100 thoughts on “Here’s what Schumer said in 1999 about a Senate impeachment trial

  1. Mitch said he didn't even want the articles and there's nobody in DC, so what's the problem? Besides Trump said an impeachment would be good for him. We just can't make you guys happy no matter what we do to try and please you. Talk about mixed messages.

  2. who could have guessed that ObamaCare would lead to 120 consecutive months of economic growth, an additional 5,000,000 high paying jobs for highly skilled hospital working Americans, and an additional 60,000,000 americans purchasing their own health care insurance freed from the expense of having a pre-existing condition.
    thank you President Obama.
    God Bless You!

  3. The supposed president is a drug addict and liar. The first ladies is whore-escort. The kids of America have great role models, Damn!!!!!!!.

  4. Trump has never been held accountable for anything. All the people he has screwed during his life. Now that he is, hes trying everything in his con book to get out. Even if he gets out of it history is going to hold him accountable. To evangelicals god is going to hold their asses accountable.

  5. i love this shitting on the constitution by dems, so this is how countries turn into one party (socialism),, the worst is yet to come,,,and the media will be limited, as the citizens of the usa cannot be trusted to vote in their best interest,,,,,and the government will have to take over the tech firms for revenue to give the citizens

  6. Patrick Hawley reporting BOOM: Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr. (who went to Ukraine in 2017) was a board member of Viscoil and executive at its related company NRGLab, which DID ENERGY Business in UKRAINE! And Nancy Pelosi appeared in a promotional video for the company!

    NRGLab & New Technology

    Paul Pelosi Jr. is a member of management team of Viscoil Group of Companies and NRGLab. Paul Pelosi Jr. is interested in developing clean energy that can re…

  7. Upchuck is one of the slimiest POS in DC , no surprise clown news Network loves him ! 5 more years 😃 KAG ♥️🇺🇸

  8. "Im leaving in 6 hours. If the Procecutor isnt fired you wont get the billion" – J. Biden
    "Im not sending the Articles until the Senate does what I want" – N. Pelosi
    Also: "We impeached Donald Trump for abusing his office for political and personal gain"
    lol Decades from now this will be even funnier. The DNC totally destroyed their own brand.

  9. Bipartisan vote in congress not to impeach…
    Pelosi is scared that there will be a Bipartisan vote to acquit Trump in congress..

  10. Sleezstack Pelosi said Trump is impeached regardless of what the Senate does or says. That just like the police saying you're guilty of a crime and you can't see a judge because they know you're guilty, so off to jail you go. This impeachment is no different! Every American including the President has the right to face their accusers in a court of law! Congress is the legislative branch not the judiciary!!! This has to go to a higher court and that is what any American deserves, including our president!!

  11. There is far more hypocritical statements from the right. Point being put Country over party. It's time to remove Trump.



  13. As long as there's no video where you can see Trump naked with a dildo chasing a little boy through the rose garden he has nothing to worry about.

  14. Sorry. I cannot see Schumer’s comments about Senators as jurors who (unlike jurors in other judiciary trials) are subject to lobbying and impeachment as a process influenced by politics being comparable in degree or partisanship to McConnell’s and Graham’s declarations that they have no intention of being impartial jurors despite the oath they will be required to take.

  15. CNN has become downright entertaining and pathological, a postmortem case study for future journalism classes. They have become our Tokyo Rose, our Baghdad Bob. The National Enquirer is more reliable. Evidently, liberalism has become the new bigotry. And you can't tell bigots a thing.

  16. Russian Republicans:  Either too stupid to figure out Trumpelstiltskin has been compromised by Putin, or too stupid to care.

  17. Q: Solicitation?  Quid pro quo?   Bribery?  Extortion?  Witness intimidation/tampering?  Obstruction of justice?  Abuse of Power?  Contempt of Congress?  Emoluments?  Impeachment?
    Toxic Traitor Trump: "All of the above!  White House buffet is fabulous!"

  18. CNN can't hide their bias. The Starr investigation against Bill Clinton was partisan and bias BUT the impeachment process was bi-partisan and fair. Clinton was not removed from office. Now the House ran a partisan kangaroo-court process to railroad impeachment against Trump. Pelosi and Schumer want to dictate the terms of an impeachment trial and they HAVE NO RIGHT. Of course, CNN wants to see Trump destroyed. Their pretense at objectivity doesn't wash: CNN is now so full of sh**, it's coming out their ears.

  19. Regressive Republicans:  "We're going to fiddle around with President Nero and President Putin, watch Rome burn."  Like little children playing with matches in a dry barn full of hay.

  20. Nothing like an impeachment to bring out that holiday spirit!  Hoping the New Year kicks off right with a right-wing resolution to kick a really bad habit out of office!

  21. The weight of the mountain of evidence against Toxic Traitor Trump on the scales laid Lady Justice horizontal, yet Republicans still refusing to aid this damsel in dire distress, would rather continue raping her!

  22. America will now be forced to child-proof the Constitution against the toddler tyrants and gruesome grifters of regressive, seditious Republicans.

  23. Republicans excusing unprecedented, total Obstruction of Congress:  "Of course he's not asserting Executive Privilege!  Trump's exercising and extending our white privilege!"

  24. Most idiotic thing about the Mueller Report and testimony?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about the House Intelligence Ukraine Report?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about Trump impeachment?  Republicans.
    Can you sense a pattern?

  25. Truly never even imagined to see SO many grown adult Americans take to behaving SO childish, ignorant, and self-destructive as Toddler Trump and the Republican cult!

  26. Sounds like Moscow on the line again, calling impeachment a coup, now!  OMG, stop the presses, man the trenches, lock the wives and kids in the closet–Republicans are following Putin's marching orders!!!
    1) Putin is playing U.S. population, gaming elections.
    2) Trump is playing U.S. population, gaming elections.
    3) Republicans are playing U.S. population, gaming elections.
    4) Republicans are willfully and knowingly spreading Putin's debunked propaganda in aid of both their own and Russia's aforementioned efforts.
    5) Republicans are willfully and knowingly protecting a President that has compromised himself with our chief foreign adversary, Russia, despite clear and overwhelming evidence of criminality of the highest order threatening our elections, democracy, and national security.

  27. ~Sticky-Wicky~
    The web of lies Republicans must weave
    To cover-up crimes they seek to deceive
    The most heinous of all sought to reprieve
    Putin's puppets care not what they achieve
    Make a world where know not what to believe
    The futile fixations of these filthy flies
    Trapped by the spider in their own web of lies

  28. Honest Republican Dale: Switched parties to Independent because of Trump and GOP lack of character and integrity; clearly perceives GOP are cowards running a circus; accurately credits Obama for booming economy.  The kind of Republicans we used to respect, reduced to a tiny minority over the past decades.

  29. Guess it's no surprise, then, that Toxic Traitor Trump hooked up with Russian-backed Les Parnas and Igor Furman's company, Fraud Guaranteed, to cheat at elections again in 2020…

    GOP = Korrupt Keystone Krooks with a Kompulsive Kommitment to Krime and  Konstant Kooky Kover-ups!

  31. ~Santa's secret list Trump entry (courtesy whistleblower)~
    He's a dowdy
    His look gaudy
    He whines loudly
    His speech bawdy
    He lies proudly
    His hate roundly
    He steals boldly
    His mind cloudy
    He thinks crassly
    His crimes sundry
    He acts tawdry
    His goons rowdy
    He's MOST naughty!

  32. ~What You Already Knew~
    Only way to do
    Go out and vote blue
    Get out the vote blue
    To set our path true
    Let's try something new
    Progressives not few

  33. That’s because shithead Schumer is a New York POS. It looks like the President is calling it out for what it is bullshit!

  34. Give the hag nothing! When lead by Nancy it has to be a witch-hunt! It’s nothing like the Clinton impeachment, Clinton was guilty!

    。✨ 。🎉。🌟
    Happy New Year
    。🍀。 🍸。🎉。
    🌟。 💫。 🎶 💥

  36. I know you all don’t get much real news on CNN so here’s some from ABC, don’t worry they hate Trump also.
    This is happening all over the world but not as much in America. When Democrats ever get back in control if we let them, this will start happening in USA. Thank god Obama was and Trump is tough on illegal immigration. Put drugs, human trafficking, and gangs like ms13 aside, terrorism is enough to have a strong border and tough immigration vetting. You would think the twin towers would have been enough but Democrats hate for Trump is stronger or they really are trying to destroy our country. Last month there was an ISIS attack here in Florida at our marine base but I doubt that even made Democrat biased MSM.

  37. Democrats are clearly Anti-Semitism CNN must be abolished along with Anti-Semitism MSNBC this tonevits not both sides its Democrats. POLOSI hates Jews. Wake up people. Vote Trump and end the Democratic socialism Russia control. Voting Trump is voting LOVE. MSNBC CNN so Racist if you don't see it now yh our childetn may be eliminated, just because their different in some minor way. Uou font think as A socalist or any parts of their platgorn you must be eliminated thats Democratic platform.

  38. Theres a Black Democrat Meeks thats made 10s of 1000s of dollars off the backs of blacks ignorence and naivety. Basicly stole from them.

  39. I met an 88yo woman at Walmart today, and she said during the Obama elections she rounded up her whole family 10yo grandson included and they knocked door to door reminding people to vote and to vote for Obama. She is doing the same for the 2020 elections no matter who the Democratic nominee is going to be because she said,
    No one around us could argue with her wisdom, so I am going to do exactly she says for 2020 and I suggest you do the same!

  40. More fake news designed to bring comfort to those seeking to hear what they already believe. Only sheep believe anything from CNN these days.

  41. His biggest enemy is his twitter. so stupid…he has no ball to face people to deal with the problems so he uses twitter to attack people. He should be ashamed of himself.

  42. Wasserman? Commentary? Maybe on rigging dnc, helped Hilary screw bernie…got FIRED. So…America says ya fired and cnn says ya hired. Would "you" trust a liar?

  43. the hypocrisy of all sides is astounding. impeachment shouldn't happen unless its bipartisan, impeachment needs to be rushed, can't decide who the floor managers will be, hold the articiles till senate sets the rules that dems like, expect that senators will be impartial…
    total waste of time…
    its like watching the movie Titanic repeatly and expecting the next time you watch it the Titanic won't sink. trumps impeachment was a forgone conclusion, decided Nov 8, 2016. just as trump's aquital in the senate is going to happen. dem's should have censored trump and then waited till he's re-elected for the impeachment.

  44. Chuck makes me want to upchuck. Why are all the Dems from Calif and NY so rotten? If we took those peeps out of the picture we might return to some sanity. This fight has been stupid from the get go. No facts, yet you spin it like it was real. Let's talk stupid here – You wouldn't know a fact if it bit you in the butt. That is just wrong and so political. How stupid can you be?

    Why don't you EVER look into the crimes of the DNC? There is plenty to show there – and little to show about the Trump Admin. You are the worst "snews" network out there, and u used to be great. Who corrupted you? Geo Soros?
    One more thing, QAnon is not a LARP, it is real.
    Epstein was Arkancided. He didn't commit suicide.

  45. There is no reason for Pelosi to not send the documents to the senate besides wanting to hold what little power they still have.

  46. Trump is not going to be voted guilty in the GOP majority held Senate hearing even though he is blindingly guilty of abuse of power AND obstruction of congress.

    Clinton was also never going to be found ‘guilty’ in the Dem majority senate back then of lying under oath about shagging his intern, even though he did.

    I don’t think the GoP House were wrong to try to try to impeach Clinton.

    I also don’t think the Dem House are wrong to try to impeach Trump.

    But the entire process has proven to be utterly flawed when the actual ‘guilty’ verdict is decided by whoever has the majority in the senate.

    Just pointless.

    A new system is needed to bring President’s to bear on their behaviour.

    Personally I’d trust the Supreme Court Judges to behave more ethically than EITHER political party. I think their ethics, personal honour & integrity, and respect for the law and the US Constitution are stronger, whoever installed them.

    I don’t trust politicians one iota with this decision.

  47. Isn’t it crazy how our leaders are using tweets for their basis for a voice.
    Trump uses twitter to attack people, huh? We are fucked.

  48. The Founding Fathers did NOT intend the Senate to be "subject to the whims of politics"! Look up the 17th Amendment! Before that crap, the Senate was composed of appointed people, answerable only to their State's legislature. Why in the WORLD would a country want TWO houses of Congress only interested in getting re-elected??

  49. The U.S. government is a joke ! The world is laughing at all of us. If you let people with money buy your government & president then, it has been corrupt since 1771. Trump just brought it to light in 2016. We can do whatever. SAD & DANGEROUS.

  50. Thursday, Jan. 03, 2019 NEWLY ELECTED Muslim Congress Woman, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, twice yelled to a mob of progressives “We’re gonna impeach that motherf*cker Trump”. Now in Dec. 2019 they have. it shows a total disdain for 63 million voters & 306 electoral votes

  51. Dah – this is just politics!!!!! ?????? What a stupid person to suggest this is all political?????🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  52. The populace has abandoned cNn, they are late on compatibility. Smear agencies and holy beggars, basically. Good actors in a bad picture. Although I suppose that wouldn't make much difference.

  53. Clinton WH testified because he was guilty and everyone knew it… but trump has not committed perjury like clinton… both Clintons… probably all 3 clintons ! If i was innocent I would not help the prosecution try me. There are a lot of innocent people behind bars so i think trump is smart to avoid legal situations with people trying to entrap him… I am independent and voted for Hillary in 2016 but i am indecided


  55. why are there only 2 articles ? why pelosi doesn't sent it to senate? why trump doesn't get due process? being someone who's never been to the US, it is a dream to immigrate, but this polarization of the country is terrifying. i would urge both the left and the right to look not at feelings, but facts. if trump blundered, prove it in a fair trial, so his supporters see the truth. if the evidence is not sufficient, then propose policies that will solve issues that got him elected in the first place. the country should unite. To the left: watch fox news, daily wire, etc… and fact check them… to the right: listen to andrew yang, tulsi etc…

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