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Translated, Timed by @sea_s_o_n
Hello, this is BBC Korea
We are here now with Block B Park Kyung
to interview him about his views about celebrities’ distress and burden
All the comments will be answered by Kyung himself so please leave a lot of them
I will pass over this sketchbook to Park Kyung
We shall continue as we go through the questions
PK: Hello
We have received quite a lot of questions before we even started the broadcast
So we will just start with that first and we will continue with the one that we received in real time

PK: Sure
The most asked questions is
“When do you ever feel depressed and how did you overcome it?”
PK: As for me…
There was a time where I feel a bit depressed right before I get to sleep
As I was about to sleep after I’m done for the day
I do had gloomy thoughts and cry sometimes
And.. What was the question again?
“How did you overcome it?”
PK: I have a lot of people around me
So I would share my worries with them
These people could be the other members, my family or even my friends
I would meet them and we will talk to each other about many things
And that’s how all of the depressing thoughts went away
And the next question
“After you finished up a concert, and you went back and being alone at the dorm, don’t you feel lonely and sad?”
PK: It seems lot of celebrities will feel somewhat lonely after they finished up a concert
Personally, I don’t feel sad but I feel happy instead
It would be the same for the next coming day and thinking
“Yesterday’s stage was so much fun”
“I get to see our fans”
So instead of feeling sad after a concert, I feel happy
“You have a job that needs you to stand in front of the public eye. How do you keep your mind well and how do you keep yourself well?”
PK: When I’m in front of people,
I can feel that they are always watching out on all of my words, actions and even my behaviors
I know that people are watching
I felt the pressure so I’m a bit careful
There’s a lot of international fans who are now watching this live
This question come all the way from Poland
“Are there any comments that hurt your feelings? Please share with us”
PK: I didn’t get to see the comments so…
Overall, there are lots of comments that are kind of encouraging
Like “Wow, our King is so cute”
“You looks so smart”
“Your songs are the best”
When I read them I feel great
Even if there are malicious comments, I’ll just look over and never pay attention to them
It’s true. The questions that we got before we even started all sounds like that and we are asked to deliver it to you
“Kyungnim is so cute”
“You’re the best”
“You’re handsome”
PK: Thank you.
“It’s nice seeing you smile”
“Let’s only remember good things”
We keep getting them
Thank you everyone for such comments
“If you were to be a CEO, how do you think you would take care of your artists?”
PK: If I was a CEO… Firstly…
Our director do this too
I’d have a lot of personal conversations with them
Instead of just being formal
If I was a CEO, I think communications between the director and the artist are important
Also, maybe I would provide them with lots of pocket money
So he’s the type that will takes care of others
“As an idol in the K-Pop scene, do you think that everyone (in the same scene) are provided with good care mentally and physically?”
PK: I think they are receiving a nice care in terms of their physical
Even in my team, our managers are always there, our director and lots of other people that took care of us
So I think everything is fine regarding that
Honestly, receiving mental care is quite important but you need to be on your own terms first
Well… stay strong (keep your mental strong)
But still receiving mental care is important
Among those who are worried are curious on whether you’re meeting someone to talk and consult about your mental problem
PK: Honestly, I didn’t receive any consultation to talk about my mental health
There’s none as of now
In exchange to it, one thing that could ease me is by doing prayers
I did it regularly. Being a believer or not,
But knowing there is a place/thing that I could rely on has been a great help to me
International fans are curious on what thing that you can do that could lift your spirits and that are giving you strength at times you’re feeling down
PK: There are a lot of handwritten letters that I received from fans
Even from SNS, I didn’t use Facebook but, the other sites like Twitter mentions, Instagram direct messages, I do check them from time to time
Through all that, international fans sends me lots of supportive messages
Every time I read all of it, it gives me lots of strength
Among all the comments, there are some that asked why you keep your Twitter on private
Can you tell us why?
I’m not going to keep it on private forever,
I might make it public again sometimes in the future
There’s some comments that says you look sick and weak
Some says that the questions are too much
We’re sorry. We will get over such questions for now
Since 2017 just went by, how was your 2017? Were you happy?
PK: I went through 2017 happily
Because my first ever mini albumwas released
And my self-composed song,, was also released
Over the year I filmed Problematic Men
and last but not least, Block B made a comeback with SHALL WE DANCE after a long hiatus
Because of all of that, 2017 was quite meaningful and happy for me
Now in 2018, it won’t be long until the group comeback and also the concert
When will your comeback and concert happening?
The comeback is on the next week on Monday, 8th January at 6PM
The digital release will be release at that time
Maybe you can see us promoting on music shows
While the concert will be held for two days on 27th and 28th of January at Jamsil Arena
So it won’t be long until it is happening, so what do you keep thinking about lately?
PK: Actually we have never been on hiatus so short like this before
Usually when Block B ever did a comeback, we would wait until 1 or 1.5 year until we could get to release another album
But this time the hiatus was so short and we have another comeback
I’m feeling so happy
There’s even a concert ahead
So it feels like January went by fast
“While you go overseas for a schedule, who’s the one that you keep thinking about?”
Recently, I went to Swiss for a filming,
instead of thinking about a person, (on my mind) it’s just Korean local foods..
That’s what I keep thinking about when I’m at overseas
I wasn’t alone when I go to work so I don’t likely to miss people
But rather I feel I want to go back to Korea fast and have our foods whenever the foods over there doesn’t reach to my liking
“While you were preparing for the current album, what was the most difficult part of it?”
While I was preparing for the current album, it’s kind of difficult to match the key to the title song
as it’s a type of song that is more singing and less rapping
Each members have different range of vocals and I need to match their voices (to the song)
That part was kind of difficult
The most question that came while we are live on air…
“You look tired and worn out”
“Are you really tired or you’re just being calm”
PK: I’m not really tired
It must be because I’m behaving myself (not being playful)
All the viewers must have been wondering why I’m acting so calm instead of being playful like I usually do
Well it’s because I’m on BBC Korea
If I’m acting up unreasonably it will be inappropriate
Being accordance with our discussion
You’re right
After all we are talking about serious issues here
Also, the channel is called BBC which is same as our fandom name, the BBC
I was really curious on that too
We got so much comments saying
“Love you BBC”
It wasn’t meant for the BBC channel but they’re saying they love our fandom, the BLOCK B CLUB
So that’s what it means
You’re correct
There are so many supportive comments coming up
“Life is so hard but when I’m about to give up, my heart will be at peace again when I look at Block B oppas as a BBC”
“When you’re feeling tough and tired, do you get often comfort when seeing supportive messages from BBCs?”
PK: For me, personally, I really like our fans.
I like them a lot
Thinking that I get supportive messages from a person that I really like is a true happiness for me
I don’t know myself but when I see that kind of messages, weirdly enough for me…
There are lots of letters that are genuine and filled up with sincerity
And when I read all of them, from the very bottom of my heart, I feel really grateful
And honestly… it must be because of these guys that I’m getting lots of strength
Everyone, if we keep having conversation with each other and if you keep sending me lots of letters…
it will really give me lot of strength to live by
Another thing that people are curious about is the mysterious characters
If you flip over the sketchbook you can see it
Where did you wrote all of this?
PK: I uploaded this over the SNS
I uploaded this right before our comeback article came out
PARK KYUNG: djsknk hrk ahqnnq hs kk dchss ajbdk
What does it mean?
PK: This even gets to the hands of intellectuals
But there was nobody who could get the meaning right
Even our fans keep asking and guessing for the answer
The truth is
It’s just nonsense
We need to look at the incoming comments
I just give it out to tease the fans
It was all nonsense but our smart BBC are able to make words out of it
I was really surprised
Yeah so
It has no meanings at all
I thought the expression rhymes with each other
It was actually nonsense…
PK: Just nonsense
So to end our interview today let’s get back to our main focus
Since most of artists are struggling and having hard times
Don’t you have any regrets being an idol/artist?
PK: Never. I have no regrets at all
I feel like it’s my destiny to be able to do this kind of thing
I met so many precious people during my journey
I can also feel like I’m receiving lots of love
I realized that I’m a person that’s worthy of love seeing all the love I get
Because of that, it is such a blessings and everything is valuable to me
All the one that you gives loves including the viewers are feeling the same
Before we end the broadcast
The viewer wants to hear supportive words for them to hold on during hard times
With that we will end our broadcast for today
PK: Words that I want to say to them?
Also it could be the words that you want to hear for when you’re having hard times
When I’m having a hard times,
“You’re doing great”
“Kyung, you’re doing great now”
These are the words that could bring me up the most
So I want to give it to all of you for when you all are having hard times
“You’re doing great” (thumbs up)
“You’re doing really great”
Thank you very much Park Kyung
So we will end the live broadcast now
Thank you
Block B will have a comeback on 8th January with
Please shower us with lots of love
And I love my BBC
Thank you~
Translated, Timed by @sea_s_o_n

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