How To: Use Access World News

NewsBank brings together newspaper
news videos, transcripts, and online-only
sources like blogs.
That collection becomes a powerful
research tool.
NewsBank’s resource Access World News
allows you to do just that,
access news from around the globe by
searching sources from the other side of
the world
or those in your own backyard. Using
thousands of diverse new sources
allows you to track issues, find
information on people or events,
and look for articles that contain a
certain keyword or phrase.
Here’s an example: In your economics
say you need to argue if the United
States is headed toward another
and give evidence to back up your
opinion. Let’s use quotes to find exact
matches for the phrase
“another recession.” You can choose how to sort the results.
To whittle down the more than 29,000 hits,
let’s only look at results for the last
two years.
Using the limiters on the left side,
select year.
You can resort the list to reverse
chronological order.
Select multiple years here. On the first
here’s an article about the lasting
impact of the Great Recession
and what economic trends could be
signaling now.
Click any headline to read an article’s full
Use the blue bar near the top of the
to print or email the article. For
citation information click cite
and select your format. Select multiple
formats to compare them side by side.
Remove the date limiter
and returned to the full results set by
clicking the red X.
Let’s refine the search to focus on
the United States. Return to the search
fields near the top of the page.
To see how other countries report on
America’s economy
limit results by country. You can resort
the list by number of results.
Click the country name and review
sources from different parts of the
Click new search or the NewsBank logo
to start over.
You can also use the limiters before
entering search terms.
For example, if you know you need a video
select source type then
video. By entering a search now
you will find results within these video
sources in Access World News.
To find a specific source click publication.
Browse the list, click any of the headers
to resort by that category,
or type the name of the publication.
Click the title
then enter your search terms to search
only that source.

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