Matt Gaetz kicked out of impeachment inquiry hearing

Matt Gaetz kicked out of impeachment inquiry hearing

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87 thoughts on “Matt Gaetz kicked out of impeachment inquiry hearing

  1. Stunt failed. If you're not on those committees then you're not allowed in. Why is it so hard for Trumptards to understand that???

  2. Yeah, right. It sure is meeting the needs of the false investigation. -meeting the needs of the impeachment scenario.


  4. Reading these comments are hilarious.

    Hey, the Ebola virus caravan invasion is still happening at the southern border. Hahahahaha

  5. So pencil neck shifty schiff was telling the truth when he totally fabricated Pres. Trump's phone call with Ukraine? is this the same way when he was exposed a while back asking for dirt with some ukrainian jokesters ?
    he's so dumb, if they asked to use a condom, he would blow it up & tie it in a corner for decoration.

  6. They know Sh*tty Schiff is a whole lie, so why is he still holding any position! The Republs need to get a stronger backbone and start the process of impeaching some of the Dems

  7. This representative knows the rule of law and he's making an outburst about the rule of law. This is an attack on our constitution when will these people stop.

  8. You know what a lot of melanated people are looking at Caucasians, who are smiling and laughing about this country's National Security, shows that the majority in this country, the Republicans, do not care about this country because they do not care about the rule of law.

    Holding one man above the law will undermine this law in this country in no one in this country will follow this flawed rule of law. Either the checks and balances workout or a lot of these persons would not be re-elected because we do not need them to continually defraud this government that we're paying taxes. They steadily push issues that do not even concern the people but concern lining their pockets with wealth. basically what this one has to say is potentially irrelevant. Cry Me a River

  9. Yeah the Republicans definitely have a problem with the rule of law. They are like a kid with a bad temper tantrum and don't know how to play well with others. They have acted shamefully and in total disrespect to Congressional legislative process, as well as, the Constitutional law. Many will have to live with their shame, the Republicans

  10. The nature of the proof itself is the root of the root of all evil. When will Republicans protect the rights of all citizens and not just their partisan constituents. The Trump Administration and Rudy Giuliani has to show that they did not break the law. If there was no question as to whether they broke the law or not then they'll be no need to investigate. Anybody who breaks the law is subject to investigation in this country and they are no exception. When people see exceptions placed on people of political Arena NACA discrimination against the very citizens of this country. When will Republicans protect the rights of all citizens and not just their partisan constituents

  11. "We can't win it in the public eye!" Well doh!! I'm not a rocket scientist but that comment says it all really !!! . This is not just about AMERICA …. oh no no no This is GLOBAL and the Dems are extremely outnumbered in every sense of THE WORD.

  12. It’s an inquiry about the democrats demise. They are probably scripting their next plot to undermine the American citizens in the next hyped-up media binge with more tall tales of the bad bad president who is in office.

  13. The obstructionist party does not make the rules, they are ignoring the fact that The House of Representatives is a co-equal branch of government, we decided in the midterms that this investigation was vital to the survival of The Untied States.

  14. The problem is ,the Democrats did not legally win the House majority in the election.They are involved in voter fraud as well as many other crimes . The American people did not vote for these idiots .

  15. the Democrats all need to resign they're just blocking progress they can't even accomplish what they been elected for what goes around comes around the next election

  16. The congress works for the citizens and is not a communist gov ..this country is OF ,, BY and FOR THE CITIZENS . Congress is out of line and at election time dont forget and vote all the participants out …trump has the election all sowed up and the dems are throwing more votes to trump each time they pull this childish tantrums === Pelosi is the whistleblower and they are afread to have the citizens find our …

  17. Be a good boy Brett or you might not get invited  back to the Jimmy Kimmel show ! Those democrats are making a mockery of the constitution and you know it …leaking out only the info to the media that fits their agenda …what about us the American people… we have no say concerning our president  ? ..Why are demos hiding …conspiring behind closed doors ?

  18. If Trumps gang wasen't so busy trying to interfere and undermine the proceedings. Trump tried to insert himself through this guy to. Disrupt and taint the inquiry. Once again their efforts to obstruct an investigation failed. They were not entitled to insert themselfs on the committee. Rules are rules but we all know Trump thinks he's above the law, and sent this guy in to prove it, Can't stand mobster style methods to and try to take over proceedings, they failed and are whining about their failure. Silly little children.

  19. Investigations are NEVER public! The hearings will come. Typical of Matt Gaetz acting like a punk and an embarrassment to Florida, when you can't defend the act attack the process. Impeach all those who violated the law, and vote out the rest involved in covering it up.

  20. She said right at the beginning of the clip he isn’t on the 3 committees running the investigation right ? Am I missing something

  21. This BS needs to stop as it is clear, plain and simple, corruption out in the open.

    Where is the outrage from the public on both sides about this? Oh, that's right. Its bipartisanship because a successful businessman won the presidency instead of a messiah killer…

  22. Matt Gaetz is not on any of the necessary committees to attend the meetings. It would be inappropriate to attend these closed door interviews which already includes Republicans who are supposed to be there.

    Gaetz makes up things as he goes along. He did this as a publicity stunt.

  23. Nothing the demobrats do in their little circus is going to matter. Soon they will all be voted out. Americans with common sense are tired of their lies,and stealing.

  24. What the F is going on in this country? Shifty needs to be hung. We need a new 24 hour channel like CSPAN we can call it Public Execution Channel. PEC 24/7 killing traitorous bastards.

  25. It is comical to read all the comments freely using the term "coup". Almost like they are parroting what they hear or read in tweets- "coo coo". LOL!

  26. This is a circus in D.C. it's sad how these politicians are protecting a man that is violating the constitution by seeking aid to a foreign government against to another u.s. citizen. According to Article III Section 3 trump sadly has violated the constitution. REPUBLICANS please be loyal to the constitution and country not a man

  27. So let me get this straight…the man who has been positively proven to have been at the forefront of leaks to the press, locks out others, because he is afraid THEY might leak classified information, when they haven’t ever been shown to have done so before, while HE has?
    That’s rich right there…😂

  28. We need to remind the government of who works for who. The government has seem to have forgotten that they work for us, the people. We are the employer they are the employees and as such they can be forcibly removed when all other means have failed. All other powers not delegated are reserved for the states and people.

  29. To keep idiots like you from stretching the truth, instead of fighting to get the truth about what dire straits this incompetent, criminal president has done to our Democracy! What about all the sneaky meetings you incompetent the GOO have held….have you invited any democrats to attend then…to badger and instigate trouble which would leave everything in a worse mess…just for the hell of it, confusing issues?

  30. We the people are not decieved! This too shall pass. God's hand is very much over this Country and nothing is behind closed doors from him.

  31. Watch the body language of the different people. Schiff is so clearly lying and that smug look on his face shows zero remorse for what he is doing. Sick!

  32. Its funny these Republican voters** are getting mad that they don't get to break the rules. He's not a member of the house intelligence committee, so he was told to leave. He knew those were the rules, thats why he left.

  33. For the people that get the final say in all this they sure act scared of what might come out.

    Gaetz: SEE Mr. President! I did what you told me to do.
    Trump: OK Matt, go get the vasaline.

  34. Hey Bret Baier-There is this thing called the Constitution and it does not matter who won the 2018 midterms they don’t just get to make up the rules as they go along. This is not an impeachment but a hoax.

  35. Matt Gaetz. Has no reason to be there. He knew it. He was only playing to an audience of one. Big Daddy Trump. Matt you still a young dude after Trump, what next. Reengage your dumb brain

  36. The dems are conducting a impeachment inquiry. The dems are running the investigation because the DOJ would not investigate. All inquiry’s are done behind closed doors. When the evidence is collated and assessed, then a impeachment may proceeded. Should this investigation be conducted by the DOJ or the FBI it would have been behind closed doors. The actual trail ( if there is one) will be public and the Republicans can then cross examine the witnesses.

  37. do unto others! if republicans can play dirty waaaa waaaa wwwaaaaa so can dems hahahahahaha!!! about time dems grow a pair DUMP TRUMP 2020

  38. What the Democrats are doing is illegal Matt is a elected official and no matter who is the majority they have rules to follow ! Powell v. McCormack, 395 U.S. 486 (1969)

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