100 thoughts on “Full Panel: Democratic Establishment Fears Sanders Nomination | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. Socialism will be the end of African-American and Hispanic-American. I rather vote for Bloomberg than to vote for Bernie. You guys say you hate Russia, but Bernie is the bringing communism to the USA.

  2. Every single mention of Bernie is negative hit pieces. I don't understand the goal. Look at the voters for the answers not speculative opinion or at the least have people on the show that represent progressive's and debate it with them. That's what we do and your the "pros".

  3. Chuck Todd – “this calandar is a disaster……… for those people who are hoping to stop Bernie…..which I never said I was part of that group….. Bernie’s a Nazi”

  4. You realize you are talking about a presidential candidate who a large percentage of the people in this country support? I’m much more moderate than progressive, but Donald Trump and the division he has created along with conversations like this have propelled Bernie Sanders to the front. He is authentic and I respect that, I agree with his message but not with how he plans to execute those changes. But keep I’m having conversations that show how much you don’t want him in office and you guarantee he will be running against trump.

  5. A group of people literally discussing how and if the democratic establishment could subvert democracy to stop Sanders. I thought that what Sanders stands for ARE democratic principles! So disappointing!!

  6. This is all BS. They have tried all kinds of tricks to get people vote establishment super pacs fail, cheat in Iowa fail, hire a billionaire to split vote fail, these people are worried because their money is in jeopardy

  7. Maybe dont be greedy yes men for rich interest we need the people need a new "new deal" since the 70s weve been marginalize and pandered to and lied to….

  8. Hehehe! Chuck and his goons sitting around the table talking about how the establishment won't let Bernie win. Mofos, YOU are the establishment!

  9. 🤓🤓🤓🤓People in power get to promote their agenda. Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist, who was an independent for a long time. Bernie sanders was able to co-opt the Democratic Party , because the Democratic Party forgot what it stood for. Now you have Joe Biden who's proud of being friends with segregationist while trying to ride on the backs of Black Americans and people of color. Latinos and immigrants know a Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Klobuchar, and so it goes will carry out the Latinos' agenda, look at how they have co-opted the civil rights movement, clayburn in South Carolina went for Joe Biden, what three strikes wasn't enough?? Who can carry out a progressive constructive Black American agenda???😮😮😮🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔who should want to???😒😒😒😒

  10. Everyone on this panel would have to pay higher taxes under a Sanders presidency thats why its any one but bernie in these guys and gals brains.

    Pay your share you shills

  11. The DNC (Donors NOT Constituents) and DCCC (Donors' Campaign Cash Committee) and the Democratic Party gave up on working people during the Reagan era. Sanders' success is because the party has changed its focus and now serves its donors almost exclusively. The people will replace the party leaders with true public servants who will stand up to the corporate takeover of our government, the outrageous tax giveaways to the rich and powerful, the exploitation of sick Americans for profit, etc. The list goes on and on. Sanders will win because the party has failed its voters. And idiots like Carville are too blinded by the DC bubble to see the writing on his own face.
    The DNC (Donors NOT Constituents) and DCCC (Donors' Campaign Cash Committee) are currently on a voter suppression mission to deep six Bernie's candidacy. Perez, we're watching you and your underhanded b.s.

  12. Hi Chuck, if you wonder why Bernie supporters get upset at you, before calling them Nazis, maybe you should ask yourself this: would you ever run a segment titled "Can anyone stop Hillary?"

  13. A good NewsAnchor or Jurnalist will immediately invite Sanders for hours of interview to detail on how Bernie Sanders would deliver his hardcore promises.. People has the right to know his delivering strategies before votes for him

  14. They’re not even being discreet anymore they’re openly having a round table plotting to stop Bernie Sanders, are they suppose to be journalists or is there a new name for them?

  15. Wow, they sound like “brownshirts”, isn’t that ironic… the establishment, that hasn’t helped the working people, are worried about why the people aren’t voting for their candidates…

  16. What Bloomberg said is classic and right, Bernie and his supporters(Trump&Trump supporters) play the election "game" wrongly that divided the country further by electing a representative of their interests into the WH, which is the job the Congress should do. POTUS should be the chief executive officer who makes decisions for the entire country. That being said, electing a person like your neighbor widespread among voters is a correct way for choosing house representatives and senators, but a wrong way for choosing a POTUS. If you want a "United States", then you should play the game according to the classic way, otherwise, you just hijacked the game and the election and the country into a tool for your own interests, which is not an election for the United States anymore but a power struggle for the Divided States. Today's polarized political environment resulted in unbalanced economic strategies in the past 40 years which was not only domestic policies but international strategies as well. You will lose all you paid in the past 40 years for the strategies as if you abandon the strategies had been done which were the reasons why you hated the establishment.

  17. True, it is nauseating. Who watches Chuck Todd? He is not an intelectual, just a pundit with an agenda. If people wants Bernie, Bernie has to be nominated.

  18. That obama guy needs to remember we are a republic not a mob democracy. Typical statist. Sounds like a russian socialist

  19. Bernie's message:
    1. Free College
    2. Medicare for all

    Oh yeah, that'll win over the Never Trumpers and bring back dems who voted Trump– NOT!

  20. Chuck Todd has really been losing my respect over this primary season. He seems to create the negative narrative against Bernie. And never gives ANY positive points. Please STOP! I will stop watching you as will so many others.

  21. So instead of asking “how far can this grassroots movement go and grow” the media keeps asking how to stop a movement set on taxing the rich and moving to healthcare for all. Lets you know just how much NBC hates the average viewers…

  22. For the last 45 president elections a man has taken the position, the latest being the worst of all elected in history. Isn’t it time to shake up and change this position with a woman instead of a man. A woman may well be the best choice to bring us together, to settle all the noise and equalize the playing field. There are two very good women running, let’s take a chance and break away from a man in this position.

  23. The GOP no longer has any credibility. They cannot be trusted to bring justice where justice is needed. If they can do this to you during this impeachment…what do you think they are doing behind your backs? I have never been one to vote for a particular party, I’ve always voted for the person. But, after listening to both the HR and Senate trials I’m convinced that the GOP is far more corrupt then I ever imagined. I will never vote for another republican again because of what I’ve witness over the last 3 years. It’s difficult to regain confidence in anyone if their mouths are constantly flapping but saying nothing of consequences.

  24. While the primary is still going and once Bernie wins the nominee, House Democrats need to investigate all the damage Trump's trade war is inflicting on the economy and they better do it now!

  25. I am a Democrat leaning Independent from MI. Independents, Democrats and those who voted for trump would have voted for Bernie if he had been our option. We do not trust politicians. Bernie has been Bernie for 40 years. We want to drain the swamp. We don’t want to have bake sales to help someone with cancer in our community. We graduate from college with huge debt and jobs that don’t pay. Owning a home, car, vacations having a good life seems impossible. We look at countries (Canada here in Michigan) and see they care about their citizens. We see Socialist countries in Europe and we want that. The only people freaking about Communism are old people and old school Republicans. This Republican Party doesn’t care about Russia interfering so communism must not concern them despite their hypocrisy.
    The Democratic, Republican Parties and those in media are so far removed from reality. Biden is establishment. We do not want that anymore.

  26. Chuck Todd, a trumpy Republican, brings a bunch of shade to Bernie once again. Any little thing ignorant, paid speakers can do to shade Bernie. People who like living know King trumpy must be defeated. Maybe you are confident you will have health insurance after trumpy gets done with that, but it will cover nothing, cost a fortune, and only help the rich and big business. The USA was taken over by a criminal cabal. he USA is broken now, but will be a s'hole in a few more minutes.

  27. Chuck Todd is a mushy, talking garbage can with a beard. Carville and Hughett are broken tools of the corporate establishment overlords. None of them speak for Normal people.
    Still Voting for Bernie Sanders 🐦.

  28. Trying to stop Bernie means trying to stop the will of the people. That's Anti-Democratic and Anti-American. And if the DNC overrides the will of the people again, it will be the end of the Democratic Party and another win for Trump.

  29. maybe instead of sabotaging their own candidate, the DNC should stand behind him
    that is, if they want to WIN the election

  30. To all Bernie bro's and your socialism views:
    1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
    2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
    3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
    4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!
    5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

  31. All the Democrats are completely detached from reality. Like the main stream media, worthless shows like Meet the Press with their boot lickin' Democrat protagonist have nothin but hot air. Any elected Democrat will get nothing they discussed done, due to the fact they have no plausible constructive result that will be for any benefit for all hardworking taxpaying American citizens. There will never be enought $$$$ or valuable time for their " pie in the sky hogwash"". Ridiculous.
    TRUMP TRAIN 2020. The dems are making fools of themselves amongst themselves now, wait till the big show starts will our President Donald J Trump. It will be cruel but fair.

  32. Stablishment is afraid they won't get their Kickbacks . And they won't be able To control The narrative of who they want to put in. Bernie Sanders Is the only one That can change it for everyone. For the better

  33. If you are thinking that Bernie can't win, you are admitting that it is the Moderates who will refuse to Vote Blue “No Matter Who”.

    You ARE one of these 3: Supporter, Resistor, Enabler.
    Frankly, I worry more about those who refuse to stop donald than I do about those who choose to elect him.

  34. As I’ve said elsewhere: If everyone is on board and we work smart, we may recover from the damage caused by the current POS POTUS in what—? Twenty years? Our new President will need 8 years during which we can hope to restore all the relationships with our global allies, sever and delouse those with our adversaries. Our new President has to be wicked smart, healthy, personable, empathetic, multi-dimensional, creative, and flexible. Who best fits that bill? Beyond the fact that he is wholly unqualified and deeply flawed as a human, the conman occupying the White House cheated, lied, and bullied his way in. With such an incompetent doofus at the helm, even though he is so much worse than most might have imagined, somehow people seem to hold the diametrically opposed ideas that “if Trump can do it, anyone could do it better” and that a new President should have all the experience, flawlessly answer to all needs, and be all things to all people. President Barack Obama is not gonna save us. He was the best, least flawed, smartest, most capable, visionary, and coolest POTUS we have ever had. Yet, remember how tirelessly he worked and how much resistance he faced? Barack Obama was a young and healthy President with a kind, loving, and supportive family. Yet, those 8 years took so much out of him! What measure of such glorious gifts does your choice for the next POTUS have to give?

  35. Chris Mathews ,joy reid, james Carville and msnbc attacked Bernie. They dont want bernie and the dnc must find a way to get rid of him

  36. Chuck Todd you and the Dem establishment are the reason we lost the last election, and God help you if you try to steal the nomination from Bernie at the convention!

  37. At a time when we should be hailing the Sanders organization for showing that Democracy actually works, the likes of MSNBC and CNN are putting up banners that read, CAN ANYONE STOP SANDERS? Irony? Amazing to me. I can't even watch this anymore. It's become glaring apparent who the media is working for and it ain't the people.

  38. We fear you missing the point more than anything. What the world wants is stability and safety. If that means Bernie, so be it! You MEDIA are NOTA DOING YOUR JOB. You use your job to push YOUR agenda.

  39. The Democratic establishment don't fear Bernie "where's that blue pill" Sanders. They fear the 4 more years of trump which is what a Bernie Sanders nomination would mean.

  40. Does the D and R establishment put up a fusion candidate in the general election against Trump and Bernie? Mitt Romney?

  41. How is it possible that Chuck Todd (and so very many others) can not know the difference between democratic socialist and socialist?
    And which is worse, he knows the difference and chooses to deceive and mislead, or he is so incompetent and ignorant that he actually does not know they are distinctly different.

  42. I love the mainstream media’s strategy. Talking about the establishment scared of Bernie but using EXACTLY their talking points 😆 at least they are talking about the head to head match ups. Still a balanced argument

  43. Marie Antoinette lifestyle liberals just don't get it! Anand Giridharadas is right, your dying aristocracy is about to implode.

  44. Listen to Bernie's speech after Nevada.


    No one will not vote for the most boring person in the room.
    John Kerry
    Walter Mondale
    Michael Dukakis
    Al Gore

  45. Todd stop everyone who has taken any first year Poly-Sci class knows that Bernie's label of Democratic Socialist has nothing in common with the definition of Socialism.
    Try reporting the news and stop adding to the right-wings fear mongering or the Democratic establishment terror that they are going to lose their gravy train.
    Bernie is saying what every Democrat has been saying for the past 80 years.
    The fear is Bernie means it.

  46. It's interesting how they're giving suggestions to the Democratic Establishment to stop Bernie Sanders, but they can't STOP THE VOTERS who believe in his message. This is similar to the Republican Establishment that wanted to stop Donald Trump in 2016. Again, you can't stop the voters from hearing the message and responding to it! Many Americans are tired of those who have been in power for decades and IGNORED their problems while bailing out large corporations and foreign nations with billions of our tax revenue.

  47. #MSNBC #ChuckTodd… He’s not a #Socialist like #NorthKorea. It’s #SocialDemocracy like #Canada, #Australia, #England, #France, #Germany, etc. BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO

  48. #MSNBC #ChuckTodd Today we don’t have #Capitalism in the #UnitedStates. It’s now full blown #Corporatism that only benefits the Corporations and they get all the #subsidies from the government rather than #WeThePeople. Don’t opine for #Corporatism and leave that out of your cute segment. #CorporateWelfare and the #Elites aren’t complaining about it. The time is now they’ve gotten to greedy

  49. Who in the “Hay” is Tom Steyer, I’m not joking, the Nevada Carcass was my first time noticing him, and I follow politics and news three sixty five, lol! 🤣

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