DOJ releases inspector general’s findings on FBI surveillance

DOJ releases inspector general’s findings on FBI surveillance

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100 thoughts on “DOJ releases inspector general’s findings on FBI surveillance

  1. He's not going to be president we have n insurance policy and POTUS wants to know what we are doing. Bias as hell all the way to the supreme leader Hussein.

  2. Another joke investigation by the trump administration. He's failed to lock up a single person since taking office.
    Clinton is still free, Comey is still free, Mueller is still free, Obama is still free, no voter fraud was ever found.

    Trump is a joke

  3. Hmmm. No documentary or testimonial influence … Sounds a whole lot like what they are saying about Dems that support the impeachment travesty. Hmmm

  4. There was political Bias as well as illegal surveillance of our president.We the American People do not believe otherwise no matter what the IG reports states.

  5. well, never thought that fox would join the lowlife FAKE news. This is not what Lindsay Graham just said in his press conference.Never liked these two biased losers and no wonder why. It's time to stop watching ALL news because they are ALL FAKE news. As for IG – he is appointed by Obozo – the biggest criminal of them all. Why would anyone expect something different. Also, Barr released his statement. It's not even close what these two goofballs are reporting. So who is LYING????? I would probably venture that these two. I believe Barr. He's quite critical of this conduct and Durham, who is not a SWAMP creature will have a more reliable report that will bring the likes of slimy Comey to justice.

    And Senator Graham said that it was FRAUD on the FISA court. again – FAKE FAKE FAKE reporting.

  6. I watched a little of the hearings and if I were a Republican Congressman I would tell ALL Republicans to stand and walk out of that farce of a legal proceeding….

  7. They used the steel report a first time then used it another two times after they knew that it did not hold water.this is s report written by an apologist for these people. And also it does not say that they didn't do anything but that in Horowitz's reading there was no documentary evidence of political tampering. Like most crimes the guilty fo not write about their exploits.

    The secret services in the five eyes are corrupt to the core. The actions are the evidence and it is about time that heads swung for these crimes. Understand that too much has happened to call this all a mistake, This was intentionally orchestrated in order to neutralise Trump.

  8. Scrolling through the comments, it amazes me how many people refuse to believe anything except what they want to be true. No wonder Trump says he "loves the uneducated."

  9. No one is going to prison.
    There is no deep state.
    That's just a myth invented by the Republlcans
    to coverup their incompetence.

  10. Let's face it. Over half the country still believes there's a "God" and the Adam and Eve and Noah's Ark stories are factual accounts of human history.
    Since facts and logic don't matter to over half the country, anything's possible in politics.

  11. are witness before the committee ever asked if they had contact with anyone regarding their testimony .rehearsal sessions. preview of questions to be asked or if they are receiving messages or instructions from earpieces or text on their computer screens,

  12. You say wait wait wait wait for the report, cold hard facts….you get the facts and don’t like what it says…. you’ve already came to Fox to be brainwashed I’m not surprised.

  13. Democrats basically own the FBI. But the Deep state gets to investigate the FBI? Of course they won't find anything odd. Corruption would never sell itself out. That is like having a Mafia owned party investigate the Mafia that owns them.

  14. American people it is now clear our justice system is completely corrupt. The dossier was bs, the fisa warrant bs, the investigation bs. It is clear our government will not hold traitors like Comey to account so it is left to us the American people to do so. We must hold them to account in the streets. Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe. ….. on and on the list goes. The traitors must be made an example of. The disease must be rooted from our justice system. We must stand now, fight now or forever loose our nation.

  15. Just as I predicted, the I.G. report IS a cover-up. These people are lying, manipulative … and controlled by special interests – the real money powers behind the scenes. It's obvious.

  16. The 476-page report finds no evidence of political bias or intentional
    misconduct, but finds 17 'significant errors or omissions' in FISA
    applications; David Spunt reports from the Justice Department. – Even Fox News can't spin this one into a win.

  17. Well hell!! Bull 💩!!! We know who & what Horowitz is! We know who funded Christopher Steele—// George Soros!!! Hillary’s hand prints are all over this dossier! We been waiting for over a year for this release! Now the criminals are saying theres no bias per FBI & CIA! We all know they’re criminals. We know what’s coming next. Patriots will not stand for this! Wray & Comey—/ No Bias. Please give me a break!! Waste of my precious time. In the end Good will prevail!

  18. This is BS. Horowitz is part of the deep state. I'm wondering if all the rest are also. I had a feeling something like this would happen. No one is going to get arrested. No one held accountable. And I bet a hundred bucks that Barr is going to end the same way. Now I'm having my doubts about Trump. Is he putting on a show along with the rest of them.

  19. IGNORANT TRUMP SUPPORTERS have been waiting forever for this report and just like the "memo" all it did was prove trump, hannity and the rest of the lying fake news right wing media have bee lying to you… Wake Up FOOLS….

  20. Truth will rise above all the falsehoods and shadiness, and will be revealed in due time. That won't take several hundreds of pages.

  21. All these mad republicans.Turns out trump lied again about the FBI is out to get him and you clowns will still believe him. Over 10,000 lies and counting what a joke

  22. Love the Conservative tears… you fools that actually believed the lies hannity and the rest of the russian news was feeding you need to have your heads examined…

  23. Q patriots will need a new line of bs now… The Kremlin is working on it as we speak and it should be ready for insHannity's show tonight…


    “We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the FBIs decision to seek FISA authority on Carter Page”. Is this what you republitards were waiting on? Wow…wait wait wait I bet it was scary deep state LOLOLOLOL gtfo you cunts. I bet if it said there was bias you incest lovers would sop up all these reports like ya would sop up trumps cum.
    Republicans – but but but what about my feelings?!

  25. The government is protecting someone or something. Just by how it's worded, thank you deep state. I doubt anyone is going to jail they may find a scapegoat. But overall I think this whole thing is a sham process because they were found out

  26. For real news on this, I suggest Red Pill 78. He provides the statements just out from Bill Barr and John Durham. Fox has become unreliable and seems to be trending to the left.

  27. You guys do realize how much the rest of the world and in the US is laughing at how you Trumpists simply refuse to accept the truth…pathetic

  28. It took eleven Benghazi investigations and the dullard right-wingers still couldn't accept the facts. They'll refuse to believe this too. Militant ignorance is not a virtue.

  29. The FBI is good peeps and deserve respect like our police. Im looking at these comments and they are rancid and ignorant. Stick together, unity first, they do whats best for the country. I trust that we are all trying to make this country the best we just have disagreements on how to do that, so should you.


  31. From what I have seen over the last 50+ years, is that the purpose of any IG is to cover up for the party in power. They either cover-up, high-light, or ignore the truth depending on the politicians in control. Very SAD.
    In this particular case, I think their motto was "see no evil".

  32. What a load of Crap, I.G. must be blind, or he is covering up for the Government. It clear that we can trust no one in the

    Government but Trump himself.

  33. Wow I know Trump loyal supporters do not like this report because President Trump lied and that the Russian Hoax or conspiracy theory was a LIE. WOW! SAD! AMERICA WE REALLY NEED TO WAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Biden has anger issues, uncontrollable anger. Biden will hit the nuclear red button in a nano second. He needs to be Red Flagged and never be permitted near a gun. No joke!

  35. 17significant error's.
    Significant sounds a huge mistakes and highlighted by DOJ/OIG.
    I AM don't like errors and mistakes through FISA.

  36. Blame game. Never his fault in his mind.
    New book: the art of the criminal deal. Twitter Troll tRump must be held accountable. Where’s Rudy?

  37. A group of Republicans funded the Steele dossier originally. No one has proven anything in the Steele document to false. Barr's own appointees report finds no evidence of political bias or intentional misconduct. Why was Carter Paige, was Trump's foreign policy advisor meeting to discuss foreign policy with a Russian intelligence officer, who was later indicted, before Trump has even been elected President yet?

  38. Like I stated back when all this started. It's just the typical government dog and pony show to keep both sides pacified.
    This is the bigwigs party game and wouldn't be surprised if there's $1 bets put down between the members to make them feel superior.
    Anyone who's been around awhile like myself to see this over and over again knows no one will be held accountable especially the left for 3 years of wasting money and time that could be spent bettering this country for its citizens, other than possibly a slap on the wrist but im not even expecting that.

  39. Only thing I would bet on is prior to the announcement, they all met in the secret bunker for the news and started toasting each other 15 minutes before anything was even announced because they knew the outcome of the charade they pulled off.

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