Good news in the fight against pancreatic cancer | Laura Indolfi

Good news in the fight against pancreatic cancer | Laura Indolfi

By raising your hand, how many of you know
at least one person on the screen? Wow, it’s almost a full house. It’s true, they are very famous
in their fields. And do you know what
all of them have in common? They all died of pancreatic cancer. However, although it’s very,
very sad this news, it’s also thanks to their personal stories that we have raised awareness
of how lethal this disease can be. It’s become the third cause
of cancer deaths, and only eight percent of the patients
will survive beyond five years. That’s a very tiny number, especially if you compare it
with breast cancer, where the survival rate
is almost 90 percent. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise that being diagnosed
with pancreatic cancer means facing an almost
certain death sentence. What’s shocking, though,
is that in the last 40 years, this number hasn’t changed a bit, while much more progress has been made with other types of tumors. So how can we make pancreatic cancer
treatment more effective? As a biomedical entrepreneur, I like to work on problems
that seem impossible, understanding their limitations and trying to find new,
innovative solutions that can change their outcome. The first piece of bad news
with pancreatic cancer is that your pancreas is in the middle
of your belly, literally. It’s depicted in orange on the screen. But you can barely see it until I remove all the other
organs in front. It’s also surrounded
by many other vital organs, like the liver, the stomach,
the bile duct. And the ability of the tumor
to grow into those organs is the reason why pancreatic cancer is one of the most painful tumor types. The hard-to-reach location
also prevents the doctor from surgically removing it, as is routinely done
for breast cancer, for example. So all of these reasons leave
chemotherapy as the only option for the pancreatic cancer patient. This brings us to the second
piece of bad news. Pancreatic cancer tumors have
very few blood vessels. Why should we care
about the blood vessel of a tumor? Let’s think for a second
how chemotherapy works. The drug is injected in the vein and it navigates throughout the body
until it reaches the tumor site. It’s like driving on a highway,
trying to reach a destination. But what if your destination
doesn’t have an exit on the highway? You will never get there. And that’s exactly the same problem for chemotherapy and pancreatic cancer. The drugs navigate
throughout all of your body. They will reach healthy organs, resulting in high toxic effect
for the patients overall, but very little will go to the tumor. Therefore, the efficacy is very limited. To me, it seems very counterintuitive
to have a whole-body treatment to target a specific organ. However, in the last 40 years, a lot of money, research
and effort have gone towards finding new, powerful drugs
to treat pancreatic cancer, but nothing has been done
in changing the way we deliver them to the patient. So after two pieces of bad news, I’m going to give you
good news, hopefully. With a collaborator at MIT and the Massachusetts
General Hospital in Boston, we have revolutionized
the way we treat cancer by making localized
drug delivery a reality. We are basically parachuting you
on top of your destination, avoiding your having to drive
all around the highway. We have embedded the drug
into devices that look like this one. They are flexible enough
that they can be folded to fit into the catheter, so the doctor can implant it
directly on top of the tumor with minimally invasive surgery. But they are solid enough
that once they are positioned on top of the tumor, they will act as a cage. They will actually
physically prevent the tumor from entering other organs, controlling the metastasis. The devices are also biodegradable. That means that once in the body, they start dissolving, delivering the drug only locally,
slowly and more effectively than what is done with the current
whole-body treatment. In pre-clinical study,
we have demonstrated that this localized approach is able to improve by 12 times
the response to treatment. So we took a drug that is already known and by just delivering it locally
where it’s needed the most, we allow a response
that is 12 times more powerful, reducing the systemic toxic effect. We are working relentlessly to bring
this technology to the next level. We are finalizing the pre-clinical testing and the animal model required
prior to asking the FDA for approval for clinical trials. Currently, the majority of patients
will die from pancreatic cancer. We are hoping that one day, we can reduce their pain,
extend their life and potentially make pancreatic cancer a curable disease. By rethinking the way we deliver the drug, we don’t only make it
more powerful and less toxic, we are also opening the door
to finding new innovative solutions for almost all other impossible problems in pancreatic cancer patients and beyond. Thank you very much. (Applause)

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79 thoughts on “Good news in the fight against pancreatic cancer | Laura Indolfi

  1. the problematic here is that the chemicals aren't reaching properly the target so why not invent a locally active implant. But i think that there's a lot more in game than locally/not locally issues. Patients are also treated with radiotherapy (which is local) yet, they still die withing 5 years. this talk gives us a new perspective on a high mortality cancer but it's very simplistic and i hope people won't be fooled by it.

  2. why not just injecting it in the tumor with a needle.
    or maybe that gene that stops cells from deviding in a needle and injecting it in the tumor.
    I assume that procedure is even less invasive, locally and probably easier.
    no seriously I want the opinion of someone with a little more knowledge on this subject….

  3. 12 times more powerful sounds great and all, but it comes with different and possibly greater risks. Like, for example, the fact that this application of the drug will also deliver much more harmful doses of chemotherapy to the immediate surroundings of the tumor, as well the technical issues involved in making sure the device does not shift after surgery. Dosages may well be able to be increased/decreased depending on the situation, but I'm not sure how they plan on assuring that the device does not move.

    Also, how quickly does the device itself dissolve inside the body? Wouldn't it be difficult to apply repeated doses to effectively kill the tumor's advance? There is a lot of information regarding this device that went undisclosed in this talk. I don't want to downplay the upsides to this new kind of treatment, it's just bothers me that so little was actually said.

  4. Over 85% of all pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, when someone has less than a 2% chance of survival. In a 2013 TED talk Jack Andraka talks about how he developed a promising early detection test for pancreatic cancer that’s super cheap, effective & non-invasive — all before his 16th birthday. What happened with this? His talk is at

  5. Lies! Cancer was successfully cured almost a hundred years ago, but it's not good business, so organized medicine pushes its profitable chemotherapeutic nonsense. Google Gerson Institute

  6. this people are brainwashed how can they be so stupid JUST JUICE GREENS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY CANNABIS.CANNABIS IS THE CURE

  7. Wonderful news!! Adjunctively providing more hope in the minds of the afflicted is powerful as well.

  8. I don't like the term Biomedical Entrepreneur. Sounds like a doctor who just wants to make money by marketing a new diet pill.

  9. Cannabis oil kills cancer. Cannabis oil kills cancer. It is real, it works, it is safe. Does BigPharma want a cure for cancer? How many jobs would be lost if there were no more cancer? Does the AMA want a cure for cancer? Cannabis oil cures people from cancer.

  10. What about metastasis? Many pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, and are already metastasized. How will local chemotherapy solve anything here? Whipple surgery (removal of galbladder, duodenum, head of the pancreas and sometimes part of the stomach) is already being widely implemented to remove local pancreatic cancer tumors.

  11. So let me get this straight, so far 14 people disliked it. What could be a reason to dislike such a great possible life saving cure?

  12. Although only still in the preclinical stages, this treatment for pancreatic cancer sounds very promising! Coming from a very small town that has lost two mothers in the past year to this disease, I am very excited to hear of advancements that may help to fight against such a devastatingly fatal type of cancer. With chemotherapy currently being used as the sole treatment of pancreatic cancer, the development of  a new, more effective treatment should be an urgent matter. The location and access of blood vessels of the pancreas create many problems that nearly eliminate the effectiveness of surgery and chemotherapy. However, by attempting to use chemotherapy, the rest of the body suffers, often leaving the individual without the bodily strength to continue the fight. Through the use of this new device, there will no longer be a need for tiring and destructive chemotherapy. Instead, the device will specifically target the tumor on the pancreas, hopefully bringing about a cure for this disease. Through the development of this device, the outlook for this type of cancer may not look so grim, and the survival rate will certainly increase about 8% after 5 years. We can only hope and pray that the device is successful enough to make it through the clinical stages!

  13. gods cures bitter apricot seeds an thc cannabis oil by rick simpson run from the cure..and edward griffin without cancer ..Amen

  14. Es la tercera causa de muerte por cáncer y solo un 8% de los Pacientes sobreviven más de Cinco años.
    Esta Es Una cifra muy baja, especialmente si se compara con el Cáncer de Mama donde el índice de supervivencia es casi el 90%.

    Así Que En Realidad no es una sorpresa Que Ser diagnosticado con Cáncer de páncreas SIGNIFICA enfrentarse a una Sentencia de muerte casi segura.

    Lo Que es sorprendente sin embargo, es que En Los Últimos 40 años, esas estadísticas no ha Cambiado en absoluto, si bien se ha avanzado mucho más con Otros Tipos de tumores. ¿Qué hacer para lograr v terapias Más Eficientes para el Cáncer de páncreas?

  15. Hello? There IS A CURE,,! MAX GERSON HAS CURED THOUSANDS IN STAGE 4 pancreatic cancer back in the 20s, because Big Pharma has paid off legislature to NOT disclose the cure! Look into GERSON THERAPY! His daughter Charlotte Gerson is touring the world supporting his successful treatments to thousands!! For over half ndred years! Many successful happy people's testimonies are on YouTube, listen to them! So sad this country DOES NOT know😕

  16. Not going to work. One reason that pancreatic cancer is so deadly is because it has already microscopically metastasized when it is diagnosed, even during stage 1.

  17. I wonder if the unusual diet I've followed for eleven years now might help cancer. For eleven years, I have lived more than 90% on fluid milk products, cow milk and cow cream. So every day more than 90% of my diet is some kind of milk–skim, 1%, 2%, whole–plus I sometimes buy pints of half-and-half or fluid whipping cream and drink them straight.

    In my case the diet helps with an eye problem. To put it a little simply, if I eat solid, mixed food my eyes hurt and vision blurs; but if I follow the milk/cream diet, they feel and work okay.

    I don't know all the reasons the milk/cream diet works, but I can explain one based on how my body feels. After you eat your food, the nutrients from the food go into your blood and circulate to the cells to nourish them. It seems to me that although my system does break up solid food it doesn't break it up as thoroughly as milk and cream, and hence when the nutrients from solid food reach the cells they clog and irritate the cells more than the nutrients from milk and cream, leading to pain and dysfunction. In my case the pain and dysfunction show up in my eyes, but I think for other people it might show up in other body areas and ways. I have the idea the milk/cream diet might therefore give relief to many diseases, including cancer, other eye disease, and fibromyalgia. I'm trying to get the medical establishment to test the idea, but that hasn't happened yet, so in the meantime I tell sick people about it thinking it might help them. So you might try the diet to see what it might do for you. It might not help at all, since I don't know of any cancer patient trying it. I tend to think it will help.

    I got this idea from the Masai people of Kenya who live only on milk and beef from their cows. They do have one important rule for food mixing. They say "If a man eats meat and drinks milk on the same day, he is a glutton." So for me I must choose every day whether it will be a beef day or a milk day. I like beef, but prefer milk, so for me every day is a milk day. I really don't know what would happen if I had some beef days, but I've been quite content having them all be milk days.

  18. My boyfriend had stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2005. He is alive today by natural herbs and detoxifying. Glands, colan, and cells. The search bar on you tube is the first step.

  19. What she says about why this cancer is so hard to treat makes sense. Very few blood vessels to transport medication.
    The brain has very few blood vessels as well.
    So to my way of thinking, you need to administer a product (not necessarily a drug) via the way that these organs absorb to function. Easier said then done.
    There must be some brainiacs out there that can do it.

  20. My mommy died from this at age 48. I miss my angel😢 ppl please, take care of yourself, and dont eat sugars please. Dont drink too much coffee, because it spikes insulin constantly and dexydrate the cells from water. Get mr scan often

  21. Try water fasting.  It works like immunotherapy, but immunotherapy costs $120,000 to $500,000 for one dose.  Water fasting does the same thing for free.

  22. my sister's friend cured his cancer last year with natural herbs detoxes and by alkalining in his body (not sure what stage he was at)… so yes get the help from your doctor..but also do your own research…

    this is what he used..

    *Pure Graviola also known as "sour sop" (fights cancer and other diseases)
    *black seed oil (fights cancer and other diseases)
    *olive leaf extract (fights cancer and other diseases)
    *Apple cider vinegar (look up ways to alkaline your body which cancer cannot survive in)
    *aloe (regenerate healthy cell turn over)
    * and turmeric

    again please get the help from your doctor and do your research… keep in mind results my vary. but Atlest this is a star if you want to know of natural herbs…

    I'm not a doctor.. I'm just spreading awareness and knowledge of what I know that helped someone and possibly help other's.

    prayers to you all..🙏🙏

  23. that s A complete BS . Check Dr Nickolas Gonzales the Doc who cured pancreatic cacer narturally …killed in 2015 by BIG PHARMA . He had 200 patients at a time with diferent types of cancer !

  24. You have cancer and other diseases because your immune system is weak and your body is acidic, so to get cured, you need to improve your immune system and alkalise your body.
    Start the following steps immediately to improve your immune system and get all your cancer cells killed and to be disease free :
    * Take daily vitamin C injection therapy.
    * Take daily high dose of 1000mg of Vitamin C capsule or tablet.
    * Take daily tumeric root tea or tumeric powder capsule.
    * Take Vitamin D3
    * Drink lemon 🍋 water daily and make it your only water, drink bitter Grapefruit juice daily or at least 3 times a week, eat ripped fresh tomatoes daily, they all contain plenty of Vitamin C that your body needs to improve your immune system.
    * Take daily 500mg of Vitamin B17 or daily raw bitter apricot seeds, vitamin B17 is found in raw bitter apricot seeds. Apricot seed and Vitamin B17 are banned in the USA and Canada, so you can only buy it online or on Amazon.
    How to eat raw apricot seeds daily :
    * Eat 1 raw bitter apricot seed 3 times daily and and eat 2 raw apricot seeds 3 times daily and build it up gradually to 10 apricot seeds 3 times daily for 4 months and you will be cancer free.
    Note : Apricot seed if eaten too much can be very deadly, so please don't eat above 10 seeds for 3 times daily.
    I also saw on a Man's youtube commentary saying that his wife was cured of breast cancer by drinking apricot seed oil only, but he did not say the number of spoons of apricot seed oil she was drinking and how many times daily she was drinking it. But you can try it by starting with just a tea spoon of food grade apricot seed oil for 3 times daily and see how your body reacts to it and then gradually build it up to 1 table spoon or more for 3 times daily, Good luck.

  25. We need to start looking at cancer for what it is: a metabolic disease. This idea is great, and should be moved forward – but it still treats cancer as a genetic disease.

  26. I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer.. diagnosed in Sept 2018.. she passed May 19 2019..8 months.. my mother was strong.. physically and emotionally …she became a widow at a young age..bared 7 children.. raised them on her own.. I watched her suffer with her diagnosis. My mother was miserable. I wanted to help her so bad… I couldn't do anything for her. I mean I could give her pain meds and meds for the relentless nausea..I tried to stay strong for her. She didn't want to see me hurting and I didn't want to cry in front of her. But she knew. I couldn't kiss her on her forehead without a tear falling. All I want to do is learn more.. read.. do research for better outcome of this disease. The statistics haven't changed in years. Knowing how deadly this disease is why hasn't there been any changes with research for so long. It's as if your on your own. I don't want to cover or mask the symptoms with narcotics.. I want results. She had a hard life and I'm saddened she had to go through what she did. No one deserves this suffering! No one!


  28. I had NeuroEndocrine Cancer in 2012. Lost the tail of my pancreas and my spleen. Now, have " numerous" things growing in the front, not lg enough to biopsy. My surgeon says They are " probably" just cysts and I don't need a yearly MRI. I WANT a yearly MRI. What can I do?

  29. Monotherapy SM-88 has gotten some great results so far in clinical trials. Look at a company called Tyme Technology. Very promising data on Pancreatic and Prostate cancer.

  30. Breast cancer is caused by fake breasts.
    Pancreatic cancer is caused by taking drug cocktails.
    Stop making sense.

  31. Such (assuming that they are not lying) "advancements" will only be available to rich people. However, just 20 years ago, immunotherapy was presented as the ultimate cure for cancers. I know that there are many types of cancer, different mutations and it is hard to cure. However, such news should not be treated as feasible cures in the short term. I think most of the "advancements" are advertised unnecessarily causing some people to question the motives of certain doctors or researchers.

  32. my dad friend just passed away from pc two days ago! he as only in the hospital one night an died the next day! he didint even know he had cancer until it was too late! he never went to the doctors until it killed him! it has spread to his vital organs!

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