[ENG/THAI] Chanyeol Releases the Recent News about D.O.

[ENG/THAI] Chanyeol Releases the Recent News about D.O.

Leeteuk: Now it’s your turn! EXO Exclusives by EXO Leeteuk: Now you will able be reporters Chen: Yes Leeteuk: and can release all the recent news you want to about the EXO members Leeteuk: Chanyeol-ssi, you’re thinking hard, aren’t you? Chanyeol: Kyungsoo! Leeteuk: Kyungsoo? Leeteuk: D.O.? Is this about D.O.? Chanyeol: Kyungsoo ah D.O. ah Kyungsoo D.O. Chen: D.O. Chanyeol: He eats a lot of ramyun ♡ Jungmo: Oh yes ramyun Leeteuk: Is that it? Chanyeol: Yes! Chanyeol: I want the bubble bath tissue… Jungmo: Where will he go? Leeteuk: 7th! Chanyeol: It hurts

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3 thoughts on “[ENG/THAI] Chanyeol Releases the Recent News about D.O.

  1. He's so friggin cute looking like he's thinking hard, the way he sounded so proud about the Kyungsoo news he revealed and he was so eager for the bubble bath tissues πŸ˜‚

  2. Thank you for the upload and cc!! I really wonder the top priority peoples rank in Chan's mind– I mean he mentions Kyungsoo like all the time!

  3. lolz…kyungsoo ah D.O kyungsoo DO …it's okay channie.. we knew who is kyungsoo is to you 😁😁

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