into 2020!
    What he said on the Ukraine phone call did not rise to the level of "treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors"!
    Let the American people decide in 11 months and three weeks!

  15. Trump is always right and anyone who doesn't have his back is up to some no good agenda. Because 'the Donald' is a prophet and he is here on a mission from God to save western civilization and he could never be nor do any wrong. "The Donald" is just so perfect! Adore him! Without him you are nothing! He is your master! By all means kiss his feet! Love him! and pledge your undying obsequious fealty to his magnificence.

  16. CNN and the impeachment nonsense are a joke. Thanks CNN for helping the republican/conservative cause. Go Trump we love you!!!! #walkaway

  17. Six of the ten hopefuls on stage know for sure they have ZERO chance of getting the nomination, let alone winning the election.
    The money they will have left over after they "suspend" their campaign will be easily hidden and used to enrich them for years to come. Get a clue, Democrats. I am voting Democrat, and am discouraged by the greed and immorality in nearly every politician of any stature.

  18. GOP don’t have a problem that Trump got caught stealing money from a NYC Children’s Cancer Charity, it’s not a problem for them. ‘GOP we don’t like Cancer Charitys’,

  19. Norway has had a wealth tax near 2% for over a hundred years, and they run on tax revenue – not oil money (they invest all of it). Yet they don't seem to be neither collapsing, nore have any issue hanging on to capitalism as a motivator nor their billionaires.

  20. The Ukrainian press conference from yesterday has been translated. Watch and read (long video) what was stated. It implicates Hunter Biden, Franklin Tempelton, Yovanovitch the ambassador (fired by trump), DNC and so on.. the Dems are panicked

  21. No matter HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO not cover Bernie Sanders; A) He has the most (total number of individual donations) and B) Even on Instagram he has at least twice as many followers as any of these candidates…. Try all you want with your fake smile, but you know deep inside Bernie is the most popular…

  22. He needs to stop saying "just" and "fair" implying taxing the billionaires 2% or more about 50 mil is somehow unfair. And saying that the reason he doesn't want it, is because it's too hard. Otherwise, he's shilling for them.

  23. What I don't get. Since when was Hunter Biden, a political opponent? I thought he was just a dirt bag collecting rent. And if Joe, cant keep his kids out of trouble, bite me. And worse, where dose the tribe, get the idea Joe, is a political opponent. Any Joe, Dick or Shif head can just say there an opponent, and they get immunity?



  26. Thank you Adam Schiff for the impeachment hearings,

    you proven to the American people, beyond a shadow of a doubt,

    that the Deep State is in fact Real.

  27. That's right! If Rudy had such an important position in Trump's government then by all means he needs to tell the American people what he did or did not do!! Again INNOCENT people would be glad to testify!.Guilty people stonewall and that's all we have got from this administration! Common sense people!

  28. Yes Russias plan was to Hack into the US and create the Worlds Strongest Record Economy in 40 years. Boost our Dow to record highs, Give Americans Jobs again, Strengthen the US dollar. Defeat ISIS, find and Kill Al Baghdadi and go after Child Sex Traffickers, Create Peace in Korea, End 20 year wars and rebuild the US Military. Right……. Reality doesnt live up to CNN's RUSSIA narrative

  29. 6½ minutes and no political platform was presented. All the Dems have is hatred for Trump. The dems just want to steal our taxes so they have their multi million dollar salary as politicians. Drain the swamp!

  30. Corey Booker is a moron no one is suggesting to go through peoples assets we all file taxes every year that would be what we take from dudes a moron.

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