Ingraham: Deep state’s coordinated effort to take down Trump

Ingraham: Deep state’s coordinated effort to take down Trump

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100 thoughts on “Ingraham: Deep state’s coordinated effort to take down Trump

  1. Counter clockwise
    L-shape COS
    I play your emotions like a violin
    🏺 France you WEIRDO!
    REQUIRING A VALID PASSPORT TO A DEAD GUY—RAMSES II. Yes the dead Pharaoh of Egypt has a VALID passport to travel.

  2. So dramatic, the fake news is making this impeachment. Have to make it sound serious, like something really happened, just like they did the Mueller fraud, and the attack of Kavanaugh, and now the impeachment. Democrats always made it dramatic, this is the ONE to bring down Trump. Wrong again Democrats, you lose again and again and again. When will you learn you need actual evidence of a crime, the truth will win, Democrats will lose. All Democrats have are insults, they amount to nothing.

  3. The deepstate? Mick Mulvaney admitted on live TV that trump committed crimes and that they do it all the time and to get over it. Bring home troops? No troops are coming home. They're moving to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Btw Republicans created the laws Democrats are using for closed door testimony 🤣🤣🤣. Just like how Republicans created the fisa court. They love it when they investigate conspiracy theories for years creating rules and laws to do so until it backfires on them and their crimes 🤣🤣🤣. The whistleblower complaint is backed by the IG and DNI, which is backed by the transcript, which is backed by the text messages which was admitted by Mick Mulvaney, and Rudy Giuliani's associates who illegally donated money to Trump's campaign. Also Trump lost the popular vote by over 3 million🤣🤣🤣.

  4. This is HC. Has run her own government in the House since day one. If GOP doesn’t fight back she will be in the WH, God forbid.

  5. Republicans impeached Clinton for getting a blow job and lying about it. Democrats are investigating trump for asking a foreign government to investigate a political opponent which is backed up by 100% proof and the chief of staff admitted to it on live tv just days ago. Not only did they admit to the crime they said they do it all the time and to get over it 🤣🤣🤣. But you won't hear there facts on fox news and that's why they fired Sheppard Smith and gave him tens of millions in a settlement to be quiet for 10 years.


  7. For more than 2 years, the Democrats have been beating conservatives over the head calling us "conspiracy theorists" for saying that they are operating a Deep State government to undermine Trump. Now that they've been exposed with all of these recent leaks, findings, and releases conducting a secret anti-Trump Deep State, they tell us "SO WHAT??" They now proudly admit they are operating a deep state and say it's their sworn duty to operate the bureaucracy against Trump because it's the "government's duty" to keep the masses from controlling the order instead of the people steering the ship. So not only are Democrats admitting that we were right about a deep state, and not only were they conducting it. But they admit it wasn't a conspiracy theory after all. In fact, they're admitting to being communists for thinking the people should not control the system, but the government knows best how to manage the people. Democrats = Communists. The only way for communist governments to control the masses is to LIE as Democrats have been doing all along. It's time we get rid of ALL of them. Not just the presidential candidates. ALL OF THE DEMOCRATS FROM EVERY CORNER OF THE COUNTRY MUST BE DEFEATED! THEY ARE COMMUNISTS!

  8. I'm sorry but this network is simply at odds with every other "news" outlet in the country. Fine, if you want a wall and troops home but for Christ's sake make use of the unprecedented amount of available news. This is basically state run tv.

  9. The liberals in Congress sound the same as the liberals on these channels,they say he a whole lot of nothing and then claim they are right! And claim they proved you wrong!

  10. From the comments below it seems the Russians have either got what they wanted or were asleep. Finally people are waking up

  11. Republicans give answers! Democrats give wishi-washi vague statements that have little to no meaning! That's when they are not lying!

  12. Dude!! Laura I am so happy you got your show on Fox! I remember when you were just one of Bill O'Reilly's Sidekicks and gave him anxiety!
    I got rid of cable over 2 years ago and I don't watch cable news…..
    But when I get a YouTube snippet of what you're doing I am so very proud of you are crisp and clear and sober assessment of what is exactly happening…..
    I don't miss Shepherd and with that same energy I appreciate you

  13. The Democrats don't like outsiders, that's the reason for the Jimmy Carter rule in elections! Making superdelegates so they can override the will of the voter in the primaries! And after that you still don't think they're cheating in the November elections? They're not even willing to accept the vote of their own party!


  15. When he got rid of the professionals and installed the amateurs and stuffed everything. . And Investigations are never in public trials are but that means nothing if its contrary to an opinion

  16. Speaking of out in the open… any of you knuckleheads seen Rudy Giuliani since FOUR of his UKRAINE associates were arrested at various airports.. come out come out wherever you are RUDY Trump's got a BUS for you…

  17. The Fact That Jellyfish Have Survived for 650 Million Years Despite Not Having Brains Gives Hope to… …gullible trumpster

  18. "…but what they are signaling now is that they don't trust YOUUU" … this is just propaganda read badly off a teleprompter. All I can say to anyone watching this crap (or the equally propagandist crap on MSNBC) is to read the opening statements of the witnesses. Other than Sondland (bought his position from Trump, which is apparently a common thing in our democracy) they are all career diplomats. Taylor, who she maligns, was appointed first by Bush and then by Trump.
    There is no scenario where Ingraham will say a thing that meaningfully criticizes her own worldview… we gotta work around these paid propagandists.

  19. Well…
    It is so funny to see this show… the most overrated comedy show in the US ….😜😝😂
    And the comments below ✌️😜💪

  20. We are the Divided States, not United. We should seriously consider giving the demon rats a designated part of the country and split off from them completely. The Government will give Republicans and Democrats a fair market value for any land or possessions they own in the case they must re locate, but it is obvious we cannot be in the same area together anymore. Republicans and Democrats need to be separated completely. Light and darkness cannot share the same space together, a scientific fact. Democrats have turned dark. Build a huge wall between the territories. We will keep our national motto "In God We Trust" and the demon rats will have "At the end of the day it is all me and what I want" type motto. There could be a Sign, "Welcome to the Demon Rat State" "Enter at your own risk" It would be a polluted, high crime, stinking chaotic nightmarish mess. Trumps wall will separate us from these satanic animals. Let them elect their own demon rat Dictator. CNN and MSNBC will play 24 hours a day telling people how to think and what to do. But those networks will be banned in our territory.

    Since California is already a nightmarish mess, that could be one of their territories. All people who still believe "In God We Trust" Move out of California. I suppose we could also give the demon rats New York, another crime infested city filled with satanic animals. Anyone who still believes "IN God We Trust" Move out of New York, (more like Escape from New York) Those will no longer be part of the United States. Call them Demon Rat Territories for now. They could put up a big statue of their master Satan on their side. However if they attempt to cross over the Wall to our side, there will be hard consequences. They must stay in their territory. We will be a one party system, Republican and of course independent is OK. But, no demon rats. Demon rats will not have to worry about any Republicans coming into their territory. We want nothing to do with them or the filthy disgusting chaotic mess they will create. For the Dems It would be a case of be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

  21. More than 1000 former federal prosecutors, most from Republican administrations have signed a letter stating that the Mueller Report proves Trump obstructed justice. I do not think even five former federal prosecutors have disagreed. The Deep State consists of federal employees. None of these 1000 are federal employees. So this is not the deep state acting. Laura certainly knows many of those 1000. A former judge, Napolitano, has appeared on Fox News explains the evidence which proves Trump obstructed justice. He is not in the deep state. Mulvaney, Trumps chief of staff told us Trump did what the whistleblower claimed. Mulvaney is not part of the deep state. William Taylor, a West Point graduate who served in combat in Vietnam Nam has worked in the diplomatic service for decades and has never before made any political statements. All of a sudden he flips to the deep state? Face reality. Trump is guilty.

  22. Laura Go rob a bank.
    Go to 5th avenue and do what tRump wanted to do.
    And after you get caught tell the judge, your Angle side, that there is a deep state that is after you. That is not about bank or the victim of 5th avenue it is those officers in blue that are at fault.

  23. Laura is one of the very best newscasters! Great segment! As a Canadian, I echo the common feeling internationally that the USA is lucky to have a straight-talker like Trump as President. I have faith that Americans are wise enough to elect him again, and, hey, to the haters, worse comes to worse, if your opinion is correct, you'll have the same ol', same ol' back quicker than you can imagine five years from now. Good things come in unexpected packages, I was amazed to see some of my anti-establishment friends eschew Trump. No recent President has the humanitarian accomplishments Trump has given via the economy.

  24. You talked about voting, here in WA st I'm concerned for entire state wide legitimacy of every vote, for several reasons: All Election votes done entirely through mail (only requirement is a stamp, an that was provided this yr) 2. No IDs required to prove U.S. Citizenship (no Birth certificate, no picture ID, so who's voting could be anyone) 3. Only requirement is a signature (anyone's signature) 4. State sends out voter registration forms with all state mailers to everyone 5. Election employee says goal was to get as many votes as possible (she smiles when I said, there is big difference between as many as possible an as many U.S. citizens as possible to vote!) So, I think whole WA state election department an every vote flawed an suspect, The Entire State!

  25. Secret tribunals is americas taste of what an america in an eu style world government would be like. Surprised the militia havent sorted this out a long time ago. They hate the constitutional republic, the declaration of independence, bill of rights, constitution. They want to shred those documents as hellary has stated. Trump has revealled the true face and intentions of many by simply being uncontrollable, demons hate it when they can't control you any more.

  26. Jeebus christ nancy pelosi is one predator without his mask ugly motherfggr…somebody should hit her in the face with a pie, stat

  27. The establishment is anti democratic.
    The should have respected the election as a Democrat would and have worked for the people.
    Us Democrats and a large majority of Republicans are a disgrace to democracy an the us citizens.

  28. If you'd read the transcript, you'd know that it is very incriminating of the president and likely sondland and Giuliani. But I've got a feeling, just like Robert Mueller, he's a g man. His record shows it and his specific choice of wording showed it too. He will likely stand greatly to reasonable cross examination. This is bad, there's no way to spin this in a positive way for Trump, let's get past that, because I think there's something you guys would like about this man's testimony, which can corroborate a fair bit of information fox likes to publish. Firstly, he confirms the intelligence community does not like trump, but he recognizes that this is due to his foreign policy being absurdly bad for American interests overseas, and the CIA does not take kindly to those who break the law AND harm national interests. These are not men of party, but of government. Of establishment. He also calls for the whistleblower to reveal themselves, and for the impeachment inquiry's findings be published for the people to see, since he found such disdain for Trump's foreign policy positions with Ukraine.

  29. That's all fine, problem is Trump did do some very questionable things here, things he should not have done, no matter how you try and justify it and imply a conspiracy against him. I'm not saying that might not be true but his actions are still his actions, and everyone can judge him on those. He has had some high points but the problem is he is still acting like the ceo of a company, not the President of the US.

  30. We are watching and will make you pay for your pathetic effort in 2020 , Pelosi. Expect us. Why don't you nominate Hillary again? The 4th time is a charm * snicker*


  32. After Turkey kicked us out of Syria, Trump was going to move troops to Iraq. Iraq said no way. Now every country can kick Trump in the rear and he bends over for it. America first, all right.

  33. Taylor was appointed by Pompeo and Mick Mulvaney i guess he's a never Trumper too now,and where's Rudy?? Can't wait until the Trial in the Senate which will be open and televised.

  34. The more a journalist or politician screams for impeachment, the more they prove their own fear of prison for corruption for them or their family . It is not only hate it is fear of the truth and righteous retribution.

  35. Do these people even know what Never Trumper even means anymore… it's seriously odd that this is considered news.

  36. The Demon Rats are terrified that Trump really is draining the swamp.
    Soon, very soon they will all be in prison. Pelosi, Waters, Clintons, Bushs, Obummers et al

  37. Wish Fox news had a TV channel over here, only cnn… great pity! Need your economy know how and leader ship, politics are even worse than over there. SA.

  38. Honestly I hope this phony impeachment actually pass so Dems can feel accomplished, then watch America elect Trump again,that will really tell this traitors what America thinks of them

  39. Trump in 2020.
    The permanent demise of the Demon Rats are at hand.
    So many morons.AOC, Betty, er Beto. I guess it's easier to spell.
    So many crooks. Clintons, Obummers, Bushs, Waters, Warren,
    So many commies. AOC, Rashib, Bernie, Priesly, all the rest.
    None will be happy until America is a 3rd world nation with a dictator in the Red House, and a Chinese or Russian flag in front.

  40. President John Adams warned in a letter to John Taylor, 17 December 1814, “Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet, that did not commit suicide.” … Edmund Randolph said, "That in tracing these evils to their origin, every man had found it in the turbulence and follies of democracy." He said, "Democracy while it lasts long is bloodier than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself."

  41. I think the President is upending his presidency all by himself. Rather than have his defenders come forward and testify under oath they are ignoring subpoenas and filing law suits to suppress evidence then flailing their arms shouting deep state, fake news, traitors in congress, spies, coup, and let's not forget threatening civil war. Gee whiz Ingraham, Trump doesn't refer to FOX as 'we' for nothing. You spin it girl! But you do know we can look this stuff up, right?

  42. The Intel was sent to new York Times on the 5 th the first form was printed filled out by a 15 year old on a 10 dollar bet I did not know he sent it next thing this shot is on news now 15 year old dead all info leaked thru news they are so desperate they have exposed every thing game over

  43. " deep state theory is for nut cases" – Steve Bannon.
    He is talking about this idiotic woman who manipulates you pathetic Trump gimps.

  44. definition of quid pro quo:

    A favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something

    This would help negate the presidents and his helpers talking points. That definition is exactly what the rough transcript from the White House says and what the White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney stated in his press conference. There is so much evidence that it cannot be doubted. The White House tried to hide this in a server reserved for protecting national security secrets.
    The list of evidence against this president and the lies and contradictions by this president and his obvious admiration of the Russian president and bad decisions that help the Russians and hurt US interests are some of the most damaging things to happen to our country in the last 30 years. We need to have people who blindly support this terrible person to start looking at the facts directly and not listening to the constant lies.

  45. The latest polls show CALIFORNIA going red for President Trump in 2020… Yo progressives put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  46. November 3rd 2020 Not the 2nd of November 2020.
    Civil War #2 is coming if they impeach Trump & the American people will remove the Deep State & bring back power to the People!!!

  47. HOW IN THE WORLD can they not allow certain Republicans in the hearings? That is called hijacking the process and a coup.

  48. Give Putin a call Ingram…maybe he will help you and your beloved Trump again. Fox and Trump is going way down. Worst kind of populists.

  49. Assuming the democrats would manage to impeach Trump and remove him from the office, I bet he would still run 2020 and win. This would be fun.

  50. The seditious left will fail as usual and they will pay a very heavy price for their high crimes & treasonous acts.

  51. These democratic politicians have no moral principles on how to administer true justice. They have deceived the American people through bribery, corruption and threats posed on others. President Trump came into office facing major issues created by the anti-christ (Barrack Hussain Obama) and his past predecessors before him. I have been observing these politicians (democrats and republicans) who have satanic agendas to bring about world globalisation to enslave (mark of the beast) mankind. All I have notice is division and hatred between political rivals, creating uncertainty that only leads to the cycle of bondage. Now Barrack Obama still pulls strings while he (hypocrite) hides away, posing as an innocent bystander. He (Hussain) and also Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of other puppets, listens to the Jesuits (Vatican) and the false prophet (Pope Francis) who are marauding forces, havin evil agendas that only serves Lucifer (Satan). Freemasonry (deep state department (snake) is the mark of the beast that is given on oath to those that belong to the evil one.

  52. The core root of all of these shenanigans over the past three years, still remains the same : Power, Power, Ultimate Power at any cost.
    It becomes an obsession, coupled with, a hatred, of anyone who stands in their way. Enter Leviathan, twisting and turning words, flipping sentences spoken.
    Those who crave such power are too often, unqualified to wield it, and yet, they persist; prepared to sell their own souls, and that of their nation, to obtain it. Such vain glory.
    Such feverish obsession changes people as we see with Mr Schiff, and Mrs Pelosi et al.

  53. They got him this time. Oh boy another bombshell. Just like the last bombshell. And the one before that. Drumpf going down!

  54. The ship’s stern is jutting straight out of a sea of pack ice. If you wanna fight it all the way down to that first breath of water, nobody’s gonna stop you.

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