all right, let’s do this. I have a story for you today about the unmitigated
control that large media and social media platforms have over the content. You see when it comes to news, no matter what
your intentions are, and I’ll explain that in a second. It’s been months since I’ve come to you about
a problem on our various platforms because things have actually been going okay for the
last couple of months. In fact, this week was one of our best weeks
for the David Pakman show in one sense, but it also has very quickly become one of the
worst. CNN filed a completely bogus fraudulent claim
against our coverage of day one of the Trump impeachment inquiry. And Facebook has completely shut down our
monetization of videos and I mean a hundred like literally to $0 million and 0 million
cents with no explanation or prior notice. I’ll explain it to you and I believe you are
going to be shocked and appalled by this. So we’ve had a great week going right on Tuesday
our YouTube channel had about a million views, just that one day it was our best day of the
year in terms of views and normally we get nine to 11 million views a month. So one day with a million views is a really
great day. In fact, our best day of the year, Wednesday
is going great. We do this six hour live stream of the Trump
impeachment inquiry. As many of you know, house proceedings are
public domain made available by the house of representatives, video feeds and by C-SPAN. So our six hour stream yesterday, which we
spent all day producing, was using the house feed and the CSPAN feed, no copyright issues. We’re not using content from CNN or Fox news
or anything like that. We’re in the clear, the live stream ends. We put up the video of the archive of that
six hour stream so people can go back and check out our commentary. We do that in addition to our one hour show
and our members show within a few minutes, I get a notification that CNN has filed a
claim against our video, which is on screen right now for our television audience and
I say, wait, wait a second. CNN, we didn’t use any CNN video. We use the feed from the house of representatives
and from Seaspan. Why on earth is CNN filing a copyright claim
against me for something that has none of their content. We spent six hours on this and then CNN takes
it down and we go to YouTube and the videos, visibility is totally off and of course monetization
is off. So not only can we not make money from a six
hour stream, we spent all day producing because of a bogus claim by CNN, but the video’s not
even visible. Not making money would be one thing, but the
entire video was made invisible. This should be against the law to file fraudulent
copyright claims by the morning. Now, by this morning, after I appealed it,
emailed people at CNN. They have removed the claim with no explanation
for why would CNN claim a video that doesn’t have any of their content. They got away with it. The video made no money during those key hours
after being published. Sickening. But it got even worse. More than a year ago, I think it was September
of 2018 I was notified by Facebook. Hey, listen, great news. You’ve been uploading your videos to your
Facebook page for a long time. You can now monetize your videos. So we were thrilled because we had this great
potential for Facebook video monetization to be a new revenue source. We’ve had YouTube monetization issues. Now we can monetize on Facebook and maybe
even it out a little bit, but sadly, it didn’t work out so well because we were monetizing
starting in, uh, in 2018. But sometimes we would make $7 in a month
from monetizing Facebook video or $25 the next month. Sadly, it sort of fell flat based on what
we were hoping for, but then suddenly three months ago, Facebook monetization starts becoming
a real thing. We actually start making some real money that’s
important for the show by monetizing on Facebook and it’s some new revenue potential for us. What fantastic news, and a few days ago I
go on and I notice we’re back down to like we made a dollar. We made 50 cents, we made $0 million and 0
million cents on Facebook despite uploading all of our videos there. What the hell happened? They never contacted me about any issue. We’re, we’ve been uploading our videos, the
videos are getting views, so what’s going on? I click around our control panel on Facebook
yesterday and notice this big red exclamation point that says restricted monetization. The David Pakman show shared content that
was removed by Facebook for going against community standards on November six 2019 they
claimed that they notified us on that date of what video violated their standards. I can assure you we were not notified on Facebook. I didn’t get an email. No email went to my spam folder. I tried to look into this. I tried to contact someone, which Facebook
of course makes impossible to do contact support, nothing, contact ad team, nothing, contact
anyone, nothing. The one thing I can do is submit an appeal,
which I do and within hours I get a message back saying, thank you for submitting an appeal. After taking a look, we’ve decided to temporarily
suspend monetization because your page goes against our policies. They of course don’t tell me anything about
why or what violated their policies or which page it was. Of course understand we do an FCC safe show
with no profanity, Gore or anything like that. Understand the insanity of white supremacists
content is being spread on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is in front of Congress saying,
we don’t fact check ads. We don’t do this. We don’t do that. We are as hands off as we can be and they
shut off monetization for the David Pakman show and FCC safe show and we’re the problem. We’re the ones sharing the problematic content. Of course, I tried writing right back to Facebook’s
bogus letter and I got an automatic replying saying, Oh, this case is closed. No one will see your response. Feel free to file another appeal. So listen, this is supposed to be when shows
like ours start to flourish. It’s the 365 days before an election. Historically, these are the best moments for
us. Now in the immediate, if you have a contact
like a real person at Facebook that you know, uh, in the ad side, in the monetization side,
in the video side, any real person you can put me in touch with, it would be more than
greatly appreciated if you did that. Um, audience wise, we’re growing quickly. We’ve added like 3000 YouTube subscribers
in the last five days or something like that, but we are getting hit with this stuff everywhere. So I’m not gonna make a big pitch. This is really about the way in which these
platforms are controlling what you ultimately get to see in support. But consider grabbing a membership on our
website. No one can shut that down. There is no copyright claims. There’s no demonetization. It’s just you sign [email protected] we pay
a 2.9% fee for processing your payment and we keep the rest. Okay. Very much appreciated. We have a coupon code. The code is half 19 it’ll save you 50% I don’t
care at what price you sign up. Use the coupon code. Don’t you can save 50% with the coupon code
half 19 this is how we grow our base of support, you know, in a real grassroots way with small
contributions. Also, if it’s easier for you or if you prefer,
you can pledge on Patrion at patrion.com/david Pakman show. This is a very backwards situation and I’m
coming to you laying out the full scope of it and it is disturbing and it is disappointing.

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100 thoughts on “Facebook SHUTS US DOWN, CNN Files FRAUDULENT Claim

  1. Lesson #1 – Wake up every morning like the enemy wakes up to take everything you got. Don’t wait for notifications, look up systems everyday and ask for a meeting with their team now.Not then, you should have people to reach out via email by now.Good luck!

  2. Holy Shit! I missed this clip until now. I didn't know this. That's brutal! They fucked you over big time! Who's idea was this from the supposed brainiacs controlling content? You are right, when you get fucked over, we get fucked over. This isn't right!!!!!
    W T F !

  3. Stop begging for memberships, stop plugging promo codes for referral fees, start selling products YOU OWN through your networks. Lots of ways to fund indie media, but some maximise returns and control over cash flow, you gotta take the power back, OWN the things you sell before the corporation's shut you down and advertisers blacklist you when under pressure from corporate giants.

  4. When powerful people want to shut you down they will not be concerned about ethics or whether other people hear about it. They will just do it and laugh about it. I don't really agree with most of your left leaning content and find some of it ridiculous which makes it really surprising the mainstream media is fucking with you. Perhaps to them, you and many other independent content providers are just piss ants they'd rather not have stepping on their territory and in the case of Facebook (which is more than likely used by just as many right leaning folks as left) they don't want independent programming to turn off a large swath of people on their site posting pet and baby photos with political opinions contrary to their own. Who knows maybe Zuck or one of his rich assed friends just don't like you.

  5. Its because these CORPORATIONS RATINGS ARE DOWN . People are tuning in to see the REAL NEWS..not coddled or reaaranged fir the sponsors . Amerucans are sick of the conglomerates!! . You people ..rich1%s ..could pay off our debt..fund programs in your town , state, and country and not miss anfreakin penny out of their bank account .
    You all ..will get your due .
    Jealousy ..and ratings !!

  6. That is BS about Facebook. they refuse to takedown Fake news but shut you down w/o a thought. They dont want anyone but them CONTROLLING THE NARRATIVE!!! We cannot stand for this. How can we help? Watch..this will start seeing this with other YouTube channels. Curious how much closer we get to THE election things like this will happen across the board.

  7. The lightning fast march towards fascism ensues! What was that George Carlin mentioned about sitting around the dinner table?

  8. These divided states of America are long overdue for a revolution! Then again; there's that "divided thing!" The über-wealthy are having their way with US! Russia isn't far behind. I've mentioned before that the best any of US can aspire to is getting out of this country! As long as we continue to embrace mediocrity and dismiss any form of education this country is finished! Vladimir Putin is enjoying a nice real Russian vodka on the rocks every night over his successes over these divided states of America! The feds during Reagan's presidency told us the cold war was over. Uhmm…NO! Vlad is winning! Say goodbye to this country…IT'S FINISHED! Didn't even last 245 years! Our "great experiment in self governance" IS A FAILURE!

  9. I am a new viewer, just found you last night. But I am impressed with the quality of what you have to say. Can you sue them? I bet you can find some lawyers who'd be interested in working with you. Could serve Justice and potentially ultimately help you become more widely known. And it would reveal the scummy actions of CNN and Facebook. You might need to get protection. Kind of joking, but kind of not. You're obviously at a level that they feel threatened by and good for you! Look forward to watching more of your videos!

  10. When these social media CEOs, Creators start visiting Congress….The bias starts for the side that promises the most….Sorry bruh…!
    I wish I could contribute..but I am struggling to make ends meet…I am a small business owner just like you trying give my kids the best chance in this world…Thx for your content!

  11. Wtf! I think CNN should have to prove copyright issues BEFORE your video was taken down. YouTube should have 100% verified it beforehand. That's so messed up, I'm sorry dude! Keep fighting!

  12. “I fought the law and the law won!”
    Google/YouTube and Facebook are the establishment brother!! I only subscribe to alt channels like you- Jimmy Dore, Young Turks, Secular Talk, Humanist Report, Hill TV (w/Krystal Ball), etc. and north of 65% of my recommendations are CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc all corporate media tools- can you guess why David? You are fighting the man now bro!!!!

  13. So you're using another platform's stream (C-SPAN) to monetize on yet another platform's (FB) audience, and you're pissed they're flexing? That's how America works. Build a website, monetize that, then you're independent.

  14. I deleted FB years ago when I found that they were trying to manipulate my use of FB. It was no longer a neutral 3rd party.

  15. Let's remember Mark Zuckerberg who he's sitting with, Donald Trump. I've shared this video on my Facebook page. How Facebook shut you down. Let's see how long it stays up. They've come after me to on Facebook. So … www.instagram.com/Ships_Mate1917 oh and my comments on www.facebook.com/Johanness1917 flips over to my www.twitter.com/JPHaukkvaara automatically

  16. Facebook could of done it to show to Congress that facebook does filter content. It's just b.s. because Zuckerberg said it doesn't monitor its content.

  17. The power of the MIC (or if you wanna call it MSM) is at your front door. Citizens are at chaos and they are not uniting to fight them. David Pakman Show is the same. Instead of uniting the effort to fight the MIC (of MSM), you smear the people that is fighting them. This is why I said we choose to be chaotic over this situation instead of helping each other. Either unite the effort or we are doomed.

  18. The democracy of choice, where media consumption is concerned, is more important Now than ever; especially as we nurture a burgeoning cultural awakening to an autodidactic autonomy; (which is to slang), check out who’s dropping knowledge, & not just twisting your panties in a bunch with salacious slander. The pursuit of a multiplicity of perspective is essential in taking personal responsibility to not fall victim to the waves of propaganda campaigns. I understand freedom of expression is protected, but what about freedom of information consumption? Mirror image of the same thing I figure; if the pipeline of choice of/ access to political perspective media consumption is being throttled, then someone’s right to expression is being hindered, No?
    My picadillos on “informed consent” of citizens is whole separate rant.

  19. The financial repercussions for you are unfortunate and awful. The flip side is that you are definitely doing the right thing with your content. Just became a member.

  20. That is ridiculous! What a cheap way to keep actual reporting and information from those interested in these current events. I can honestly say I am not surprised, this is typical behavior from those companies.

  21. What the fluck Zuckerberg…Thanksgiving morn taught you zilch…You are not God…You are a putz…Who shut down metro pcs November 4…..Apparently my payment

  22. I see some of our exports are going up in price over there. Strange how a particular one is wine. Quite a boastful character is Trump (even though the vineyard is his son's).

  23. In the "olden days" when dial up reigned Supreme and MIDI was the only way to ad music to a website, who would have thought that the internet would come to this😢😢😢

  24. Sucker – berg is a strange and creepy guy who really does not seem too bright! CNN is told what to do by their owners and advertisers just like all MSM! All are corrupt, controlled and basically evil!!!

  25. I have empathy for your issues with monetization. But it’s not my problem so please stop making it something I need listen to frequently. Figure out a solution.

  26. America has freedom of speech and of the press but if you try to exercise it you are prevented from doing so. You are lucky, David, that you weren't arrested and disappeared.

  27. This looks like a YouTube and Facebook stunt. Did CNN actually have a problem with you, or do you think it was YouTube and Facebook being little shits?

  28. CNN wants to control the narrative, and also boost their ratings. If people are watching your live stream, that’s lost ad revenue due to a decline In their ratings. Exactly what I hate mainstream media. Everything to them is about controlling the narrative, and boosting ratings, not the truth. Hell theyre mostly to blame for Donald Trumps rise because of their unprecedented coverage of him even before he became the presumptive nominee. I can’t stand CNN, don’t watch them, and I never will.

  29. It's a clear the "big guys " want to shut the "little guys " down before they get too big and become competitor's. A really dirty thing to do. It's unbelievable. Other Chanels having the same problem. Always great videos! watch and support the "little guy !"

  30. This is the point at which it's time to talk to a lawyer. They don't get to make up bullshit and take away your money. If you can show that they are discriminating against you with no real foundation you should be able to get positive results. I watch you because you are independent and not corporate owned. Thank you for the genuine service you provide!!!

  31. Why is ANYONE surprise that Facebook shut David Pakman down and CNN files fraudulent claims against him?

    Why does ANYONE trust CNN or believe anything they say?

    CNN is a platform that promote people who say that all white people should be murdered/genocided. If the races were flipped and white people said that all POCs should be murdered/genocided and blamed all blacks or all Mexicans for the actions of a few thugs and bigots, they would be called racist and there would be a public outcry. But when someone encourage racism, hate crimes, violence, and mass murder against white people and spew hateful rethoric against all whites and blaming all whites for the actions of the few, no one bats an eye. This genocidal communist professor incited violence against white people and encouraged murder/genocide of all whites and CNN paint him as being a poor victim. How is someone who incite violence, hate crimes and murder against whole groups of people a poor victim? The truth is that if the guy was talking about any other race (any of them other than white), he would have been fired immediately. But because of this extreme far-Left mental illness ideology called Feminazism, there's this fucked up hypocritical double standard of "it's only racism when whites do it", "it's only sexism when men do it", and "it's only bigotry when cis and het people do it". The extreme far-Left is just as toxic, harmful and destructive as the extreme far-Right. All extremism is bad, whether it's extremist Right-Wing ideologies or extremist Left-Wing ideologies.

    Anyway, here are the videos about the genocidal communist professor who called for the mass killing/genocide of all white people and was promoted and painted as a victim by CNN:









    Not only does Trump support white supremacists who want to kill all black people, he also support black supremacists and their cult leaders who want to kill all white people (Trump's goal is to divide and conquer and pit blacks and whites against each other to keep people distracted so they don't see what Trump and his admin are doing behind their back):


    Exposing the double standard of the extreme far-Left and the RACISM, VIOLENCE, HATE CRIMES and COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT against white people:



    BOTH the Far-Right and the Far-Left are toxic, harmful, destructive and cancer on society. That's why I expose BOTH because BOTH need to be called out on their bullshit, bigotry, insanity, hypocrisy and double standards. I'm Center-Left and Progressive in my values but for the most part I'm NON-PARTISAN OR INDEPENDENT and I'm fed up with the RADICALS/LOONIES on BOTH sides (on BOTH the Right and the Left).

    Exposing the Far-Right:





    Exposing the Far-Left:





    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzG_3q50DuPnv_NSqNQaNsQr6mmJjfle0 (check out the playlist description and its links first and you'll see how fucking batshit crazy the authoritarian Far-Left is, just as bad as the authoritarian Far-Right)

    I'm Center-Left, a survivor of Right-Wing FundaMENTAList ideology, a Progressive Christian (I've been a Progressive for over 9 years now), an Egalitarian Anti-Feminist, an advocate for the philosophy of nonviolence and restorative justice (also I find MLK Jr. and Gandhi to be quite inspiring), and bisexual, and I don't apologize for any of it, in fact I'm proud of what I am and what I stand for. Also, I'm the aunt of two young boys age 5 and 3. And I love shows like Secular Talk (with Kyle Kulinski), The Ring of Fire (with Farron Cousin) and The Humanist Report (with Mike Figueredo). Like most if not all Progressive Christians, I support separation of "church" and state, freedom of/from religion, and anti-discrimination laws for LGBT people and Atheists/non-religious people.

  32. I’m getting bombarded on FB with friend requests of people whose cover photos are all the same. They are an American flag with a Trump photo superimposed on it and a picture of the so called person. All of them! They have the same American flag and same superimposed a Trump photo. The kicker is they can’t be recommended to me based on another friend. I don’t use FB for social networking. I have ZERO friends. I use FB for gaming log ins, follow political groups I enjoy which are all democratic, and crafting/decorating groups. I’m getting bombarded with Republican ads as well.

  33. Are you sure it was CNN that filed the complaint? It could be one of your political rivals. I'd suggest hiring an attorney if you believe it's important enough to pursue.

  34. Well I can't feel sorry when you make money using free platforms and only complain when it happens to you. Also, a third or more of each of your clips ask for money and pushing products on top of the crap YouTube inserts.

  35. The CNN issue was resolved but they should compensate him for lost wages. The fb thing us a bigger issue. One if several things that has me seriously concerned as I am an avid fb user. Im beginning to rethink my fb use.This should be a red flag to everyone!

  36. Well, isn't this how a corporatocracy works?? Why are we surprised that giant media corps are strong arming smaller independent channels?? This is just how late stage capitalism works.

  37. It's because Zukerburg went to meet with Trump at the White House and much have made a deal with him!!!! To block anyone here don't like!

  38. This make my so angry! (Had no intention to be a member) I actually don´t have the money right now (and to be frank) I need to have the focus on my country, Sweden, but this is not okay! I am signing up as a member right now!

    People need to stand up and react to the things that threatens our democracy. Organisations like Google (Youtube) and Facebook… There hidden agendas getting to dangerous.
    We really need to push back before it´s to late!

  39. I don’t watch many of the major news outlets, since their information is well censored. They only show you what they want you to see.

    The David Packman show along with other independent news outlets are a good way to stop drinking the cool-aid from the ruling class.

    I don’t do Facebook
    (I am FB intolerant), but I try to keep up with your program on other platforms. Good show.

  40. You are not alone in this. I have been trying for two days to forward news links from Yahoo to Facebook and have been blocked due to those same words. So I am thinking okay and try to respond and share on Facebook and get the notice that I am being blocked due to their complaints about their rules so I go and respond by saying I am forwarding news feeds so how is this against their rules and magically I am unblocked. No explanation.

  41. Social media is private and mostly unregulated. Congress is not moving to do anything about it. Profit on social media is paramount; it is why it exists. Since social remains in the hands of these private corporations, realistically, there is no legal recourse. FB, Twitter and others have transformed communications. It is rather sad but it’s back to the few that control the many. The hidden Trump base are rich where unregulated males. Sad. And on we go…

  42. I love your show because of its content. I also watch CNN for their news in general BUT after this, I will rethink others news sources that are friendly and respectful of shows like yours.

  43. My respect for CNN has been shattered. In these sad political times, CNN subscribers are counting on you. Release your reasoning to the subscribers. Zuckerberg is obviously the high almighty God of the internet and we don't understand how you would want to censor anyone.

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