High Definition Television (HDTV) : Converting Standard Definition DVDs

High Definition Television (HDTV) : Converting Standard Definition DVDs

Hi, I’m Brad Bear on behalf of Expert Village.
In this title I want to talk a little bit about up conversion of DVDs and what that
kind of is. With HD DVD players and Blu-ray players, they automatically take your standard
definition disk or content, say a TV show or a movie that you’ve bought. Your older
DVDs, your regular DVDs and they will take those and play those back just like they would
their HD or Blu-ray disks that they were designed for. The only difference is they will take
that signal and actually make the image larger in the disk. What they do is they double the
amount of resolution or the amount of lines that that disk was made with to display optimally
on your HD TV set. Now what happens is your standard definition content is at four hundred
and eighty lines. And what the conversion does is it doubles those lines, or even triples
those lines depending on if it’s going to seven hundred and twenty or one thousand eighty
lines of resolution for your set. Depending on the set that you’ve got. And it will up
convert those images, send it up to the set so it can be displayed optimally. Your standard
definition players, if you just hook a standard definition player, your regular DVD player
up to your high definition set, what you might encounter is that the image kind of looks
grainy. And the pixels, the little dots that make up the image kind of dance around and
the edges are jagged and it doesn’t look very good. It’s like you bought this great TV and
it looked great in the store, doesn’t look good when you plug up your standard definition
player. Well what happens is your standard definition player which is four hundred and
eighty lines, when it sends a signal to your TV, your TV’s trying to make it fit the TV
itself. So it’s just blowing images up. So if you have pixel information, it’s just a
little block, and it’s blown up, you’re going to start to see all the imperfections. It’s
kind of like taking a computer image and just zooming in as far as you can, and all you
see are just big blocks of pixels. It’s not quite that bad, but it’s the same effect.
You’re just magnifying the image on a standard def player to a HD TV So if you get a HD TV
you decide not to go HD DVD, or Blu-ray, you might want to consider the DVD sets that up
convert the image for an HD set. You can buy a DVD player that will up convert it, and
it’s still just a standard def player. So those are some things to consider when also
looking at HD DVD, Blu-ray, or if you just want to stick with all your regular DVDs and
stick with a standard definition player. At least get one that does the up conversion
for your HD DVD set.

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9 thoughts on “High Definition Television (HDTV) : Converting Standard Definition DVDs

  1. Why is it that a Bluray player would be able to upconvert lower-res content, but not the TV itself? It seems that this would be well within an HDTV's capability.

  2. I have a 68 inch should i uprgrade to 72 inch for my living room it is 1080p toshiba with a red bezel like black and red u probably seen it but I have a blueray
    dvd player is that gona affect it

  3. All your videos have been very helpful..thank you so much for breaking all this down in a way i can digest and understand!!

  4. My problem is the HD channels look awesome but the image of the SD channels (even the HBO ones) is terrible, just like you described. Is there anything I can do to make them look good?? I'm thinking about returning the TV because of that. It's a Samsung 6003 55''. Thanks!!

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