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US Strengthens Relationship with Israelseventh
of march two thousand and seven
US bill dramatically strengthens Israel alliance
Bill to expand delivery of forward-deployed
US weapons to Israel and help commit Congress
to further funding of the Iron Dome.
America and Israel strengthen their relationship
US and Israeli relations Photo: REUTERS
The US House of Representatives passed a bill
on Wednesday that declares Israel a “major
strategic partner” of the United States, reinforcing
the broad relationship between the two nations
and laying the groundwork for more expansive
strategic cooperation.
The bill would expand the delivery of forward-deployed
US weapons to Israel, as well as other military
technologies, and would commit Congress to
further funding of the Iron Dome short-range
missile defense system.
Controversially, the bill would also invite
Israel into a visa waiver agreement with the
US, which has been opposed by members of the
intelligence community and the Democratic
caucus for multiple years.
The bill passed 410-1 in the House. The Senate
has taken up a similar measure, which is still
in the committee process.
Just a day after its annual policy conference
in Washington, the American Israel Public
Affairs Committee declared the bill’s passage
a victory, and characterized the measure as
“dramatically strengthening the US-Israel
“This designation lays the foundation for
expanded US-Israel cooperation in a wide variety
of spheres, including defense, intelligence,
homeland security, energy, agriculture and
trade,” AIPAC said in a statement, applauding
the bill as “critical” and calling on the
Senate to act with similar haste.
The second half of the bill, which focuses
on US-Israel energy relationships, was authored
by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman
Fred Upton (R-MI) and Ranking Member Henry
A. Waxman (D-CA) and aims to strengthen collaboration
between the two countries on energy projects.
This portion of the bill officially determines
that “United States-Israel energy cooperation,
and the development of natural resources by
Israel, are strategic interests of the United
States,” recognizing Israel specifically as
a partner in water technology, safety and
security arenas. Encouraging the US National
Science Foundation to collaborate with the
Israel Science Foundation, the text also encourages
more robust academic cooperation in a variety
of energy-related fields.
“Today the House passed an important bill
that will expand the partnership between the
U.S. and Israel,” Waxman agreed. “Israel is
a close ally, and it is in our national interest
to help the Israelis development their natural
resources in a responsible way that protects
the environment.”
America has always had a strong relationship
with Israel, but this latest development makes
that relationship even stronger. America along
with Britain make up what is termed in the
Bible as ‘The King of the South’ along with
Israel, Egypt and the Gulf States which will
engage in battle against the “King of the
North” which is revealed to be Russia and
the European Union. This will be the famous
‘Battle of Armageddon’ that the Bible describes
as man’s final conflict. This will be a conflict
that will witness the Return of Christ to
the Earth to establish God’s Kingdom which
will then stand forever.
So yet again we see the latter day alignment
of Nations as Prophesied by the Bible falling
into place before our very eyes.
See this article to learn more about this
and the latter day prophecies of the Bible.

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