Could there be a second Brexit vote? – BBC News

the brexit debate has dominated
everything in politics over the last
couple of years
what if Parliament decided it doesn’t
necessarily need to happen could you
guys get another vote
not another one
well possibly to be honest there isn’t
an easy answer but let’s talk through
the politics and some of the
firstly the Prime Minister
has always said she won’t hold one she
is a plan she’s trying to get backing
for at the moment but what if she can’t
get enough support in Parliament
it will
either be more uncertainty more division
or it could risk no brexit at all
yup you heard that no brexit at all
there are a bunch of campaigners who
have been saying this for a while
whenever we know what Brexit is going to
look like
let’s ask people if they still want it
but the idea has been picking up more
and more traction labour says it could
be an option although their position
hasn’t always been clear they’d much
prefer a general election our preference
would be for a general election we can
negotiate our future relationships with
Europe but some Labour MPs are fighting
hard to make another referendum happen
now listen to this from the Shadow
yes we’ve kept on the option on the
table of a another referendum of sorts
it’s not just about labour the SNP have
said they would back another vote on
Brexit in the way of a second referendum
the so-called people’s vote I think the
SNP MPs would undoubtedly vote for
it would that’s a very important moment
so if and it’s still a
big if labour were to back it and opposition
parties got on site a few Tory rebels –
it’s possible the idea of another
referendum could have a majority in
parliament the question then is where
their MPs could force the government to
hold one okay rewind a second remember
there’s no guarantee we’ll get to this
stage but if we did get there that would
need to be legislation in Parliament
that would take weeks and making a vote
happen, before we officially leave might not be
possible and even if all that did happen
what would the options be the PM’s deal
no deal calling the whole thing off
so is it possible yes but there are a
lot of hurdles and almost nothing in
politics at the moment is certain

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