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so you don’t miss a thing what I do is I scour the
Interweb to bring you some stories that you might have missed now. Let’s get this show on the road
Hmm our boneheads started the day belongs to Haley Getman Gould Fox Network now former vice president and senior counsel
Paley Facebook is not your diary quit using it as such as always the links will be in the description below
Thank you our feel-good story today comes from Detroit man buys
Lions season tickets to donate every week this week he donates the tickets to alternative for girls a nonprofit organization
That empowers homeless high-risk girls to avoid pregnancy
violence and exploitation
Besides the news story, I will also link the organization below our eyes on the future story comes from Dubai
Did you know Dubai is the home of the world largest indoor ski slope?
Ski Dubai
Well, this story is about the latest plans to create a space simulation city
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Regret, nothing and forgive every once in a while. Bye, and I will see you tomorrow

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