Jugendliche erklären Safer Internet Begriffe: Fake News

Teenagers on Fake News
Do you believe everything you read on the internet?
– Yeah. Well, not everything, but most things.
It’s nice seeing you here. I have a couple of questions
for you on fake news.
– These are news that are not true but are
spread over the internet.
They are also used by others to create even more
fake news.
For example when Hillary won but actually Trump won.
How can you check that this news is fake news?
I would compare the different news.
And than i would trust the news which was spread the most.
Also you can ask for the opinion of others.
And you can check other websites. If the information is different from other sources
for example that Trump has won than it is probably fake news.
The video was created as part of the winner workshop of the Safer Internet Action Month 2017

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