McStrike: Why unhappy workers walked out – BBC London

McStrike: Why unhappy workers walked out – BBC London

There is no way that I want my son to walk in a place like that and feel the way I feel when I go to work in the morning. These McDonald’s staff are unhappy about their pay so went on strike. Lewis has worked at the Crayford branch
for seven years. I’m currently working two jobs and in McDonald’s I’m earning £8.80 an hour. He was one of the first workers to walk out in 2017, when the strikes first started. I haven’t been able to afford to pay my rent. I’ve had to borrow money off of friends and family, worrying about if you’ve got money to maybe eat or travel. It’s just always a struggle. I don’t think you should have to do that as a full time worker. What do we want? Breakfast. No, I do actually want some breakfast. Lewis wants wages raised to £15 an hour and an end to teenagers being paid lower rates. £15 an hour does sound like a lot of money but when you think about how much McDonald’s makes every year, it’s us the workers that are
making them that money. They can definitely afford to pay us that wage. They also want guaranteed hours, recognition of their union and to be told about shifts four weeks in advance. But is this realistic? McDonald’s already offer guaranteed hours contracts to all employees but around 90 per cent of staff
chose to stay on flexible contracts. Out of McDonald’s 130,000 UK employees, only nine union members voted to strike and six affected stores remained open. So even though the workers delivered a petition to 10
Downing Street, they’re unlikely to see change in a flurry. Maybe we’re not going to win anything against McDonald’s today but I think all workers need a better deal at work. Jamie Moreland, BBC London.

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19 thoughts on “McStrike: Why unhappy workers walked out – BBC London

  1. It’s not only McDonald’s I worked at Burger King and was only paid £6.90 per hour full time (35hpw) 3 months they started cutting my shift when I signed I signed for 35 or more I started getting only three day work at one week I didn’t have no shift I texted manager never replied I talked to duty manager they say talk to manager but she doesn’t reply. Not only did this happen I was not paid for 1 month On my 4th month they didn’t give my payment I tried contacting manager no response talk to duty manager no help
    Worse time of my life People are upset when they are getting more than Minimum wage than they is people like me struggling to even get minimum wage

  2. If you don't like your minimum wage job, then change job.
    You can't flip burgers and serve drinks and demand you get paid the same as an electrician. He studied for 2-3 years to learn his craft, you learned how to flip burgers in an afternoon mate.

  3. I thought Theresa May was working at McDonalds after she was fired from the Prime Ministers job! Handing out the burgers of choice by the Drive through window! Let me guess! She was fired from that job too! All she did was talk about the House of Lords being slow on making decisions about Brexit! As the story goes: She walked into the House of Lords and told them to hurry up with their decision before they die and then walked out, slamming the door behind her! Similar story at McDonalds, telling people to hurry up and make their decisions! Sometime today would be nice as she was hear saying to customers! 🇨🇦😀

  4. £15.00 an hour for an unskilled job is totally unrealistic but I think that they ought to pay £10.00 an hour, the food is crap.

  5. How on Earth do they think they can ask for pay rise of 15£? Even professionals like nurses don’t earn that much. Majority of Health care assistants and support workers earn roughly around 8£ an hour and some below that still none goes for strike. The amount of work they do can’t even compare to McDonald’s worker. Now installation of new ordering machines make it more convenient and easier for the customers. I prefer to order from the machine than ordering from rude crew members. After all don’t deserve 15£ an hour. If you want to live a decent life spend money accordingly to your own budget.

  6. I mean I know the struggle, I'm in debt to this date from working minimum wage McD, and I'd do over 40 hours voluntarily and it wasn't enough.
    Instead of striking, get looking into new skills and get a different job.

    £15 is way too much.
    Unless you're running around late at night busy as anything with only 3 staff in the entire store. Been there too, being screamed at because you're too slow from customers while you're running around doing the job of 2,3,4 people that should be there but aren't scheduled to save costs.

  7. £31,200 a year, you’ve got to be kidding me. Some Graduates don’t make that in central London! The hourly rate matches the skills requirement and job responsibilities…

  8. Cost of living goes up every year rents that council tax you name it wages without a doubt no questions asked should go up .after all it's the government that puts up taxs came on £15 an hr is right

  9. If you want more money, trade stocks, and shares or get more qualifications. that simple.
    who cares how much McDonalds (owners) make, its a business.

  10. I work as an assistant manager in McDonald’s. I’m earning fairly decent money currently as a salaried employee. I started of on £4ph oh yes, the money was to get me through college, uni till I graduated before going for a salaried position. Crew Do not rely on this job to pay your mortgage, have you living your best life, expendable income as it simply wont. Some staff do deserve more money as they work very hard are committed and polite. Others do not deserve £15ph no way

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