Forsen reacts to Radio Kappa 15 (11+4) with live twitch chat!

Forsen reacts to Radio Kappa 15 (11+4) with live twitch chat!

English Okay, yo [Forsen] Anyway… he said that anyway Good shit not too long not too short. Good length, I would say Good job Nymn if you’re watching, which I assume you are Clappas in the chat, clappas in the chat. Good shit. Good shit. Good shit. That was a fucking monkaS Reckful scream by the way what the fuck. What was that from? Did you notice his title: 11 plus 4. MonkaTOS, what’s the title? No? What’s the title? …Yeah… Really helpful of us for (?) monkaTOS [Donation] Welcome to Uganda wait is it Radio Kappa 15? Wait, which radio Kappa is this even? Is this really Kappa 15? [Donation] Whaddya?! I mean, I know 11 plus 4 equals 15, you don’t have to be fucking retarded, okay chat? That’s a lot of radio Kappas. Holy shit. I know we were at 15. [Donation] If the breather is there you will always hear two steps as soon as you enter the alley… [Donation] …So you wanted to run for the door instantly or else you’re dead- [Forsen] Yeah, okay I didn’t act- [Donation] Here is a short video showing it. [Forsen] I didn’t actually have uhhhhmmm

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3 thoughts on “Forsen reacts to Radio Kappa 15 (11+4) with live twitch chat!

  1. Actually teared up hearing the Billy segment.
    Tfw it took a gay porn actor to bring a community of autistic cancer together.

  2. March 2018 was for me something… I have nothing to say:
    1. March 2, 2018 – ANIKI
    2. March 6, 2018 – My cat
    3. March 17, 2018 – My dad

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