Morning News Headlines 6/9/19

Morning News Headlines 6/9/19

max Massey one woman dead while two Castle Hill police officers and two other men are fighting for their lives in the hospital all of this after being involved in a multi vehicle crash Casa host police saying the officers initially responded to a single truck accident on 410 westbound at honeysuckle while the officers were on the scene another vehicle drove into both police cruisers and the truck involved two officers and two men one of the officers were talking to all had to jump over the wall onto the frontage roads all of which to avoid being hit but that fall was about 20 feet now when EMS arrived they rushed the two officers ended two men involved to the hospital EMS says the woman involved in the initial accident died on the scene officers still working to figure out which vehicle she was in during that wreck and those two officers involved currently in serious condition the other two men involved currently in critical condition and San Antonio police have a man in custody after they say he tried to rob a Subway restaurant and held an employee at gunpoint police say it all happened at the subway in the 96 hundred block up at Ranko around midnight this video was taken by a viewer who was driving by the restaurant at the time one of the people behind the counter were able to call 9-1-1 when police arrived the man pushed the hostage out of the way and pointed the gun towards officers that’s when officers fired back grazing that suspect in the torso but one officer says he went back behind the counter after being shot the the suspect goes back behind the counter taking a barricaded stance and dialogue begins with the officers in the suspect the suspect is releasing the second hostage and then more negotiation goes on and in that that point the suspect police say the gunman was the only one injured in the situation they say that suspect now facing felony charges and a man is out of surgery this morning after being stabbed in the neck and this morning we’re hearing from witness who helped the man police say it happened on Charlene Lane late last night we first broke the story on the Nightbeat a neighbor heard the man screaming outside so he rushed to help out he said was it was dark and he needed to use his flashlight to see the man’s injury he was trying to fly pressure himself so I kind of took over for him the same time he was kind of getting a little skirmish she was kind of scared he grabbed me I was trying to calm him down mm-hmm and then that’s when another neighbor ran out and kind of helped me out the man who was stabbed is still in the hospital and police are still investigating trying to figure out what led up to this stabbing and that’s all for now you can find the latest headlines on Twitter and on Facebook

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