Headlines Today 4th March

a man who is seeking refuge at a cafe
from a wildfire was shocked to see his
own home explode on television Andrew
Clarke had evacuated his Jynx Creek
Winery in Australia to escape wild bush
fires and was watching the news with
other evacuate when his home came on the
screen he said I saw our wine cellar
door restaurant in the house next to our
Airbnb cottage explode on TV that’s how
we found out we’ve lost everything
he watched the inferno with his wife
Abigail at the village of Bunya 65 miles
from Melbourne he told the herald-sun
everything we’ve worked for our entire
life it’s all gone in a couple of hours
it’s surreal I’m too scared to go back
to look at it he had managed to return
to his home after being evacuated and
save his two dogs lightning sparked the
intense blaze on Friday night at the
Bunyip State Park and it quickly spread
this morning there were 25 fires in more
than 400 firefighters trying to quell
the fires which had destroyed five homes
a dire emergency warning was issued for
the suburbs between Bunyip and tonin
buck from the south to the north and
Tainan north to Liberty to SH from the
east to the west two sisters who
vanished for 44 hours after walking into
woods near their home have been found
alive in the rugged Northern California
wilderness thanks to a trail of granola
bars they left behind them a desperate
hunt was launched to track down
eight-year-old Leia Carrico and her
sister Caroline five who went missing
after leaving their house in rural
Benbow California at about 2:30 p.m. on
Friday a fire chief and firefighter from
a local volunteer department found Leia
and Caroline Carrico in a wooded area
one point four miles from their home
Humboldt County Sheriff William Hansell
said but the girls were safe and sound
and uninjured thanks in part to survival
training they got with their local youth
club incredible footage shows their
parents hugging and kissing them as
they’re surrounded by friends and family
sheriff Hansel said this is an absolute
this is rugged territory this is an
extreme environment how they were out
there for 44 hours is pretty amazing
Estelle Fennell the second district
supervisor in humble
County also expressed gratitude for the
community support we have so many of
these kinds of efforts that end up in
tears she said today we can all shed
tears of joy vanished after sneaking out
the girls had not been given permission
by their mom to go for a walk together
but were believed to have taken off
anyway police were called at about 6
p.m. and a massive search operation was
launched after family and neighbors
failed to track them down the search
gathered pace on Saturday as the Coast
Guard the US National Guard and fire
crews were drafted in to help detectives
found boot marks in a wooded area near
the girls home and distinctive granola
bar wrappers that could help them be
tracked humboldt county sheriff’s
lieutenant mike Fridley said their mom
had only just purchased the same brand
leading them to believe the sisters
stocked up on snacks before vanishing on
Friday he told SFGate we have found some
clues during the day that have made us
change our directions we found some
granola bar wrappers and we were able to
confirm with the mom that yes these are
granola bars that cheese but in the last
few days so the wrappers showed us a
direction from where they started to
where the wrappers ended at the family
has since launched a fund raiser to seal
their road mum misty wrote when my two
daughters laya age 8 and Caroline aged 5
wandered off into the woods the whole
world came to our aid with the help of
the volunteer search-and-rescue
Technical Rescue Sheriff’s Office local
volunteers multiple other agencies my
girls were found after 44 hours my girls
were found cold tired but alive the
unfortunate side effect is my 6 mile
dirt driveway and the driveways of all
my neighbors was destroyed by all the
traffic we can hardly make it home from
the hospital I’m asking for donations to
put rock on our road any extra money
will be used to rock my neighbor’s Road
Khloe Kardashian has dramatically
unfollowed the father of her baby after
blaming him for the breakdown of their
family the Keeping Up with the
Kardashians star originally kept
following her ex Tristan Thompson on
Instagram after it emerged that he’d
cheated on her with sister Kylie
Jenner’s best friend Jordan Woods Chloe
had unfollowed Jordan pretty much
straightaway and fans questioned why she
hadn’t done the same to Tristan but now
she’s given him the same treatment
following Jordans appearance on red
Tabletalk the 21 year-old appeared on
Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook watch show
on Friday where she gave her side of the
story she denied the cheating storm but
claimed that Tristan had kissed her when
she was leaving his home in the early
hours of the morning she said she
originally lied to Chloe about it
because she didn’t want to cause her
pain and admitted that she shouldn’t
have been at the party in the first
place but minutes after the show dropped
on Facebook Chloe took to Twitter to let
Jordan know exactly what she thought of
her story she said why are you lying at
Georgia woods if you’re going to try and
save yourself by going public instead of
calling me privately to apologize first
at least be honest about your story by
the way you are the reason my family
broke up she added Tristan as equally to
blame but Tristan as the father of my
child regardless of what he does to me I
won’t do that to my daughter
he has been addressing this situation
privately if Tristan were to lie
publicly about what conspired then yes I
would address him publicly as well the
following day
Chloe spoke out again seemingly showing
some sympathy for Jordan she said this
has been an awful week and I know
everyone is sick of hearing about it all
as am i I’m a rollercoaster of emotions
and have said things I shouldn’t have
Tristan cheating on me and humiliating
me wasn’t such a shock as the first time
what’s been harder and more painful as
being hurt by someone so close to me
someone whom I love and treat like a
little sister but Jordan is not to be
blamed for the breakup of my family
this was Tristan’s fault I have to move
on with my life and count my blessings
my family my health and my beautiful
baby true she has not reef a load Jordan
Katie Price has viciously lashed out at
ex Peter Andre who she branded selfish
after he refused to allow their children
to be filmed for her upcoming reality TV
show the mum of 5 however was also
lambasted by host Piers Morgan during
her appearance on good morning Britain
as he told her to grow up when asked
about her whether she wanted to get back
with Kieran she instead took the time to
blast her first husband Peter who she
branded a hypocrite and said that he
wouldn’t let princess and junior film
with her peers grilled a former glamour
model on the show
pointing out that her life was one of
Perpetual chaos and remarked is there
one time when you think I shall grow up
after insisting that she did not have a
mucky mansion
piers questioned her about her love life
what is going on with your love life do
you want to get back with husband number
three he trailed off as Katie launched
into full-blown rant at her first
ex-husband I’ll tell you about husband
number one she raged so I’m doing my
reality show at the moment and I’m
actually really cheesed off with Pete
I’m not asking you to comment because
you can’t be biased so people are going
to be watching my show wondering where
is junior and Princess he won’t allow me
to film with them he won’t allow me to
do photoshoots with them and he’s been
such a hypocrite but unfortunately at
this stage you need both parents
permission so I just want to put it out
there that he’s incredibly selfish and
the kids miss out on it I don’t know why
he’s doing it she added smiling angrily
and it would be nice to follow this
online trolling thing Katie
40 has become embroiled in a whirlwind
of controversy in what she has dubbed
her gear from hell
the telly star who previously boasted a
fortune of around 45 million pounds was
left struggling to pay her court fines
last month
in January the mum of 5:40 was banned
from the roads for three months and
fined 1,100 pounds after pleading guilty
to driving while disqualified and not
having third-party insurance for her
motor vehicle her lawyer argued that
Katie was too broke to pay the fine on
the day of the hearing things got worse
last week when Katie was in court for
another driving offence she was fined
another 1,500 pounds after being
convicted of being drunk in charge of a
vehicle jose mourinho believes
Liverpool’s draws against Leicester City
in Westham were the first signs of
Jurgen Klopp side conceding ground to
Manchester City in the Premier League
title race a stalemate against Everton
at Goodison Park on Sunday has put
Liverpool a point behind Pep Guardiola’s
men with nine Premier League games
remaining and Mourinho feels Liverpool’s
failure to capitalize on city’s defeat
to Newcastle United at the end of
January indicated that the title race
was far from over I had that little
feeling when city lost a match and
Liverpool drew at home Mourinho told
bein sports these are the matches where
you have to do it and get that
opportunity when they lose one you must
win the next one
Liverpool lost a few opportunities City
lost in the next day they got the
positive energy back because Liverpool
drew Mourinho now believes City have the
psychological advantage in the title
race as Liverpool will have one eye on
their rivals results Liverpool lost the
lead City is now top of the table they
have the destiny in their hands and
Liverpool lost the control said Mourinho
two points lost here and there they have
lost a few important points to leave
them in the hands of others I think the
psychological factor is very important
now they have to think about others and
not just themselves they are thinking
about two matches every weekend their
match and city’s match
alan shearer claims Muhammad salar is
suffering a crisis of confidence after
he fired a blank against Everton the
Egyptian failed to find the net as
Liverpool’s title hoax suffered a big
blow following the goalless draw at
Goodison Park Salah has not just once in
his last seven games but is just one
behind Sergio agüero in the scoring
charts however the Premier League’s
all-time leading marksmen reckons Salar
is struggling for form Shearer told the
Sun most Salas form has to be a huge
concern for Liverpool right now the two
big chances against Everton fell to him
just like Jurgen Klopp would have wanted
but his touch let him down both times
and he blew the opportunity to score
Salah seems to be lacking confidence and
is showing a few signs of nerves and
that is really worrying for the Reds at
such a crucial time of the season he is
not hitting the heights he did last
season when he already had 24 goals in
the top-flight at this stage and this is
the year when it actually really matters
with Liverpool going for the title
Liverpool created the best openings of
the game with Salah spurning one
particularly clear-cut chance in the
first half but generally Everton
defended doggedly Klopp said a difficult
game opponent and the weather
circumstances didn’t help for football
in general it was just a fight we were
ready for that today and now we have a
point more than before all good the wind
does not help them there was a lot today
we had five or six big chances but
Jordan Pickford or a defender was in
between I don’t think they had a real
chance not perfect but good enough
getting a point from Everton is always a
success because it is our most difficult
two-way game of the season who wants to
be top of the table at the beginning of
March it is nice but there are lots of
games to play
the latest version of Android started
rolling out to Galaxy S 9 and Galaxy
Note 9 smartphones in mid-january known
as Android 9.0 PI the update brings a
range of new features including a new
user interface called one UI
digital well-being tools and a new way
of displaying notifications it also
comes with a feature called adaptive
battery which uses artificial
intelligence to learn how you use your
phone so the apps and services you don’t
use as much aren’t a battery drain but
some users of Samsung’s flagship devices
are claiming that rather than saving
power the Android Pi update has
decimated their battery life the first
9.0 version has some pretty serious
stability and performance issues
wrote one Galaxy S 9 user on the Samsung
community forum I strongly recommend
waiting for further versions so you
would avoid any problems in some aspects
the phone is close to unusable and the
battery life is measurably worse after
the update some users have reported that
their battery life has decreased by
around 50% since installing the update I
recently updated my s9 plus to the
Android Pi 1 UI beta and I must say that
the battery life is very very
disappointing another user wrote I’m
getting at least half the performance
that I was before when my phone was
running on Android or EO another wrote
ever since the PI update my Galaxy S 9
plus has been running out of juice
faster than before the update I’ll go
from 100 percent to 40 percent in a
matter of minutes I tried everything but
nothing seems to work it is not yet
clear what is causing the battery drain
issue but it seems to be related to the
new one UI interface which is designed
to make it easier to use large
smartphones with one hand
some users are claiming that the issue
settles down after around ten days once
the new adaptive battery technology has
learned your usage patterns others claim
that performing a factory reset after
installing the Android Pi update
resolves the issue although this has not
been confirmed by Samsung if you decide
to try a factory reset
make sure you backup all the data on
your device first to avoid losing it
the app dubbed a hunting ground for
pedophiles has launched measures to
protect kids in America but not in
Britain file tic-tock content prompted
UK head teachers to write to thousands
of parents warning the site could be
used by perverts to groom young users
but although the app has banned under
13s and introduced ID checks in the u.s.
there are no plans to do the same here
American kids must now upload a copy of
their photo ID to prove they are over 13
the rule change was brought in after
tik-tok bosses were fined 4.3 million
pounds for gathering data on US children
including their names locations and
email addresses the information was
collected by the app musical ly which
was bought by tic-tock in 2017
last night the NSPCC said tik-tok had
not gone far enough
spokesman Andy burrows said we know
children will find ways to get onto
social media sites even if they are
underage the age verification checks by
tic-tock in the US as a tick box
exercise mr. burrows insisted tick-tock
and other apps needed to make their
sites safe by design including
introducing more staff to keep an eye on
content tick-tock
which lets people record and share short
video clips is one of the world’s most
downloaded apps and a huge hit with
under-16s kids can make short videos
with editing effects on the app and lip
sync to any audio they choose to import
but the Sunday Mirror revealed last week
that children as young as five were
using it and being exposed to leering
sex pests and cruel taunts one clip
uncovered by our shock investigation
which showed a schoolgirl dancing
prompted users to urge her to strip
another girl was bombarded with comments
about sex acts
tik-tok said it’s our priority to create
a safe and welcoming experience for
users and we’ve been committed to
creating measures to further protect our
user community other new measures
include letting users filter out content
that uses particular words or hashtags
the app is working with UK nonprofit
group internet matters to produce guides
to help parents set up the app securely
but when asked if they plan to introduce
the ID scheme for UK users their
spokesman declined to answer

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