Fox And Friends’ EPIC Fail

Fox And Friends’ EPIC Fail

>>Fox News sent Steve Doocy out to do this
man on the street type segment.
Usually, these segments are not live.
They’re usually taped, for reasons that you’re
about to see.
>>They have titled this segment, Dooce on
the Loose.
I’m not kidding, let’s take a look.
>>We’ve been watching all sorts of people
walking by with their texting device.
Excuse me, ma’am?
Hello, hello?
Excuse me, hi.
Can I ask you a question?
>>It’ll just take a second.
>>I see you’re walking through the crosswalk
with your phone.
>>How often do you look at your phone with
a text and things like that?
>>I try not to, often.
>>You may be, going forward, you could get
fined $250.
Is that a bad idea or a good idea?
>>I really don’t want to.
>>Okay, I don’t think she has, she’s in a
hurry to go to work.
Okay, this guy right over here.
Hi, how are you?
Look at this guy right here.
See, he’s using his phone.
Hi, excuse me.
Can I ask you a question?
Can you tell that New York City is a very
busy place?
It is indeed.
All right, meanwhile, we’ve got all these
people that are going to work.
Keep in mind, if you’re working in New York
City at 9 o’clock, you’ve got 20 minutes to
And so everybody is in a big hurry.
Now, right over here, AJ, here’s a guy.
I’m gonna surprise him, I’m gonna see if I
can get his attention.
Excuse me, excuse me, sir.
Hi, excuse me, can I ask you a question?
Come on, let’s go across the street.
Now, all the people who are texting or looking
at their phones could be subject to a $250
fine going forward.
But it looks as if, so far from the people
on the streets of New York City, let’s just
talk to this guy.
Hi, excuse me, can I ask you a question?
Everybody is busy.
>>So usually, these aren’t live.
Because you’re gonna get a ton of people who
don’t wanna talk to you, especially if you’re
Steve Doocy and most people don’t like you.
But more importantly-
>>How many times is he gonna say, I’m in
New York City?
It’s like he doesn’t actually know where he
gets choppered into from Florida every day.
I’m in New York City.
Look, I guess it’s people that actually do
real work.
Wow, look at you.
>>This is amazing, I-
>>It was so good.
I loved every moment, and that they didn’t
come off of it.
They were like, no, we’re gonna keep going.
We’re gonna keep showing this.
>>No, no, make him suffer.
What did he do to get this duty, Doocy?
>>Dooce on the Loose, guys.
>>Also, pro tip-
>>Dooce on the Loose, just let that sink
in for a second.
>>If someone is on their phone-
>>Dooce on the Loose.
Diarrhea, that’s what it sounds like.
>>No, someone’s mad at him, someone’s really
mad at him.
>>Yeah, for sure.
>>He lost the Game of Thrones pool or whatever
they were playing.
>>It’s either that, Doocy, or some folks
have this, we’re gonna do this quick segment.
I’ll go outside and do it, it’s gonna be fun.
And I really hope it was his idea.
He would be like, I can do it.
No, let’s go do it, people are gonna wanna
talk to me.
He should have gone up to the Bronx or something.
People will talk to him there.
You can definitely get people to say-
>>Yeah, aren’t you that guy?
Also, pro tip, don’t talk to people who are
on the phone.
They probably won’t respond to you, because
they’re on the phone.
>>Their texting device, as you call it.
>>No, the best part about it though is-
>>He was like, no, no.
>>I mean, look, they’re doing coverage of
a proposed law in New York.
But I would argue that it’s even more.
It’s unsafe to walk and text at the same time,
which is a fair point to make.
It’s also unsafe to film and walk across the
street at the same time, as your host is failing
to get anyone to answer a single question
about this law.
By the way, and when you can’t get anyone
to answer your questions and this is live,
you have to resort to stupid statements like,
can you tell that New York City is a very
busy place?
Yeah, yeah.
>>And it’s 8:40 in the morning and people
going to work at 9:00, they have 20 minutes
to get there.
>>Yeah, he starts shaming people on how late
they are for work.

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100 thoughts on “Fox And Friends’ EPIC Fail

  1. I'm pretty sure those people weren't even texting – it looked like they were just playing music or pod-casts on their phone.

  2. New york is a shit hole built on corrupted power. Dirtiest and smelliest city I've ever experienced.

  3. Well, it looks as if so far, the people on the street of New York City do not like him or FOX…🤪

  4. You got a better chance of seeing Spider-Man swing through the city than some random NYer being interested in stopping from getting to where they need to go for some random old dude.

  5. The ego of Fox "News"…lol…cover the mic you dipshits. Normal sane people know that logo means liars and cunts.

  6. So Fox "News" did a pointless fluff piece that failed, and then TYT did a pointless fluff piece ABOUT that pointless fluff piece. I think we can safely say that we have reached media over-saturation some time ago.

  7. Didnt TYT just put out a vid saying not saying AOC's properly name was racist, ah the tolerance of the left. You dont need to be a fan of fox news to know they will be around long after TYT folds. Probably 6 months after 2020 elections. They have already burned through that 20 mil they got and have been begging for crumbs. HOw did that member drive go, did you reach your goal? lol.

  8. Holy crap, that was painful to watch, but I love it at the same time. Some Fox asshole is getting treated like he's out asking for change. LMFAO!!!

  9. Can't believe someone missed the opportunity to say "No, I don't want to talk to you Douche, because you are a dickhead".

  10. Let's slap this dude with double fee of $250 for trying to distracted those walking trying to go to work! Lol 🤣

  11. Why don’t you liberal nut ban the cell phones and blame the cell phones Takeaway the cell phones like you want to with the guns… how come the people are going to be find how come it’s not the phones fault just like it’s the guns fault how come the person is being held accountable and the phone is not being held accountable…Instead of the police going after the people how about they go after all the illegals and all the heroin dealers

  12. Who would want to talk with one of donaldjtrumps friends? Seriously what did you expect you see why everyone quit Fox News when Trump got elected they knew at some point they would actually have to face reality here it comes

  13. Loosie Doosie is creepier than the religious fanatics dressed up in sheets and holding up signs saying shit like "Repent Now".

  14. Why would you bother people on their way to work? People are planning their priorities of the day as they head there. I barely look to the side on my way to work.

  15. Excuse me I'm walking around with a camera man being an ignoramus in traffic…FOXSIDIOTS ,NY just told you to F off.

  16. Maybe these people know how fake FOX "News" is and that was the reason the reporter couldn't even get the time of day let alone and interview.

  17. You ran out lies about Trump so this is what you report on? You people are pathetic. You'd get more viewers if you put Ana under you desk you propagandist POS.

  18. So he is not concentrating on the lights and traffic, getting distracted by pedestrians and his microphone, and whining about people possibly distracted by texting. They could fine him!

  19. I still just think they were purposefully using their phones because the camera were there lol. They figured he wouldn't bother them IF they were looking at their phone. Oops lol

  20. You ladies sound so jealous with your druggy side kick, Doocy has more viewers in 1hr then you get all yr, thats youtube for news shows that suck and u suck! GO DOOCY!

  21. I walk and use my phone, and am far more conscientious than most others walking around not doing it. Got hit by a woman walking out of a bank reading her bank balance despite, still using my phone, trying to swerve to avoid her. She knew it was her bad and apologized, and no harm done, but should we ban or fine people for bank books? Phones aren’t the problem.

  22. Everyone commenting needs to Go to Fox News comment sections and state their opinion there . We are all in agreement here . They troll us and are only getting louder. We need to hit back at home base .

  23. Were his producers penalizing him?? He did not seem to be aware of how he sucked… punishment only works if one submitted to it knows the pain. Who says TYT can't do Comedy! Wonder what his actual fan-viewers thought. but do they have actual Thoughts??

  24. I was in the middle of drinking something when Ana said Dooce on the Loose sounds like diarrhea and I nearly choked on my beverage laughing. 😂

  25. This is bullshit. Doocey has talked to people on the street MANY times with no problem. This was just an unlucky morning for him. People were on thier way to work. I personally like the video of the 2016 election night when Cenk Uygur was whining like the little bitch that he is. I'm sure Ben Mankowitz calmed him down later with a hand job..

  26. Him and his son are both giant Turds. They have no business in the Broadcasting business. Take a hike up Trump's ass.

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