100 thoughts on “Jane Fonda: The sooner we move beyond Trump the better

  1. Dear Democrats and Liberals, OUR President helped Americans get wise to your tactics! The division you created with your fake news, indoctrination of the youth in our schools…Your corrupt cities, your hate groups ….Kkk, Blm , LGBT, Antifa and more! Are only for votes! Division at its finest! However, it's over! Americans have opened their eyes and have seen the ugly truth of your Left-wing, Globalist and Communist ideas! We as Americans aren't Gay, straight, Black, White , Asian , Hispanic, Native ..Jew… Muslim… Christian… Catholic…none of it!…Just Americans…. that Love our Freedom, our religions and just want the best for ourselves and our families! #Trump2020 #NoMoreDivision #OneLoveUSA

  2. Jane is spot on. And anyone mocking her and her appearance is just ignorant to reality on climate change. You and your offspring will live to regret this. Wake up folks, wake up!

  3. For America to knowingly turn someone like Trump into their leader means we have a bigger problem than Trump…..Americas are fucked up people.

  4. These actors need to stick to there movie scripts. I don’t care what actors have to say !
    There no smarter than anyone of us.

  5. One a Traitor always a traitor . https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/retropolis/wp/2017/09/18/how-jane-fondas-1972-trip-to-north-vietnam-earned-her-the-nickname-hanoi-jane/

  6. Do Hear This Woman Saying She Has White Privilege But Still Went To Jail Privilege Means You Have More Of An Advantage Then Most Which Means You Wouldn't Have Gone To Jail They Would Have Let You Go On The Spot.

  7. Jane Fonda , if President, would've made CLIMATE CHANGE her absolute priority. Ignoring this catastrophy is like saying to your grand-children: I don't care if you have no future.

  8. Thank you Jane Fonda. I'm 62 and I have admired everything you've done my entire life from Barbarosa to your show with Lily.

  9. #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared #TrumpMurderedKurdishChildrenToProtectJared

  10. Respect. Its unbelievable that women have to do the job of men, more of men they have families, children, grandchildren, and are not bothered about their future.
    They praise politicians who call climate change fake news. They praise politicians who are harming everyone who don' t agree with them. They praise politicians who are breaking laws and cancel important agreements. They praise politicians who tells them that their decisions are approved by God. Does somebody really believe them. Thats insane, criminal and really evil. Who is sitting in the White House????
    Take them out as soon as possible. The world needs responsible leaders, ones who are not just filling their own pockets with money. Your money, which should be used for to fight climate change, a proper health and education system desperately needed.

  11. If Jane the traitor Fonda believes in climate change why does she live in a 8.5 million dollar Beverley Hills Mansion?

  12. Since when have actors anything of value to say. They are the greatest hypocrites on Earth. Besides Don Lemon, of course.

  13. I, served in Vietnam, she promoted communist -we should never forget, she would give up American lives, Demarats got us in the war, JFK, then LBJ, went all out! If she really was a climate supporter, do not take private jets, limozins, give up your caviare, lobster, and steak-for one week and feed a hundred, starveing, children! I, loved your father as a actor, he was great! Your a second rate wantabe!, you shamed America-no matter what the climate is-you have made it worst-live like your bad mouth-shut your mouth, hot air is melting the Ice-your a phony bitch-millions of children should go hungry-so you can live like a dem hore, God I, hate you-move to Cuba, or Russia-see how much your narrow mind-will protect you-hollyweed-is limited to, southern Cali, sniff your cocain, smoke your pot-America deserves better than you as a Example!

  14. Bless her
    Courageous and articulate
    Loved her actions against Vietnam and now this.
    They have tried to shut her down but she just keeps fighting.

  15. ya wanna know how to get the government to engage in effective climate control? drop the voting age to 16….they know what's happening to the planet. politicians take voters seriously.

  16. The sooner we get past all the media seditious rhetoric the better..Now CNN Corrupt News Network has resorted to
    digging up the graves of has been actors..I have a idea CNN why don't you start doing some true unbias reporting so people can keep their jobs.
    shows how much CNN cares about those who work there when people lose their jobs because CNN has lost their ethics in journalism..FAKE NEWS

  17. Never seen don so happy and relaxed talking to anyone like that..but after all, its ms jane fonda..real woman who stand up and fight the fight..gotta love her

  18. She was a traitor during Vietnam. She should have supported our boys who were drafted and forced to fight. Instead, she supported the enemy.

  19. Remember her in Barbarella, that old man got to grab her tits. I was 9 or something & put me right off her for life man.

  20. Henry Fonda was great, her not so!
    It's all Crap….. Climate Hoax! She's almost 82….. Yep! she's on it……. Young blood!

  21. Ahh Jane you were my super star, but now whats flapping out your mouth is shit and if you were in jail no would rape you.

  22. We can sleep on climate change. It's real, and we as nation need to recognize we can do things to help the planet today. Recycling, less reliance on fossil fuels, educating our youth for future generations to make the world a better place for All. Go Green For The World!!!

  23. The people in my cell last time were white…the people in my cell this time were mostly black so…of course…racism. what an idiot. Maybe she is so vocal because she has never ever seen a negative effect of being this stupid because she's rich. Let's not discuss it though people might not follow the game plan if we discuss anything accept skin color.

  24. Most of these people protesting are just empty people who are searching for purpose in their boring life, so they need to create drama and action to feel fulfilled, empty barrels make the most noise. She's rich and a hypocrite for criticizing trump for being rich with oil. People saying the world is in bad shape, are so stupid because if you look at history people werent living long, dying from decease, and were mostly poor, now the world is in better shape,

  25. She has spent decades flying around in private jets and using up fossil fuels. She has several homes that use electricity all year long. She has more material goods than a hundred average people. Those material goods used resources and caused pollution to make. She has used up more resources than most of us will in a hundred lifetimes. Yet, here she is lecturing us on climate change. I got an idea. Why don't all these rich bastards donate the majority their money and goods to the cause? They can keep what they need to live on. The rest can be sold and the profits can go to reducing pollution.

  26. Hanoi Jane….try getting arrested in China…..then you can earn some street cred…..STAGED arrest stunts aren't going to work…

  27. Hanoi Jane at it again. Lemon head as you claim to report true investigative news, you know and our laser focused on #epsteincoverup, the 3 year coverup by sister network, right. Will CNN sweep truth under the rug again? Or just delete the news, hmmm that is easy, for hacks.

  28. Don, you’re the embodiment of rapists who force themselves upon other unwilling men and yet, because they are democrats, they pay no price. Democrats = HYPOCRITES! Don should pay for what he did to that man. When will justice prevail?

  29. Jane Fonda, former owner of CNN and the Atlanta Braves, now being arrested every Friday. Why not feed the homeless every Friday?

  30. Jane Fonda is a member of the CPUSA and has been anti- American for decades! This is hate speech and Alinsky style divisionist tactics by the old guard left! This is NOT NEWS! IT'S COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA!

  31. Not going to happen. You Democrats are losing in your own cities. I live in one. Your socialist candidates are getting their lazy assholes voted out by guys who are more normal. They're still weird but at least they aren't commies. Plus, all their stupid referendums that used to pass in landslides are now either passing 51 percent to 49 percent or LOSING by small margins

    What does this mean? People are on to your scams. We are kicking your progressive socialist assholes right in the butt crack and kicking you out.😄

  32. Please tell me how getting arrested solves climate change in the least? In fact, please tell me how it does anything other than make you look foolish?

  33. Jane Fonda is a moron old hack who should stick to acting and what she is good at, not world events that she knows noting about wasting tax payers money with stupid moronic nonsense

  34. What a brave woman,not just talking the talk she's walking the walk, going onto the front line,more high profile people should come out like this and highlight the damage trump is doing to the world ❤❤❤❤

  35. After what she did during and after the Vietnam war she deserves to be arrested EVERY Friday through Saturday for the rest of her life. Now she wants to be a hero? Come on Jane, what about ALL THE BABY KILLERS YOU HATED OF THE VIETNAM WAR?? WHAT ABOUT THEM?

  36. This President is this the Earths rapist and destroyer, of all things, Endangered Wildlife, Oceans, Environment, clean water, smog, #Climate Change important, what he has done about this? Absolutely nothing, he lied re #MAGA he lied re the Wall etc! Got it? You should be aware! #Money is his only true God, he wants it so badly he will ask Countries to give him some for this and that, he’s truly crooked, it runs in the family, he will do nothing for anyone, so stop thinking he will, he won’t!!

  37. The earth has limited resources, the exploitation of which without consequences is a great lie! Economists’ only solution is GNP growth… what a delusional argument… quantity vs quality!

  38. Mark Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the Democrats' ongoing impeachment inquiry, tweeted conspicuously in January 2017 that a "coup has started" and that "impeachment will follow ultimately."

    Then, in July 2017, Zaid remarked, "I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president." Also that month, Zaid tweeted, "We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters."

    Amid a slew of impeachment-related posts, Zaid assured his Twitter followers that "as one falls, two more will take their place," apparently referring to Trump administration employees who defy the White House. Zaid promised that the "coup" would occur in "many steps."

  39. We need the New Green Deal! Please! Please! Please! I have young kids…and want the best for them! Everything she is saying is True! Please money hungry people, fossils fuel STOP! I want my kids to live! Money isnt everything….life is!

  40. JULIA (1977) with Jane Fonda, Max Schell and Jason Robards is my favorite film. But Vanessa Redgrave's performance shines in a film filled with great performances. Set in the 1930's the themes of anti-fascism, friendship, art and theater are blended in a perfect film. It's unique in capturing the plight of a writer, Lillian Hellman, as she struggles with her first play. We see Hellman walking on the beach and in the background the turbulent ocean waves are churning like the thoughts in her head. Brilliant shot. The story of Hellman's friendship with Julia/Redgrave and love affair with Dashiell Hammett. The apogee is the tense scene between Hellman and Julia in a German tavern as Hellman smuggles in cash for anti-Nazi activities, and while Fonda is excellent, Fonda herself said Redgrave's performance was on an entirely elevated level.

  41. Who cares what this crazy old bat thinks?
    She went to Vietnam to propagandise for the North Vietnamese.
    She should still be in prison for that piece of treason.

  42. first CNN interview that actually made me cry a little. Jane is amazing. And I really like Don but wish he was on a progressive channel.

  43. Jane Fonda is a traitor and should be arrested for treason. A lot of us remember what she did in Vietnam. Jane Fonda TRAITOR

  44. She makes me want to fire up the smoky diesel, while driving down the road, smoking cigarettes and throwing the butts out the window! LOL

  45. I'd like to know what her carbon footprint is.
    Private jets and chauffeur driven limo's cannot be good for the planet.

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