5 thoughts on “KHOU 11 News Top Headlines at 5 a.m. Wednesday, June 12, 2019

  1. Some of y'all Just don't learn do y'all? Keep listening to these erroneous polls you big dumbies!!! Please spare us the crying and tantrums as well as your so called peaceful protests which are more like violent destructive riots = adult tantrum throwing….

    So please we've been thru this already once do not lose your minds, what's left of it when the results turn out to not be consistent with these stupid polls and the even more unreliable media…. TRUMP WILL BE BACK FOR ANOTHER 4 AMAZING YEARS TO CONTINUE AND HOPEFULLY FINISH CLEANING UP THE ABSOLUTE DISASTER LEFT BY THE LAST SEVERAL PRESIDENTS. BOTH Bush's Clinton and the most destructive of them all combined Barry and his gang of criminals traitors and enemies of our nation and of its people!

  2. And one more thing quit please quit being so open with your hypocrisy…its too much. Trump suffered so many attacks over stupid allegations that have never been proven. And then for saying something inappropriate to another adult male in conversation.

    Are y'all stupid blind deaf, dead or just plane ludicrous…CREEPY UNCLE JOE. the nasty vile inappropriate touchie feelie handsie hair smelling ear whispering with both women and little girls, like little children not even teens which is still disgusting, but were talking under 10… he's a creep and should really be behind bars

    As should most of those who were part of the previous administration…

    Last thing I'll mention cause i have to go is him and his sons shady dealings over seas his son just was on the news for leaving drugs cocaine meth and other things plus drug paraphernalia in a rental car…and there's so much more…

    Do your homework, for a change quit ALLOWING these professional liars and master deceivers choose your candidate for y'all…quit giving your power and your voice away by simply accepting the daily/nightly dose of complete and utter bs you're given by these scripted puppets who DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND AND CERTAINLY NOT IN THEIR HEART…if they still even have a real normal functioning human heart!!!

  3. Mumps Measles whooping cough etc were wiped out years ago but illegals helping spread disease .. Diversity at any cost In my state kids can't attend school without shots

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