How Pete Buttigieg Makes His Money

How Pete Buttigieg Makes His Money

There are a lot of
Democrats running for president
in 2020 and they’re
all vying for the
middle-class vote.
I’ve been referred to
as middle class Joe
Working families
Investing in all
of America
Working class families
The middle class
of this country
But how closely can
these candidates actually
relate to the struggles
of average Americans?
To begin to answer that
question, let’s look at
how much money they have.
13 Democratic candidates have
released their tax
returns as of
August 2019.
At the top of the
income list is former Vice
President Joe Biden, who
brought in a whopping
$4.5 million in 2018.
On the other end
is South Bend, Indiana
mayor Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg
and his husband,
Chasten, made a
combined $152,643
last year.
So how does Buttigieg
make his money?
Buttigieg is the
youngest candidate currently
running for president.
He became South Bend’s
mayor in 2012.
Buttigieg entered the 2020
race with a lower
national profile than many
of the senators and
governors he’s facing.
But he quickly entered the
top tier of candidates
while raising gobs
of money.
Buttigieg is now jockeying
for a position with
the likes of Biden
and Senators Bernie Sanders,
Elizabeth Warren and
Kamala Harris.
And up to this point, he’s
made a lot less money
than his older rivals.
The roughly $150,000 income
last year came from
Buttigieg’s salary as mayor
and his husband’s job
as a middle
school teacher.
In 2017, the year
before Buttigieg got married,
he made $133,565.
That year, he got a
$30,000 advance on his book
Shortest Way Home, which
came out in February
2019. Between the start of
2018 and May 2019,
Buttigieg took in $45,000
total from book advance
and royalties payments.
He earned another $3,000
for narrating an
audiobook version.
That pales in comparison
to what 2020 contenders
like Biden, Sanders and
Warren got for their
tax returns show he’s only
a few years removed
from making way less
than he is now.
He took in about $150,000
in 2009, his last full
year as a
consultant at McKinsey.
But his adjusted gross
income fell to about
$34,000 in 2010.
Then it dropped again to
only about $7,000 in
2011, the year he first
ran for mayor of
South Bend.
He unsuccessfully ran for
Indiana treasurer in
2010 before winning the
mayoral election a year
later. Buttigieg is hardly
wanting for cash now.
His household income of
about $150,000 last year
more than doubles
the median U.S.
household income of
just above $60,000.
He has between about
$87,000 and $307,000 in
assets held up in investment
funds and stocks in
individual companies like
Alphabet and Apple.
The mayor does have
a major liability, roughly
$130,000 in
student loans.
Buttigieg’s lack of wealth
relative to his rivals
could spare him from some
of the criticism they
are already facing on
the campaign trail.
The millions Biden made since
he left the Obama
administration have sparked
skepticism of the
middle class Joe persona
he promotes on the
campaign trail.
And Sanders, who runs as
a champion of the
working class, has faced
questions about the
millions he raked in
from writing books.
Ready to have
me plead guilty?
I plead guilty to have
written a book which was
an international
And when you write a book
that makes it to the top
of the New York Times
bestseller list, you make
money. And I made money.
Either way, Buttigieg may be
making a lot more
money from book royalties
now, after his
presidential campaign made him
into a household

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100 thoughts on “How Pete Buttigieg Makes His Money

  1. Imagine having a president who still has student loans debt lmao. $130,000 of it. No thanks Pete Butt Jet. #Trump2020

  2. This video proving Pete's relatability and his down-to-earth humble background proves he's the only candidate who understands middle class issues and can be a great representative fighting for those in WH. I honestly don't understand why supporters of other candidates flock to his videos like a swarm of nasty flies just to further prove how unfit for the highest office in the land that commands respect, dignity and grace from its occupant their candidates of choice are. They must surely feel threatened by his calming presence. Remember, "vibe attracts tribe". A lot of supporters nasty behavior is extremely telling of the candidates they support.

    Pete is the best candidate to replace the torture Trump has inflicted on this country. The country would be lucky to have a smart, empathetic, thoughtful, articulate President once again after Obama. Pete Buttigieg 2020. 🇺🇲

  3. I was fixed on Pete.

    But after doing research of my own of Andrew Yang– it is clear that Yang is the smartest candidate running.

  4. Why don’t he just sell the individual stock /which is disaster/ and pay the student loan🤔 I think he needs Dave Ramsey in his life.

  5. Lol why don’t we talk about how these candidates get their CAMPAIGN money?? Mayor Pete is taking more corporate donations than almost anyone!

  6. "Raising Gobs of Money"—Give us a break–this video earned a thumbs down from me and I discontinued my subscription. The video was more sophomoric than I expected.

  7. To everyone bothered that this report was made, I would say it helps reinforce the relatability of Mayor Pete. I'm a supporter of his, so I think it is all to the good.

  8. I'd honestly kill to ever make 50k in my lifetime. I have disabilities and "gaps" in my resume, despite my education (liberal arts). And I don't want to do sales/ customer service, or work with kids, so it's been hard to find anything. I need comprehensive health benefits (ie not benefits that eat up my entire salary/ I actually need to go to doctors plural). And I don't drive. Haven't found a supportive employer yet. And I'd be open to remote work.

  9. DON'T BUY THIS. Buttigieg is a hand-picked DNC establishment insider.  He is no "man of the people" He is aggressively sheepherding superdelegates and leads the way in donations from billionaires.  Does that sound like a man ready to shake things up?  (Links below if you dispute these two facts.)

    Remember, after the 2016 cheating scandal, the DNC "reformed" the process and got rid of super delegates (who aren’t required to vote according to the people they represent)………… in the FIRST ROUND ONLY.

    So how does the DNC establishment maintain control without superdelegates in the first round?  Easy, they flood the ballots with so many candidates that there will not be a single majority and their will HAVE TO BE a
    second round. Enter the superdelegates and the DNC establishment control.

    Remember guys, the superdelegates are NOT obligated to vote the popular vote….and many didn't in 2016.  There were states where Bernie won the majority of the votes and still lost because of superdelegates. Silencing the majority is not a game any candidate should be playing.

    Instead of courting the elite superdelegates, Pete should:

    1. Publicly demand super delegates vote the way the people they represent actually voted.

    2. Protest (as opposed to actually supporting) this so called “reform”.

    Guys, even the Republican Party has a requirement that delegates must vote the way the people they represent vote.  Can we not at least do as good as them?

    I personally don’t believe Buttigieg is going to win…but I’m going to call out all the DNC insiders who are already jockeying for Superdelegates to circumvent true democracy and win the inevitable second
    round.  It shocks me that the biggest blow back I get is from Pete supporters.  Most simply reply, “That’s the way the game is and he is playing it.” 

    I understand the surface value of the statement but if “the game” involves silencing the will of the majority than that is a terrible stance to take.


    Pete leads with most billionaire donations (Forbes): .

    Pete aggressively pursuing superdelegates BEFORE the first round:

    An opinion video by Jimmy Dore which pretty much sums up my frustrations:  This is just opinion.  I’m not citing this one as proof.

  10. I love how you make it sound like he makes the most money but you literally list all of them and he has the LEAST

  11. How Pete Buttigieg finances his campaign:

    You can always count on the MSM to promote candidates favored by the Western oligarchy and smear those who aren’t.

  12. What about his ties to Foucault (you know the Intellectual who advocated for the French age of concent to be dropped from 15 to literal infant).

  13. Typical mainstream pointlessness mixed with controlled editorial and commentary. A continuation of cerebral manipulation attempting to convince people that Biden is the frontrunner and listing Sanders as a last option on a short list…(clears throat)…Have you heard of Tulsi Gabbard? Seriously. Have you. Not sure your scope of reference encompasses island states or territories.

  14. How did Pete pass his security clearance to become an 'intelligence' officer when he was a closeted gay man? They don't want people who can be blackmailed. Why did he go to work for the reprehensible McKinsey Co after he left college when he could have gone anywhere and done anything? Compare to Yang's career as an entrepreneur helping others start businesses (and not shill opioids like McKinsey does). Why doesn't he have a full slate of policy proposals all ready to go before he announced his candidacy like Yang has? Or is he just going to do what his big money donators tell him to do?

  15. This really isn't fair to Pete (who I'm not voting for anyway). The Democrats, and probably the Republicans show us their tax returns…very unlike the Republican Donald J. Trump. He cannot be discussed because he hides behind a bank of high priced lawyers and his Attorney General. Hmmm I thought the Attorney General should be working for us and not an Orange billionaire monster.

  16. It helps when you have 23 billionaires helping to fund your campaign. Now I ask what do you thank those billionaires are going to want in return????

  17. I like mayor Pete a lot. If he becomes president his book would bring him milions,and I can't wait to read it(of course it will come to Bosnia maybe in 2020).

  18. For our Russian friends and the Sanders cult, some info and thoughts on Pete and campaign financing:

  19. If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act.
    –Leviticus 20:13

  20. In Romans 1:26-27, Paul said, “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.” The Bible says homosexuality is against God’s natural law with severe consequences. You can be forgiven of homosexuality. You can be forgiven of any sin. But to be forgiven of a sin, you must admit you have sinned.

  21. This man premotes insanity and racism. Why does him not making money matter. If your only looking at this video to create an opinion about him then you shouldn't vote at all. b.c your very misinformed.

  22. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the most honest, patriotic, intellectual candidate for Nov 2020.
    ❌Crazy dotard trump ranting for his crazy audience…negative deflection on his insecurities.
    ❌Trump supporters and Republicans tolerated his craziness, lies, racist & sexual assault behavior ❌This #CrazyTrump reality show will be cancelled in NOV 2020.
    ❌Let's vote a competent, intellectual uncorrupt President who can read & write in Nov 2020

  23. @any commenter, deeming these info useless or a waste of time

    You support the latest trend of corruption on in the highest office in this country. Breaking with the tradition of POTUS' disclosing their fiscal records was terrible. Denial of transparency is one more step of eroding public faith in general. 
    I think, we should acknowledge these little checks into the backgrounds of candidates as a much needed back to normal, an early attempt to bounce back from the never-ending faults pas of the sitting president.

  24. Is it a conflict of interest that he has 130K in Student Debt, but is promoting a policy that would eliminate that debt?

  25. It's really amazing how much of a disadvantage Pete was at when he first came on the scene but yet managed to climb to the top in only a couple months. It's even more amazing that that happened just by him opening his mouth. There's definitely something to be said about that. It's yet to be seen if he'll garner the top prize in 2020 but no one can doubt the grassroots movement he was able to cultivate.

  26. He's just another lefty loon hypocrite who disgraces the uniform he once wore. Now he's anti law enforcement and alerts illegal immigrants hiding in America when ICE is doing their job.

  27. Buttplug is involved in working with illegals, getting them "cards" to make it easier to be here in the U.S. illegally. We have homeless American Citizens in our streets that need help but ole Petey prefers illegals. What kind of monetary kickbacks is he getting under the table? South Bend taxpayers deserve to know!!

  28. Mayor Pete will make a great president since he knows what a working class family has to endure with so little. He’s also young and intelligent. I can trust him to make the right policies for future generations since he will be affected by those policies as well.

  29. Petite Pete and his Homosexual husband will spend eternity in hell if they don't turn their lives over to The Good LORD JESUS CHRIST

  30. This is a good lesson on how to take something which is perfectly normal/innocent/transparent and make it sound like there is something questionable about "How Pete Buttigeg Makes His Money". Cable news is not worth the cost of the energy it takes to turn on the TV. I would have thought with so many fine examples of objectivity in the media in the past some of this could have survived to today. Nope.

  31. He and his husband only made $150,000 ! Between two people! He wants us all to live in poverty. The two of them should be making millions per yr. why is that all he can make. Why is he deficient in making money.

  32. As pointed out with the Biden reported income, Money can be hidden.
    Also, I find it very interesting that not a single media source is looking into the information of Pete:s father and his activities following the Communists beliefs. He wrote literature around it, led a group focusing on it, and was a Harvard instructor. Pete's own brother-in-law has come out expressing concerns that the voters are being misled by Partner/ Pete about their incomes.
    What say you on these facts?

  33. Nice to compare his wage to people twice his age but how common is a 6 figure salary to most millennials? This seems more like a chance to smear democrats than a chance to objectively look at policy.

    But what else can would I expect from CNBC?

    Peter also pulls in a cool half million in kickbacks from wallstreet backers.. (but I'm sure you just "missed" that one)

  35. Here's some even more useful stuff to learn about Pete Buttigieg!: Check it out!

    The articles about South Bend Police issues are must-read for understanding Mayor Pete!

  36. Yeah, you guys are missing the point with this video. No one cares how Pete made 150 grand personally. We want to know how he is making such large stacks of campaign donations! Where is that money coming from? Videos like this are misleading, trying to make Pete look like an average Joe, when out of nowhere, even though no one can pronounce his name, he has become the best-funded candidate in the race. That is the real story. Stop trying to frame him like someone that is relatable.

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