Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Defends Political Ad Policy | TODAY

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Defends Political Ad Policy | TODAY

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8 thoughts on “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Defends Political Ad Policy | TODAY

  1. Mr. Holt, Mr. Zuckerberg, IRAN, more specifically knows as THE KHOMEINIST REGIME is NOT, I repeat NOT a nation state.

  2. He is so full of crap he looks like an Android… To get all that money and they get weird he is interfering I believe in an election and going to justify it by saying and standing against Trump watch and see… Mark Zuckerberg is a freak and his mommy cuts his hair

  3. What a BUMMER. IF YOU KNOW BETTER, CLEAN IT UP. Mark Zuckerberg, technology champion, explains WHY FaceBook LIES to you, its client consumers. He is not who we thought he is. He's turned out to be just another billionaire, fighting to make , obscene and unreasonable sums of CASH. So, it all folds into one, boy genius just like anybody else, an ordinary, selfish shmo. The rich MUST get richer, because too much is never enough… BTW, the First Amendment does NOT include knowingly LYING on a Public platform, DISPENSING your toxic GARBAGE into the natural river of public discourse, and all he'd have to do is make a few examples, as every law inevitably does… Look at YouTube and that AlexJones creep, (the internet's Benedict Arnold). BUT if you want to see our INTERNET society turn to sewage, and all your fantastic TECH laid to waste, producing WEAK & ROTTEN FRUIT, go for that big Wall Street money: sure, plug-in right at the Nozzle on EZ Street. In fact, surrender yourself to being a binary robot that calculates the most profitable of A & B, and chooses it(A) every time… capitalism without incorporating the human value interest, or potential interest, WITHOUT JUSTICE. Then, we have our Corporate Leaders speak, "It is the fiduciary duty incumbent upon every CEO to choose the more profitable A, we like to call it A+." Well, maybe we should automate, just get a computer program FOR YOU AND YOUR JOB. And so we promote and worship the most diseased sector of our Capitalist society, the One Percent and their begging-to-do-anything-to-join MINIONS… (YOU KNOW, Total SELL OUTS like AG BARR, ENRON BOYS, ANDERSON COOPER come to mind…)

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